融合爵士樂 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [róngjuéshì]
融合爵士樂 英文
fusion jazz
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (融化) melt; thaw 2 (融合; 調和) blend; fuse; be in harmony Ⅱ形容詞[書面語]1 (長遠; ...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 名詞1 (爵位) the rank of nobility; peerage 2 (古代飲酒的器皿) an ancient wine vessel with thr...
  • : 名詞1 (古代指未婚的男子) bachelor (in ancient china)2 (古代介於大夫和庶民之間的階層) a soci...
  • 融合 : fuse; mix together; anastomosing; reconcile; harmonize; compromise; amalgamate; coalesce; coalesc...
  • 爵士樂 : beat it out
  • 爵士 : 1. (歐洲君主國的最低封號) knight2. (放在姓名前, 用於稱呼) sir
  1. After touring with a british classical ensemble, she accepted a publishing job, in the meanwhile singing in a series of local groups before joining the trip - hop outfit faithless - helmed by her older brother, the noted dj and producer rollo - in 1995. as the group s 1996 debut album " reverence " went on to sell some five million copies worldwide, dido began working on solo material, developing a lushly ethereal sound combining elements of acoustic pop and electronica ; signing with arista, she released her debut cd " no angel " in mid - 1999

    No angel這張專輯幾乎由她自己完成所有的創作,再加上她的哥哥rollo等人的製作,讓這張專輯的風呈現faithless一貫採取折衷的意念,了流行民謠電子音,而由於dido對原音器的鐘愛,則讓原本電味十足的音,加入原音器的協調,而展現古典與摩登交織的多樣風情。
  2. Later strains of jazz include “ fusion, ” “ bossa nova, ” and “ funk

    此後的曲調包括「融合爵士樂」 、 「波薩諾瓦」 ,以及「方克」 。
  3. Come away with me blends elements of jazz, soul, country, and folk - pop in a warm, unselfconscious amalgam and erases musical boundaries in the process. one could imagine fans of sade, charlie rich, and nick drake all deriving equal enjoyment from this record

    諾拉瓊絲norah jones遠走高飛將靈魂鄉村民謠流行元素溫暖而自然地調和,的過程中渾然天成的消弭了音的界限。
  4. The band ' s mix of folk, rock, jazz and world music opened the door to other crossover releases, including celtic jazz, native american folk and spoken word, as well as electronic, latin and vocal music

  5. She also sang with a band called laszlo, playing what she describes as " dark, jazzy rock. " in the summer of 1999, norah accepted a friend s offer of a summer sublet in greenwich village. she came to manhattan and never returned to north texas state

    Come away with me是張橫跨流行與民謠的精采佳作, norah jones讓廣大迷領會到原來不只有傳統的即興搖擺,當它與其它種相時,也可以有這么精採的作品呈現。
  6. In the present day, in a performer just 22 years of age, these qualities are truly remarkable. the brooklyn - based artist has sung and played piano professionally since her teens ; come away with me reveals her estimable skills as a songwriter and arranger. norah composed the unforgettable title song come away with me, nightingale, and she co - wrote the long day is over

    Come away with me是張橫跨流行與民謠的精采佳作, norah jones讓廣大迷領會到原來不只有傳統的即興搖擺,當它與其它種相時,也可以有這么精採的作品呈現。
  7. You try and listen to fusion jazz

  8. With wu tong, todd reynolds, david cossin and evan ziporyn, it would be a novel music experience that fuses folk, jazz and rock

  9. Late trumpeter davis was one of the most celebrated, enigmatic and experimental musicians of the modern jazz era, flirting with everything from standards to fusion and rock ( 1970 ' s bitches brew ) during his 50 - year career

    在50年的職業生涯中,大器晚成的小號家戴維斯是摩登時代中最有名的、最高深的和最具實驗精神的音家之一,從傳統再到搖滾( 1970年的「潑婦釀造」專輯)的每種音間盡情玩
  10. " jazz " can mean different kinds of music : swing, bebop or fusion

  11. In 1. 994 the group interrupted its activity because of some circumstances and musical obligations of its members, and in 1. 997 it was renewed again with some concerts supported by the centre cultural de la beneficencia de valencia with the saxophonist perico sambeat in a musical experience that mix poliphony and jazz

  12. But she soon assembled her own group with jesse harris, lee alexander, and dan rieser. in october 2000, this lineup recorded a selection of demos for blue note records. on the strength of these recordings and a live showcase, jones was signed to blue note in january 2001

  13. I challenge anyone to listen to fusion jazz

  14. Their live performances in concerts, at festivals, corporate events and clubs, small and large, contain an absorbingly diverse repertoire of songs from jazz, pop and contemporary standards and ballads, liberally mixed with original compositions and all superbly arranged in the group s unique style