透明白細胞 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tòumíngbáibāo]
透明白細胞 英文
hyaline leucocyte
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (滲透; 穿透) penetrate; pass [seep] through 2 (暗地裡告訴) tell secretly; let out; lea...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (明亮) bright; brilliant; light 2 (明白;清楚) clear; distinct 3 (公開;顯露在外;不隱...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (似雪的顏色) white 2 (清楚; 明白; 弄明白) clear 3 (空的; 沒加他物的) pure; clear; ...
  • : 形容詞1 (條狀物橫剖面小) thin; slender 2 (顆粒小) in small particles; fine 3 (音量小) thin ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (胞衣) afterbirth2 (同一個國家或民族的人) fellow countryman; compatriot Ⅱ形容詞(同胞...
  • 明白 : 1 (清楚; 明確) clear; obvious; plain 2 (懂道理) sensible; reasonable 3 (公開的; 不含糊的) f...
  • 細胞 : cell; sytes; bioplast; cella; [口語] gene; [生物學] cellule; cellule cellulli cellulo ; cello ; k...
  1. In humans the cornea is clear, but it is more a thin, gelatinous layer of proteins and sugars than true cellular tissue

  2. Abstract : the anti - inflammatory effect of n - butanol extract of xanthocerassorbifolia bunge ( bex ) was studied in this paper. the ear edema resulted from dimethyl benzene, paw edema induced by carrageenin, the increase of vascular permeability caused by acetic acid, the chemotaxis of wbc induced by cmc and the weight of cotton granuloma in mice and hind paw edema induced by fresh egg white in rats were inhibited significantly by ig bex daily for 7 days, respectively. the carrageenin - induced paw edema was also inhibited markedly in adrenal - ectomiced mice. no changes in weight of adrenal and the concentration of vitamin c were observed, indicating that the anti - inflammatory effect of bex was not related to pituitary - adrenal system

  3. The nuclei are ooid or round with finely reticular chromatin and rare punctate nucleoli. the cytoplasm is pale eosinophilic or clear

  4. Rapidly active skin cells, promote the circulation of the blood, remove fatigue of the skin, help the penetrate and the obsorb of the nourish element, whiten, moisturize and firm the eye skin, recovery the elastic of the skin, release the black eye circle

  5. In order to detect the effect of human sperm mannose - ligand receptor on the fertilization ability, in the study reported here mannose - ligand receptors ( mrs ) were purified from human sperm by modified mannose - agarose gel affinity chromatography coloumn and determined protien concentration by lowry, preincubated zona - free hamster oocytes with four purified mannose - ligand receptor ( pmr ) concentrations before sperm penetration assay ( spa ) to test the pmrs cell biology nature of inhibition to fertilization

    本研究用改良后的親和層析法分離純化mr , lowry法測定其蛋質濃度,在精子穿試驗( spermpenetrationassay , spa )模型中定量研究其對精卵融合能力的影響並檢測其生物學活性;以已知濃度的pmr ( purifiedmannose - ligandreceptor )干預精子半帶試驗,觀察用pmr預處理半帶對精子與帶結合的影響。
  6. The glandular clusters hae punched out lumens. the cytoplasm is clear or pale eosinophilic. the nuclei are uniform and lack nucleoli. basal cells can be clearly seen

  7. Applying the new whitening range which is abundant in pure vitamin c, whitening complex, chamomile, orange and kiwi, etc, this treatment helps to diminish dark spots, neutralize melanin, lighten the complexion, accelerate the regeneration of cells and whiten the skin as a result

  8. The new bursel rice whitening cream, contains the natural rice to withdraw the essence, the whitening purification factor, desalinates the formed melanin, the thorough cellulary tissue, the control pigment precipitates, thoroughly moistens the dry skin, the rapid absorption, effectively smooths the rough skin, let it back to the smoothly and delicately

  9. The tall secretory epithelial cells hae pale clear cytoplasm and uniform round or oal nuclei

  10. Anti - p21 mouse monoclonal antibody from beijing zhongshan biotechnology anti - mouse or anti - rabbit igg secondary antibody from santa cruz biotechnology ly294002 from sigma biotechnology tritonx - 100 from boehringer mannhein gmbh fluorescein isothiocyanate ( fitc ) conjugated anti - mouse igg antibody was purchased from beijing zhongshan biotechnology hepes from e. metck darmstadt methods superovulation and collection of eggs for superovulation, female kunming mice 4 - 5 week old were injected with pregnant mare serum gonadotropin ( pmsg ), and after 46 - 48 hours with human chorionic ginadotropin. ( hcg ). one - cell fertilized eggs were collected on the next day from oviduct of females

    取4一5周齡成熟雌性昆系小鼠,腹腔注射pmsg (孕馬血清促性腺激素) 10iu , 46一48小時后腹腔注射hcg (人絨毛膜促性腺激素) 1oiu ,將注射hcg后的雌鼠與8周以上的成熟雄鼠合籠交配,次日檢察陰栓,將查到陰栓的雌鼠處死,取輸卵管于mz培養液中,解剖鏡下撕開壺腹,釋放團,然後用300林歲nil質酸酶消化去除顆粒,口控吸管將卵在m :中反復清洗,然後置於孵箱中,根據時間點收集g2期
  11. Agentle purifying foam that effectively lifts away impurities and surface cells to help reduce melanin vuildup and leave skin clean and bright

  12. Transparency is unusual because cells have organelles ? internal structures such as the nucleus ( which stores dna ), the energy - producing mitochondria, and the golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum, which are important in the synthesis of proteins and lipids

  13. Bone marrow stem cells can switch roles to produce a protein that promotes growth of the cornea, the transparent layer of the eyeball, scientists have found

  14. There are so many molecules involved the fertility, such as : spl7, a mammalian testis - and sperm - specific protein, can specifically bind with zona pellucida, dextran, dextran sulfated, and fucoidin. another germ cell cyritestin is a testis - and sperm - specific protein belonging to the adam family. it has a disintegrin domain at the n - terminal, known as a integrin ligand, that suggests cyritestin could be involved in sperm adhesion and fusion with the egg membrane previous study demonstration

    配子中的許多分子均參與了上述關鍵環節,如在精母、精和睪丸精子中表達,並特異性與卵子帶糖蛋、葡聚糖、糖酐脂結合的精子表面蛋17 ( sp17 ) ,以及參與識別或與卵子膜上的整合素相互作用的adam家族成員之一的cyritestin蛋等。