量角計 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [liángjiǎo]
量角計 英文
  • : 量動1. (度量) measure 2. (估量) estimate; size up
  • : 角Ⅰ名詞1 (牛、羊、 鹿等頭上長出的堅硬的東西) horn 2 (古時軍中吹的樂器) bugle; horn 3 (形狀像...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  1. The report takes account into the influence of foreshore and shallow foreshore, roughness, slope, berm, wave attack angle, vertical wall and so on

  2. The study of comparison of corneal diopter measured by corneal keratometer and corneal topographer

  3. Goniometer - an instrument used in measuring angles

  4. Huber diffraktionstechnik gmbh & co. kg deals in turntables, goniometer as well as in cradles weighing

  5. The enterprise beijing zhongke moshi dafang science and technology co., ltd. offers among other things goniometer and machine control

  6. Corneal surfaces in eyes with regular astigmatism are thought to be toroidal surfaces. based on mathematical models for corneal surfaces before and after treatment, a corneal ablation model is given for such refractive errors as spherical myopia, compound myopic astigmatism, and simple myopic astigmatism. a similar corneal ablation model is also given for such refractive errors as hyperopia, compound hyperopic astigmatism, and simple hyperopic astigmatism

    採用超環面( toroidalsurface )建立起規則散光下的膜曲面模型方程;定研究了手術光學區屈光不正兩種通用的矯正模型,一種模型適用於單純近視、復性近視散光、單純近視散光的矯正,另一種模型適用於單純遠視、復性遠視散光、單純遠視散光的矯正;另外,作為影響手術效果的重要因素,提出了一種用於光學區直徑和過渡區寬度均可調節時過渡區膜切削算模型。
  7. ( 2 ) the correction results by the new and old methods are the same when the axis system deviation is small, while the monomial error accumulating totals correction method is practical only when the surveying angles and deviation are both small

    ( 2 )當軸系偏差較小時,用新舊兩種方法修正結果一致。單項差累改正法只適用於測和偏差都很小的情況。
  8. Analysis of measuring corneal refractive power by corneal topographer compared with by keratometer

  9. This thesis primarily makes below the work of a few aspects : ( 1 ) the method that measuring and solution of the control point ' s coordinate, calculation of the point, solution of intersection with polygons, and calculation the quantity of ore reserves in a drawing file by computer technology ; ( 2 ) the theory and the method to draw the diagram of the equivalent line by establishing the abnormal triangle net, and ore blending with the diagram of the equivalent degree ' s line ; ( 3 ) the principle and method to automatically divide the ore, and the method to adjust to the quantity of ore and search the ore ' s information ; ( 4 ) adoption the line program to beg to solve the problem to ore blending, and establish the linear programming model and the simplification model with ore blending. ( 5 ) establish the control model with ore degree based on modem control theories

    本論文主要完成了以下幾方面的工作: ( 1 )利用算機技術直接在一張現狀圖中,實現了控制點的測與求解、坐標展點算、多邊形求交以及爆堆礦巖算; ( 2 )提出了通過建立非規則三網的方法來繪制等值線圖的理論和實現方法,通過等品位線圖指導配礦工作; ( 3 )提出了配礦塊段自動劃分的原理和方法,並在此基礎上實現礦塊礦調整和礦塊信息查詢; ( 4 )採用線性規劃的方法求解配礦問題,建立了配礦問題的線性規劃模型和簡化模型; ( 5 )建立了基於現代控制理論的品位控制模型。
  10. The auxiliary modulating signals of the current controller at the rectifier and the extinction angle controller at the inverter, and the reference voltage of exciter are chosen to be control variables. then the all - state feedback linear optimal controller is designed

  11. The reflector can increase the neutron flux obviously and the main processes of the neutron yield in reflector are spallation reaction induced by energetic hadrons and ( n, 2n ) reaction. when the moderator height is equal to the distance between the upper part and the lower part of the split target, the total neutron flux of the split target will be higher by 20. 1 % than that of the integral one. secondly, the high - energy neutron escaping from the target will enter into the moderator and be slowed down

  12. Whether we are speaking of land clearing, farm implements, fertilizers, tenure systems, credit arrangements, etc., it would help us immensely if we could gather sufficient qualitative and quantitative information to establish rough orders of magnitude about their relative roles in given agricultural regimes. to give but one example of what i have in mind in this regard : land clearing was the largest or second largest component of domestic capital formation in the united states from the early colonial period until at least the time of the civil war 1861 - 1865

  13. Usually in the past inertial measurement systems gyros are used to sense angular velocity and accelerometer for linear acceleration

  14. Comparison of keratometric readings of orbscan to eyesys corneal topography and keratometer

  15. Verification scheme of plane angle measuring instruments

  16. First the idea of visual protractor is introduced, then a kalman filtering method is used to fuse visual information with encoder information to correct the mobile robot tracks obtained with encoder

  17. The study shows the characteristics of goodwill are that : ( 1 ) it is the present value of extra - profit of corporation ( 2 ) it is an intangible assets ( 3 ) it is uncertain and risky ( 4 ) the usage is limit and the formation and variance of value is special compared to other assets. as to the recognition and measurement : ( 1 ) we should conceal combined variance item in combined statement when the goodwill is formed in the mode of controlling combination in order to conform to the international principle ( 2 ) the recognition of self - constructed goodwill is necessary ( 3 ) we should make impairment evaluation to revise amortization when we start to amortize after its first recognition ( 4 ) we attach more importance to un - direct measurement approach on present stage ( 5 ) direct measurement approach can be adopted to self - constructed goodwill, while for goodwill - purchased, it may be reference only, we should adopted un - direct approach to recognize. the accounting process of positive and negative goodwill are that the former should conform to the systematic amortization method.,

    2商譽的確認、再確認與: u )對我國而言,以控股合併方式下形成的外購商譽在合併報表中的處理應遵循國際慣例,取消合併價差項目; ( 2 )從資產的確認標準以及會原則等多個度來看,確認自創商譽非常必要; ( )商譽在初始確認后,應對購買商譽進行攤銷的同時,並進行商譽的減損評價,使減損評價起到「修正」攤銷的作用: ( 4 )直接法與間接法是商譽的兩種方法,現階段只能是的科學性讓位於的難易程度,採用間接法商譽; ( 5 )隨著近年來自創商譽入賬的呼聲日益高漲,若要將自創商譽入賬,顯然只能採用直接其價值,而對外購商譽,可以先以直接法的算結果作為重要參考,然後再用間接算的結果對商譽登記入賬。
  18. On such a basisthe commonly used monomial error accumulating totals correction method is introduced. the author proposes a coordinate transformation method to deal with its drawbacks of maths model imperfection, not applicable to lange - angle deviation and adding to the difficulties of equipment. while orientating the order of matrices according to the principle of the accordance between coordinate ' s rotating order and the physical process of device measuring, a strict maths model of the influence of axis system deviation on surveying angles is concluded and the corresponding correction method is induced. its far - reaching meanings are as follow : ( 1 ) the maths model of the influence of axis system deviation on surveying angles established by the new method is concluded after considerations for the three deviations simultaneously. changes under all circumstances are included, so it is theoretically a perfection of maths method

  19. Based on these foundations, we give a perfect scheme of the bbo opos : single pass amplification coefficient of the opg under different pump intensity is calculated ; collinear type - i and type - ii phase matching tuning curve pumped by the q switch nd : yag various harmonics as well as noncollinear type - i tuning curve are calculated in details ; the effect of the walkoff for the nonlinear effect coefficient and the group velocity matching are analyzed ; the acceptance angle in parametric process is calculated ; the numerical threshold of the bbo opo is calculated ; the process of the saturation and depletion of the pump beam are analyzed ; the relationship of the conversion efficiency and reflectance of output mirror are discussed ; various linewidth controlling methods are discussed ; the improvement of the beam quality applying the unstable cavity is discussed ; and the crystal bbo design is considered

    在此基礎上,給出了一整套bbo - opo激光參數設方案:算了不同泵浦強度下的參放大倍數;詳細算了在nd : yag調q激光器各次諧波泵浦條件下的共線類和類相位匹配的調諧曲線,以及非共線類相位匹配調諧曲線;分析了走離對非線性系數和群速匹配的影響;算了參過程的允許算了bbo - opo的理論閾值條件;分析了飽和與泵浦光束的消耗過程;給出了轉換效率與超過泵浦閾值的倍數的關系;討論了轉換效率與輸出鏡反射率的關系;討論了線寬控制的各種方法;研究了利用非穩腔改善光束質的方法;考慮了bbo晶體的設
  20. Cfd is also used to get the data of performance parameters of the nozzle at different nozzle pressure ratio, different nozzle area ratio and different geometric defected angle. the theory of function approximation is used to establish the transient model of thrust vectoring with the data calculated