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于澤特 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (聚水處) pool; pond 2 (金屬、珠玉等的光) lustre; radiance 3 (恩惠) favours; benefice...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • 澤特 : sethe
  1. On the lower shelf five vertical breakfast plates, six horizontal breakfast saucers on which rested inverted breakfast cups, a moustachecup, uninverted, and saucer of crown derby, four white goldrimmed eggcups, and open shammy purse displaying coins, mostly copper, and a phial of aromatic violet comfits. on the middle shelf a chipped eggcup containing pepper, a drum of table salt, four conglomerated black olives in oleaginous paper, an empty pot of plumtree s potted meat, an oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one jersey pear, a halfempty bottle of william gilbey and co s white invalid port, half disrobed of its swathe of coralpink tissue paper, a packet of epps s soluble cocoa, five ounces of anne lynch s choice tea at 2 - per lb. in a crinkled leadpaper bag, a cylindrical canister containing the best crystallised lump sugar, two onions, one the larger, spanish, entire, the other, smaller, irish, bisected with augmented surface and more redolent, a jar of irish model dairy s cream, a jug of brown crockery containing a noggin and a quarter of soured adulterated milk, converted by heat into water, acidulous serum and semisolidified curds, which added to the quantity subtracted for mr bloom s and mrs fleming s breakfasts made one imperial pint, the total quantity originally delivered, two cloves, a halfpenny and a small dish containing a slice of fresh ribsteak

  2. To put nature in fashion, designers have used raw hues such as unbleached colours of white, beige and brown tones for denim that is enhanced by new washing and coating technologies

  3. That is the difference betweenpccw ' s share price before takeover talks started and mr leung ' s offer : mr li is, in effect, giving away his premium

    這一別股息相當並購商談開始之前電訊盈科每股售價與梁伯韜報價之間的差價? ?事實上,這就等於李楷在派發自己的交易溢價。
  4. The fiber of bamboo is application that market that our country in recent years new - developped high and new technique, compare with traditional glue manufacturing to have the good function in its oneself with the amplitude development space, its downstream product extend quickly with expansion, the market has walked into europe, these doubtless is for this new - born product of the development provide the good development opportunity. but face international go together with the developing country to our country the trade barrier of the textile product up the competition of the industry turn worse, again to the business enterprise under the new surrounding of the development put forward the new request, therefore, quickly the business enterprise information turns developments and promote business enterprise inner part management, increase the technique industry chain with deal with additional value, end extend business enterprise of the product, make business enterprise vitality forever

  5. Product compound newly, black without being suitable for especiallied renovate not maintaining the granites ( such as sand not gold not wicked, not have the dark fengzhen, brazil the dark, mongolia the dark ) there aren ' t polishing and the piece not brilliant when, can make black one all kinds of spend the rock resuming natural color and luster and reaching bright like result of mirror rapidly

  6. Fast - forward six months, and psychologists say they have explained why : the pressure got to him

  7. “ zalayeta will start next to alessandro del piero, ” added the tactician who is still without the suspended david trezeguet

    「薩拉耶塔將會搭檔皮耶羅首發, 」這是在蓋仍然處禁賽期中德尚的選擇。
  8. In new jersey, where he began working in 1995, gross blamed blunt - force trauma - from an exploding automobile air bag - for the 1997 death of tracy thomas, a dentist ' s wife ; michael baden, a pathologist working for ford motor co., contended that she was strangled

  9. Almost extinct evergreen small arbor found in coastal and swamp areas in tainan and kaohsiung. it is the striking feature in sihcao mangrove forest

  10. Both carter, a mainland high school graduate who plays for the new jersey nets, and his mom, who lives in daytona beach, said they ' ve seen not only in their own family, but with friends, celebrities and athletes how substance abuse " negatively affects their lives and the people around them

    畢業大陸高中、目前為新西網隊效力的卡和他現居代頓海岸的母親均表示,通過自己家庭的遭遇,加上一些朋友、名流和運動員的事例,他們清醒地認識到濫用藥物怎樣「給這些人以及周圍親友的生活帶來了負面影響」 。
  11. When the bishojo boom began to trail off rie was quick to move into more substantial work, and landed a role in a highly popular kids comedy, bokura no nanokakan senso, in 1989

    其實算起來,宮出道很早。 1983年秋天,宮開始與家人同住東京的「真珠大樓」 ,也開始擔任模兒的工作,年僅十歲。
  12. “ as for trezeguet, he is another player who we do not want to split from

  13. The contract situations of senior juve players jonathan zebina, gigi buffon and david trezeguet are also on the agenda, while bettega and secco will move to rome next week for more talks with agents about their plans for the summer market

  14. Much depends on the future of david trezeguet, which remains the subject of speculation

  15. Cobolli gigli added : " our plans in the market will depend on trezeguet. if he leaves, then we must find another striker.

    吉利補充: 「我們轉會市場的計劃將依賴蓋。如果他離開,那麼我們必須尋找另一個前鋒。 」