鈦酸鹽 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tàisuānyán]
鈦酸鹽 英文
  • : 名詞[化學] (金屬元素) titanium (ti)
  • : 酸構詞成分。
  • : 名詞1. (食鹽; 鹽類) salt 2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Methods for chemical analysis of ferrotitanium - the persulfate - arsenite volumetric method for the determination of manganese content

  2. The preparation method of methyl 1 - naphthylacetate catalyzed by sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, p - toluene sulfonic acid, amino sulfonic acid, strongly acidic cationic exchange resin, ferric chloride hexahydrate, stannic chloride pentahydrate, aluminium chloride, ferric sulfate, aluminium sulfate, titanium sulfate, sodium bisulfate monohydrate, solid super acid, heterpoly acid, support heterpoly acid, composite titanate and p - toluene sulfo - chloride etc. catalyst were reviewed

    摘要評述了硫、氯磺、對甲苯磺、氨基磺、強性陽離子交換樹脂、六水三氯化鐵、五水四氯化錫、三氯化鋁、硫鐵、硫鋁、硫、一水硫氫鈉、固體超強、雜多、固載雜多、復合酯和對甲苯磺酰氯等催化劑催化合成1 -萘乙甲酯的方法。
  3. Methods for chemical analysis of high - titanium slag and rutile - the persulfate oxidation arsenite volumetric method for the determination of manganous monoxide content

  4. Determination of micro - quantity of iron in highly pure titanium oxide with extraction - spectrophotometry of 1, 10 - o - phenanthroline - iron - picrate ternary complex

  5. Surface roughness of coatings affects the bioacitivity of materials, in order to change the roughness of coatings, the granularity of coating powders was changed firstly. nanometeral anatase titanium dioxide powders were prepared by hydrolysis of titanium - tetrabutoxide with ethanol in this paper. the main particle size is between 5nm and 10nm, while the size of ordinary titanium dioxide powders is about 100nm

    為了改變塗層表面的粗糙度,實驗中從改變塗層粉末的粒度入手,以丁酯為原料,通過醇水解法制備了納米級銳礦型tio _ 2超細粉,粒徑約為5 10nm ,而普通二氧化粉體的粒徑多在100nm左右。
  6. Distilled water, aloe vera gel, sunflower oil, shea butter, octoctionoxate methoxy cinnamate derived from cinnamon, octyl salicylate derived from white willow bark, titanium dioxide, vegetable emulsifier, zinc oxide, vitamin e, all natural preservatives consisting of glucono delta - lactone commonly found in honey, fruit juices and wine, sodium benzoate found naturally in cranberries, prunes, greengage plums, cinnamon, ripe cloves, and apples. and calcium gluconate a soluble calcium salt

  7. Ac ceramic capacitors mainly consist of tatanate. they are mainly used in transwire and alternate circuits applications, with highest voltage of ac 400v

    交流瓷介電容器主要由鈦酸鹽組成,主要特點可用於跨電源線及交流電路中用,最高電壓為交流400v 。
  8. Manufacturer in china of 1 - aminoanthraquinone and 1 - nitroanthraquinone, used primarily as dye intermediates. also offers a pulp digestion product, magnesium sulfate, and potassium permanganate

  9. Methods for chemical analysis of ferrotitanium - the periodate photometric method for the determination of manganese content

  10. The nanoparticle titanium dioxide was prepared with tnb as raw material by the sol - gel process, the effects of the alcohol salt concentration the kind of solvent the water volume hydro1yze temperature. the dried ways of the wet gel and the calcined temperature of the dry gel on the specific surface area. particle size

    本文以丁酯為前驅體,利用溶膠?凝膠法制備了納米級的tio _ 2粉體材料,通過正交實驗研究了醇的濃度、溶劑的種類、水含量、水解溫度、乾燥條件和煅燒溫度等工藝條件對納米粒子的比表面積、粒徑大小及分佈、晶相組成等性能的影響。
  11. Inorganic salts, such as a1 ( no3 ) 3, zrocl2, ticl3, et al. was used as raw materials and corresponding hydroxides were deposited on the surface of graphite particle with heterogeneous nucleation process ; composite particles of graphite / oxides were obtained after heat treatment. in this paper, preparing conditions and properties of composite particles were studied

  12. The result of experiment states hpc which initial slump is more than 230mm, after 120min is still above 190mm ; the 7d and 28d hydration, the compression strength of concrete is more than vompa and 90mpa can be made from the ground high - ti bfs instead of 10 - 30 percent of equal p. o. 525r, with the aid of superplasticizer and additive on the water cement ratio is 0. 26

    利用磨細的高礦渣等量取代10 - 30的硅水泥,並摻入高效減水劑b和外加劑ua ,在水灰比為0 . 26時,可以配置出初始塌落度大於230mm , 120min后,塌落度仍大於190mm , 7天強度大於70mpa , 28天強度大於80mpa的高性能混凝土。
  13. Sillicate rocks. determination of titania

  14. Chapter 3 degradation of crystal violet using nanometer tio2 under the synergistic action of h2o2 and ultrasonic wave tio2 nanoparticles with different phases are prepared by hydrolysis of titanium tetrabutoxide in the presence of hc1

    第三章超聲波與h _ 2o _ 2協同納米tio _ 2光催化降解結晶紫本文採用稀為水解抑制劑,將丁酯水解制備出具有混合相的tio _ 2納米粒子。
  15. The product can be used in plastics, varnishes, enamel, cosmetics, textiles, printings, etc. the laboratory experiments were made on the hydrolysis of ticl4 solutions and deposition films of titanium hydroxides and oxyhydroxides onto the mica powder. and mainly studied the structure transformation of hydrolysis and deposition of the ticl4 solutions and the dehydrolysis of the titanium hydroxides and oxyhydroxides under the sinter processing. exclude mica powder, the specifically hydrolysis and deposition of some other metal salt such as fecl3 solutions and the dehydrolysis of the metal hydroxides and oxyhydroxides under the hydrothermal processing were also studied

    本實驗採用金屬水解沉澱法,在雲母粉表面鍍覆tio _ 2 、 fe _ 2o _ 3 、 cr _ 2o _ 3 、 co _ 2o _ 3等不同的系列金屬氧化物薄膜,通過實驗室和中間試驗研究了雲母珠光顏料的全部製作過程,並重點研究分析了鍍膜過程中偏沉澱物自ticl _ 4溶液中水解析出的結構變化過程以及焙燒過程中氫(羥)氧化縮合脫水生成氧化的結構變化過程。
  16. Isophthalic acid salts

  17. It is pointed out that the preparation of novel structured titanates, the discovery of novel properties and new application fields are worth studying deeply

  18. Sponge titanium, titanium and titanium alloys - determination of molybdenum content - thiocyanate spectrophotometric method

  19. Selective preparation of sodium titanate nano - fibers or nano - tubes under hydrothermal conditions