雷達制導導彈 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [léizhìdǎodǎodàn]
雷達制導導彈 英文
radar controlled missile
  • : 1. (雲層放電時發出的響聲) thunder 2. (軍事上用的爆炸武器) mine 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (暢通) extend 2 (達到) reach; attain; amount to 3 (通曉; 明白) understand thoroughly...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (製造) make; manufacture 2 (擬訂; 規定) draw up; establish 3 (用強力約束; 限定; 管束...
  • : 動詞1. (引導) lead; guide 2. (傳導) transmit; conduct 3. (開導) instruct; teach; give guidance to
  • : 彈名詞1. (彈子; 小球形的東西) ball; pellet 2. (內裝爆炸物, 具有破壞和殺傷能力的東西) bullet; bomb
  • 雷達 : [訊] radar (縮自 radio detection and ranging)
  • 導彈 : guided missile
  1. Nowadays, the application of electronic support measure ( esm ) receivers, radar warning receivers ( rwr ) and especially arm forms a serious menace to radar ' s existence and the low probability of interception ( lpi ) radar just appears under this circumstance. lpi radar attempts to use various techniques to make radar signal not be intercepted by intercept receivers

    現代電子支援偵察( esm )接收機和告警接收機( rwr )尤其是反輻射( arm )的應用對的生存構成了嚴重的威脅,低截獲概率正是在這種環境下提出的一種新體,它試圖採用各種可能的技術來避免信號被截獲接收機所截獲。
  2. Abstract : the main jamming and anti - jamming measure of ground to air missile system is analyzed in this paper. the evaluating model the performance of synthetic anti - jamming is proposed. moreover, the performance of synthetic guided radar is quantitatively evaluated

  3. Advantages, disadvantages and limits of arm are thoroughly examined using signal processing methods. based on the above, incoherent and coherent two - point - source decoy methods and modified coherent two - point - source decoy methods to deflect arm are brought forward. arm ’ s homing heads are generally of mono - pulse structure, so coherent two - point - source ’ s interference resembles that to mono - pulse radar except that interference to radar belongs to far field scope, but interference to arm varies from far field to near field because relative distance drastically changes between the homing head and the two - point - source with missile ’ s homing head continually approaching the target

  4. Finally, the calculating programs of the processing method of the tested data by doppler radar of the rocket - assisted cartridge have been programmed and the model of the data processing method and the reliability of calculation have been tested and proved by calculation of actual examples

  5. It has the characteristic of non - gear - box, large output torque, small volume, easy control, fast response, high track precision, high reliability etc. the system has potential advantages over substituting for traditional hydraulic or pneumatic missile actuator servo control system and has wide prospect in the fields of aerial actuator, servo valve, robot, radar antenna etc. the system ' s operation principle, control idea, functions and realization of each component are discussed in detail

  6. Advanced weaponry and new tactical capability and communications combined with an increased weapons load of mark 48 anti - submarine torpedoes, harpoon missiles and tomahawk cruise missiles, which allow seawolf to operate from under arctic ice to shallow water close to shore. the seawolf was a product of the cold war, conceived to maintain the usa acoustic advantage over soviet submarines. with the end of the cold war and the change of emphasis to littoral operations, the cost of the seawolf submarines was judged prohibitive and the programme was curtailed in favour of the smaller and cheaper virginia class new attack submarines

    「海狼」級擁有強大的攻擊力:為了能夠獲得並保持戰場的主動權,該艇裝備有8具660mm魚發射管,攜帶的武器有: slam陸攻型戰斧式巡航,射程485海里, ssm反艦型戰斧式巡航,慣性主動反輻射,航速0 . 7馬赫,射程250海里,魚叉反艦,航速0 . 9馬赫,射程70海里mk48adcap魚,直徑660mm ,有線,航速55節,射程27海里。
  7. The mica is available in two variants, the active radar - guided mica em and passive infra - red ( ir ) - homing mica ir

    米卡有兩種型號,即主動型的米卡em和被動紅外製的米卡ir 。
  8. The kinematics model, kinetics model, infrared radiation model and radar cross section model of bomer and the kinematics and kinetics of infrared guided missile and radar guided missile are studied

    研究了轟炸機的運動學、動力學模型,轟炸機紅外目標輻射模型與散射截面積( radarcrosssection , rcs )模型。研究了紅外製雷達制導導彈的運動學與動力學模型。
  9. For missile, either strategical or tractical, the most important thing is to attack the target accurately. this depends upon the accurate location of the larget by the missile radar. for protecting radar antenna from external environment and for air - dynamical requirement, a radome is used to enclose the antenna. but the radome interferes in the orientation of the antenna, degradaties its perfor - mance, decreases the power reaching the target, and most importantly, it produces so called boresight error ( bse ) that is, makes the antenna shows a slightly different direction of the target from its true direction, the boresight error is define as the angle shifted, and the boresight error slope ( bses ) is defined as the ratio of angle shift to the tracing angle of the radar antenna. to predict the boresight error and boresight error slope is an unavoiding chief task in designing radome and in its operation

  10. To improve anti - jamming technique by spread spectrum close to monochromatic frequency, so that enhance the ability of anti - active - jamming and anti - passive - jamming, anti reconnaissance, anti - radiation missile, anti - stealth, by means of multi frequency spread spectrum and hopping spectrum instead of mono - frequency spread spectrum, realizing strong processing system for anti - interference signal, providing the method of generating of chirp signal and corresponding matched filter system

  11. Combined with the key project of the preliminary research of national defence science and technology, the target recognition system for millimeter wave initiative homing guidance, a systematic study on the signal processing method based on the background of millimeter mave ( mmw ) missle - borne pulsed doppler radar is performed. it include specifically the detction and the recognition of the moving target and hovering helicopter under strong clutter background

    本文結合國防科技重點預研項目「毫米波主動尋的目標識別」 ,針對脈沖多普勒體引頭的應用背景,對基於載高重頻脈沖多普勒體的信號處理方法進行了較深入的研究。主要研究內容包括對雜波背景中的機動目標以及對懸停直升機的檢測和識別方法。
  12. The search model of terminal guidance radar in anti - ship missile

  13. In this paper. the question of compound guidance about mid - long range air - to - air missle to be considered. the main contributions are as follows : first, two midcourse guidance laws are given. that is optimally predictable pn micourse guidance, which is suitable for middle range missle, and singularly perturbed midcourse guidance. which is suitable for long range missle guidance ; then two terminal guidance laws are given. that is variable structure guidance, which is suitable for passive radar guidance. and optimal guidance which is suitable for active radar guidance ; and then the error sourses of hand - off are researched, the hand - off law is given at the time ; fmally, the midcourse guidance laws and terminal guidance laws are tested by simulation, and the whole trajectory simulation are given through hand - off law, and the results are satisfied

  14. Damaging effectiveness evaluation of an unnamed active radar terminally guided missile against target

  15. Based on analyzing the mechanism of direction finding triangulation location and location accuracy for two - ship passive locating, the acquisition probability model of anti ship missile terminal guidance radar is presented for two - ship passive locating : and the effects of the key factors to the probability are analyzed, and then the primary factors are pointed not by analyzing the results in different conditions

  16. Angle measuring precision phase sum / difference mono - pulse radar receiver is not only related to accurate strike to target, but also the base of successful penetration of interceptor missile for tbm anti - guidance system using two point sources of correlation, which is one of radar angle fraud technologies. thus, research on technical criteria influencing angle measuring precision of receiver is meaningful

  17. This thesis first states the characteristics of the equipments that have been adopted by the modern fighter and their basic technical performance. then an overall layered modular design for air combat simulation system is made utilizing system simulation technology and critical sub - systems have been mathematically modeled known as fighter body, propulsive system, flight control system, radar, fire control system, gun, air - air missile and avionics. after that a set of distributed air combat simulation system software is developed based on the scene graphics pc platform

  18. Firstly, this paper summarizes modern weaponry stealth technology at home and abroad, and lays special emphasis on analyzing stealth problem of cruise missile ’ s guidance head cover, aerocraft radar canopy and other privileged sites. secondly it makes a research on related theories of transparent metallic mesh that applied to missile ’ s guidance head cover and aerocraft radar canopy, and deduces relational expression between transparent metallic mesh structural parameters and radar wave - shielding efficiency, infrared transmitting. we use laser direct writing technique to fabricate a metallic mesh ( dimension : 70mm 70mm ; line width : 5 m ; period : 350 m ) on glass surface, then do experiment to test radar wave - shielding of metallic mesh via radar transmitting and receiving device

    本文首先綜述了國內外現代武器系統隱身技術方法;重點對巡航引頭罩和飛機艙罩等特殊部位的隱身問題進行了研究,研究了金屬網柵用於頭罩和飛機艙罩隱身的相關理論,推了金屬網柵結構參數對波屏蔽效率和透紅外關系式;用激光直寫工藝,在玻璃表面上製作了一塊面積為70mm 70mm ,線寬為5 m ,線周期為350 m的金屬網柵;在實驗室里用發射和接收裝置測試了網柵對波的屏蔽實驗;認為利用金屬網柵技術對波具有一定的屏蔽作用,而且不影響精確的紅外線高效透過。
  19. Range rate measurement system of radar plays an important role in studying the characteristics of target, the target orbit confirmation and the safety control of missile

  20. The other key link in russia ' s aam chain is the agat moscow research institute. agat supplies radar seekers for a host of russian missile systems