電子地圖服務 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànzide]
電子地圖服務 英文
web mapping
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (繪畫表現出的形象; 圖畫) picture; chart; drawing; map 2 (計劃) plan; scheme; attempt 3...
  • : 服量詞(用於中藥; 劑) dose
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • 電子 : [物理學] [電學] electron
  • 服務 : give service to; be in the service of; serve
  1. Partysmile _ com vendita online di tutto quanto serve per organizzare feste in casa con fantasia e originalit. contiene anche alcuni consigli per organizzare una festa

  2. Local speakers for the conference include mrs. pamela chan, chief executive of the consumer council, professor raymond wacks, professor of law at the university of hong kong, mr. kevin lau, editorial writer of ming pao daily news, mr. yuk wai - fung, director of electronic services of hongkong post, mr. stephen lau, privacy commissioner for personal data, mr. robin mcleish, deputy privacy commissioner for personal data and mr. tony lam, assistant privacy commissioner for personal data

  3. Main technic of giss webgiso thus function modules architecture and network topological structure are confirmed webgis system implements the basic function of electronical map, such as map zoonu pan, and the abundant query of geograph and database by using maplnfo mapxtreme for java as map server and jsp., java technico this system also can implement the routing of linesx analysing of buffer and so on0 this paper advances storage model of roads and pipelines topology data, efficiently solves the maintenace problem of network topology data of webgis and implements the shortest path algorathm based on webgis by improving it0 the system has better opening by suppling database interface of map ? the system has perfect on - line help and user forum and favorable interfaces and implementation of this system makes fundament for the further research of webgiso

    本系統利用mapinfomapxtremeforjava作為器,採用jsp和java技術,實現了基於webgis的的縮放、漫遊等基本功能,並具有豐富的文定位查詢功能;實現線路路由、緩沖區分析等輔助決策功能;構建了道路管線網路拓撲數據的存儲模型,有效解決了基於webgis的網路拓撲數據的維護問題;對dijkstra演算法進行了一些改進,實現了基於webgis的最短路徑演算法;本系統提供了數據庫介面,使本系統具有很好的開放性和通用性; webgis系統軟體具有完善的在線幫助和用戶交流論壇,人機界面友好。
  4. You could refer to the digital maps provided by the office of the telecommunications authority and certain local mobile network providers for details of service coverage and reception strength in remote areas in hong kong

  5. Vod ( video on demand ) system can be widely used in many fields, such as long distance education, digital library, news on demand, tv on demand and etc. video server is the key part of vod system, whose performance has direct effect on the service quality of vod system

    視頻點播系統可以廣泛應用於遠程教學、數字書館、新聞點播、商貿、視點播等文化、商業及娛樂的各種領域,具有很高的實用價值。視頻器( videoserver )是視頻點播系統中最關鍵的組成部分,它的性能直接影響視頻點播系統所提供的質量,因此視頻器的設計是分散式多媒體領域的重要研究課題。
  6. Look up countries, cities, and airports and obtain topographic maps, weather data, and selected satellite imagery

  7. The co. has a long history, powerful technical force, advance equipment and exquisite workmanship, yatai group s gfci is the unique product in china which directly obtains ul cul listing. the products of which gfci has been approved by ul cul, are exported to usa, canada, hk, etc. countries and regions and widely used to family and completion of electric appliance products and so on. the company aims at " getting users satisfactory with best quality and service

  8. The specialized assurance ( also named specialized aircraft service ), with a studying length of 3 years, features in that the students are mainly chosen from the information technology major. the courses include politics, chinese, mathematics, english, information technology and application, physical education and health care, art appreciation, mechanical drafting, the basis of electricity, oral english, wielding skills, mechanical transmission, electronics, electrical towage and control, overview of aviation, electrical meters & measurement, scm, electronic cad, aircraft maintenance service, ground handling service, civil aviation english, etc

    主要開設有政治、語文、數學、英語、信息技術與應用、體育與保健、藝術欣賞、機械制工基礎、英語口語、焊接技能、機械傳動、學、力拖動與控制、航空概論、工儀表及測量、單片機、cad 、航空機與維修、航空、民航英語等課程。
  9. It is located on g f of fong shu chuen amenities centre. it can comfortably seat about 100 persons and includes an outdoor cafe, a resource library with international newspapers, a gymnasium, an indoor internet caf, an information office, a 60 " plasma tv and twelve 26 " tvs broadcasting news from around the world

  10. Displays country and ocean maps, followed by demographic data on each reviewed area

  11. The author suggested to construct portal site, to improve network service capacity, to emphasize talent cultivation and indraught, to enhance cooperation and coalition with other units and to carry out advanced reader service with crm system

  12. Global mapping service including street maps of europe, north america and australia

  13. It pays a great attention to how to deliver electric maps through internet, which means that the user can manipulate a map interactively in browser / server environment, and need not to install any gis soft in the client side

  14. Various electronic services are also available here for your convenience in booking our venues, buying tickets for our cultural presentations, accessing our library databases, etc

  15. Government information locator service to the dif arealso given in this work

  16. The author designed the state diagram which based on the event driven which is suit for e - government affairs architecture which is cited from state diagram and the finite state machine theory. thus, the limitation of the present modeling methods which is unable to describe complex operation process can be gotten over. the uniflow ' s organization architecture adopts new matrix organization architecture and combined with the static department tree structure and the dynamic workgroup pattern

    在uniflow工作流管理系統的集成設計中,作者從狀態及有限狀態機理論中引申設計出了適合於架構基礎的基於事件驅動的狀態( statediagram )模型,克現有的建模方法不能描述復雜業過程處理的缺陷; uniflow的組織架構採用新型的矩陣制組織結構,將政部門的靜態部門樹型結構和動態工作組模式相結合,使組織模型和過程模型靈活集成起來,克了傳統組織模型的單一、缺乏彈性等缺陷。
  17. We provide full project management and consultancy services to government departments and autonomous bodies on the design of electrical, mechanical and electronic systems, preparation of tender specifications and drawings, tendering, procurement, tender evaluation, contract administration, site supervision, testing and commissioning of these systems

  18. A hybrid client - server structure for transmitting terrain images and models is suggested, and the scheme of corresponding transmission system is proposed. the design and implementation of a hardware accelerated 3d electronic map system is described ; capabilities, components and structure, implementation and runtime snapshots of the system are also covered

  19. Various maps of the world in both jpeg and pdf format that are updated annually

  20. The private sector is operating and managing an electronic tendering system for the government logistics department ; some e - commerce websites have developed value - added applications on the basic digital map of the lands department ; the government - funded hong kong education city limited has been partnering with the private sector, education groups, social service agencies and internet portals to provide educational hardware and software, resources, activities and information to students and teachers through the very popular portal of hkedcity