非自主性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēizhǔxìng]
非自主性 英文
non autonomy
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錯誤) mistake; wrong; errors 2 (指非洲) short for africa 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : Ⅰ代詞(自己) self; oneself; one s own Ⅱ副詞(自然;當然) certainly; of course; naturally; willin...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 自主性 : autonomy自主性交易 autonomous transaction; 自主性專業組織 autonomous professional organization
  • 自主 : 1 (自己做主) act on one s own; be one s own master; decide for oneself; keep the initiative in ...
  1. Postmodem cboculum studies rise with the reconceptualhation in l970s. reconceptualizaion tends to change cutriculum studies from a fleld that is " atheoretical ", " ahistorical ", and of technical and prastical oriented in narere to the one of historical, individual and changeable which seeks theorization and conceptualization wun ds own

    后現代課程研究興起於70年代的概念重建活動,概念重建旨在使課程研究從一個本質是技術的、實踐導向的、 「理論」的和「歷史」的領域轉變為一個理論化的、概念的,本質上是歷史的、個體的和運動變化的領域。
  2. In this dissertation, through computer simulation, the problems of modeling, control and guidance of auvs are presented. the first part of this dissertation addresses the problem of dynamically modeling of auvs, and derives thrusters " two - dimension nonlinear dynamic model, which has axial flow speed and propeller rotational velocity as two state variables, voltage or current of motor as inputs, and thruster force and torque as output. the second part focuses on the nonlinear adaptive sliding mode control of auvs in diving plane and steering plane

    本論文系統研究了式水下航行器的建模、適應滑模控制、以及深度調整和水平面導引方法等問題,具體成果和創新點如下1 、根據流體力學理論,建立了螺旋槳推進器的動態模型,它以螺旋槳來流速度v _ p和螺旋槳轉速n為狀態變量,以電機施加轉矩為輸入,螺旋槳推力t和轉矩q為輸出。
  3. This thesis did the trial explore on two aspects : one is that the author have found 2 public factors of non - intelligence which have the important influence to the high school students : independence frontier spirit and business consciousness with cooperation ; the other is that, on the strategy of non - intelligence training, the author put forward " the principle of respect students " personality " and " anonymous principle ", which have been neglected by tradition education

  4. The characters and requirement factors of knowledge workers are different from common staffs, so incentive strategy to knowledge workers must be based on their requirement factors. we should carry on the following strategies to incent those workers, such as helping them realize success, giving them more freedom, supply good enviornment support and constructing reasonable pay system

  5. This new teaching model has characteristics of mutuality, initiative and nonlinearity, which challenges the traditional teaching model

  6. The china - italy chamber of commerce ( cicc ) is a private, voluntary, not - for - profit organization registered in 1991 and composed of italian juridical and physical persons

    中國義大利商會( cicc )是於1991注冊成立,是一家民間的、發的、盈利組織,由義大利的法人和個人組成。其會員包括義大利要的工業集團、銀行、法律事務所、運輸公司以及一些中小型企業。
  7. For set up a separate voluntary contribution account independent from your employer

  8. In the context of enlightened 1980s, the humanist didacticism presented in the women literature and the efforts of rebuilding subjectivity of women could not meet the inner requests of women ' s self - development, and the expressions of human subjectivity of neo - didacticism could not naturally agree to the goals of women subjectivity

  9. The results showed that : ( 1 ) the models used by author and the analysis are useful and can be practiced. ( 2 ) after using isolation technology, the structure ' s period, earthquake response, base shear force and acceleration are all decreased markedly and the horizontal displacement focuses on isolation layer. ( 3 ) under frequent earthquake action, the shear force ratio between layers is close to 0. 35 ; in according with the provision in aseismic design code that the horizontal seismic reduction coefficient can choose 0. 53 and the upper building can be designed by decreasing one degree

  10. The results showed, 1. there are 17 strategies in adolescent coping with stress, i. e., involuntary and impulsive action, problem solving, seeking social support, humor, wishful thinking, denial, self - blame, distraction, avoidance / numbing, tolerance / acceptance, keep calmness, suppression, self - relaxing, recognition, intrusive thoughts, emotional puzzle, physiologic arousal. 2

    結果發現: 1 、當前青少年壓力應對要有17種方式:與沖動行為、問題解決與行動、尋求社會支持、幽默、幻想、否認、責、分心、迴避麻木、容忍接受、保持平靜、壓抑、我放鬆、認知重建、侵入思想、情緒困擾、生理喚起。
  11. The local initiative lies in the contradictory movement between productive forces and relations of production in the socialist society

  12. A survey and analysis of non - english major undergraduates ' autonomous english learning competence

  13. Xinyu group added some establishments and improved management in new projects by the discover and investigation. using contrast and case analysis, social investigate, statistic research methods, this paper draw some conclusions, those conclusions are that the academy logistics organization monopolized the academy logistics market, that education welfare restricted income of apartment investment, and so on. so academy logistics originations maybe develop some payable services by the characters of undergraduate improve the benefits of apartment project

  14. Independent is to keep some distance between countrymen associations and governments. constructive means that countrymen associations are asked to have constructive organs and systems of their own. public and legal are to make bounds between countrymen associations and secret or gangland organizations

  15. Only highly motivated people will continue their daily walk when it the rains or snows

  16. It holds that the opposition between the autonomous and the political is universally practiced in the chinese circle of literary theory, and the pervasive idea is that the autonomous production of literary theory can be guaranteed only on the basis of the nonpolitical

  17. The development of chinese private - run economic brings not only the growth of the economic quantity, but also brings the wildly influence on the social life, economic structure and ideas

  18. Because the institutional innovation is a huge system, it should think over four problems at first about the leader in the innovation, the model of the innovation, the train of thought of the innovation, and the relation between official institution and unofficial institution

  19. The third sector has the characteristics of nonprofit, non - governmental, lawful, voluntary and public - spirited

  20. ( 3 ) under the present legislation model for civil servants and non - civil servants individually, the teachers belong to the civil service and they are civil servants with its particularity. the legal relations between teachers and the local education department and school are public and civil legal relations individually