預算分配比例 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [suànfēnpèi]
預算分配比例 英文
estimate burden rate
  • : Ⅰ副詞(預先; 事先) in advance; beforehand Ⅱ動詞(參與) take part in
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (兩性結合) join in marriage 2 (使動物交配) mate (animals) 3 (按適當的標準或比例加以...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (比較; 較量高下、 長短、距離、好壞等) compare; compete; contrast; match; emulate 2 (比...
  • 預算 : budget1991
  • 比例 : 1. (長度上縮小和放大的倍數) scale; scaling 2. (比率) proportion; ratio; proportionality
  1. Based on consider hereinbefore, this dissertation discusses several aspects on the problem of the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources as follows : ( 1 ) reviewed entirely the origin and evolvement of the concept " sustainable development ", stated and commented the study status in queue on " sustainable development " around national and international range, thorough discussed the science connotation about the concept " sustainable development " ; ( 2 ) looked back and commented across - the aboard some furthest basic concept and proposition related to groundwater resources, put forward self opinions on a few existent mistake points of view and chaos understandings ; ( 3 ) expatiated entirely on the content and meaning of the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, contrast with the traditional methods of groundwater resources calculation and evaluation, combined example to show the application of this theory ; ( 4 ) thorough analyzed the difficult and complexity to forecast the groundwater resources, fully stated the traditional methods of groundwater resources forecasting, pointed out the characteristic and applying condition of these forecasting method, introduced the main ideas and methods of wavelet analysis developed recently, and the matlab software be known as the fifths era computer language, and its accessory wavelet analysis toolbox, applied these methods and tools to analyze the groundwater dynamic curve, adopted the b - j method and morte - carlo method, combined with the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, discussed the new view on the forecast of groundwater resources ; ( 5 ) synthetically analyzed the characteristics and limitations of the present all kind of groundwater manage model, combined mathematical programming mathematical statistics random process and the theory of variation system of groundwater resources on the unite optimum attempter of surface water and groundwater, emphasized how to make the model more nicety, more simple, more practicality ; ( 6 ) analyzed the inside condition and outside condition to assure the sustainable and optimum exploi tation of groundwater resources, the inside conditions are the follows : correct resources idea, scientific methods of resources calculation and evaluation, credible forecast methods of resources, exercisable measures of resources management, the outside conditions are the follows : the development idea of high layer, the transform of manage system, the matched policy and rule of law, the adjusted of economy lever, the improve of cultural diathesis, the boosting up of water - saving consciousness and detail measures, the control of population rising, the prevention and cure of water pollute, the renew and rebuild of ecology ; ( 7 ) scan the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources from the high level of metagalaxy, earth system science, and philosophy ; lint out the more directions on groundwater resources

    基於以上考慮,論文主要從以下幾方面對地下水資源可持續開發問題進行了較深入的探討:全面回顧了「可持續發展」概念的由來與演變,對國內外「可持續發展」的研究現狀進行了述評,並對「可持續發展」概念的科學內涵進行了深入探討;對涉及地下水資源的一些最基本的概念和命題進行了全面的回顧和評述,對目前仍然存在的一些錯誤觀點和混亂認識提出了自己的見解;全面闡述了地下水資源變值系統理論的內容和意義,並與傳統的地下水資源計評價方法進行了對析,結合實具體說明了方法的應用;深入析了地下水資源報工作的極端重要性和復雜性,對傳統的地下水資源動態測方法進行了全面的評述,指出了各類報方法的特點及適用條件,對最近二十多年剛發展起來的小波析技術的主要思想和方法及其應用范圍,以及號稱第五代計機語言的matlab軟體和附帶的小波析工具箱進行了介紹,並應用於地下水動態過程線的析,採用時間序列中的b ? j法,蒙特卡羅方法,與地下水資源變值系統理論相結合,探討了地下水動態資料析和地下水資源報的新思路;綜合析了現今各類地下水管理模型的特點及缺陷,將數學規劃、數理統計、隨機過程等與地下水變值系統理論相結合進行地表水地下水或多水源的聯合優化調度,使模型更準確、更實用;對保證地下水資源可持續開發的內部條件和外部條件進行了析,內部河海人學博卜學位論文前言、摘要、目錄條件主要是正確的資源觀,科學的資源計與評價方法,可靠的資源報技術,可操作的資源管理措施,外部條件主要是高層發展思路、管理體制的變革、套的政策法規、經濟杠桿的調節、人文素質的提高、節水意識的增強及具體節水措施、人口增長的控制、水體污染的防治、生態的恢復和重建等;從宇宙科學、地球系統科學及哲學的高度審視地下水資源的可持續開發;指出了地下水資源可持續開發的進一步研究方向。
  2. Study achievement appears as following aspects : ( 1 ) yellow river estuary gate river flow and tide flow mixed area is not keep standing deposition status, on special income water and sediment conditions, boundary conditions and oceanic power conditions, this area may on the scour status ; ( 2 ) observed from estuary sediment deposition distributing process : delta and sea offing area sediment deposition vary trend is similar, each part sediment deposition scale varies as wave shape ; ( 3 ) on estuary gate, affect the sediment deposition factors, primary factors are tide prop, the gate widens gradually, estuary gate have branches, brine induced flocculation. this paper study the estuary gate widen, estuary gate have branches to affect the river channel deposition in quantity ; ( 4 ) based on field measured data, for the first time, deduce the estuary sediment deposition and distributing regress formula which can estimate estuary different areas sediment deposition volume ; ( 5 ) this subject demonstrate the estuary delta coastline dynamic balance conception, build the relationship between the estuary income sediment with deposition land area, draw the following important conclusion : when estuary years - averaged income sediment keeps at 345 million tons, the delta coastline may on the dynamic balance status. ( 6 ) this subject firstly brings up estuary sediment optimized control conception, and has the primary study on the macroscopically optimized control conception method

    研究認為: ( 1 )黃河河口口門逕流潮汐區域並非持續保持淤積狀態,在特定的來水來沙、邊界條件和海洋動力條件下,該區域可以處于沖刷狀態; ( 2 )從河口泥沙沉積的過程來看:三角洲與濱海區泥沙的沉積變化趨勢是基本一致的,各部位的泥沙沉積變化基本呈波動狀態,且三角洲與濱海區泥沙的沉積與來沙量密切相關,基本成正關系; ( 3 )在口門處,影響泥沙沉淤的因素主要集中在潮汐頂托、口門逐漸加寬、河口門汊、鹽水造成絮凝等,本報告主要對口門加寬,口門西妥理工大學工程碩士專業學位論文漢對河道淤積的影響進行了定量析: (一扣根據實測資料首次建立了河贖流路泥沙沉積的回歸計式,據此可以估計河口不同區域泥沙的沉淤量; 、 5 )本項研究首次論證了河口三角洲岸線動態平衡的概念,並建立了黃河河口來沙量與造陸面積的相關關系,得出了當河口多年平均來沙量維持在3 . 45億t時其河口三角洲岸線則可能處于動態平衡狀態的重要結論; 『 6 )本項研究首次提出了河口泥沙優化調控的概念,並對其宏觀優化調控模式進行了初步探討。
  3. The present utilization and existing problems in water resource of the north of huaihe river in anhui are introduced. based on such research objects as northern guo river of bozhou, jiangtang of fuyang and key city zones, a mathematical model with systems engineering viewpoint is established and used to investigate in water resource problems in the area. the main contents are as following : ( 1 ) groundwater resource and present utilization ; ( 2 ) mensuration of calculational parameters of groundwater and calculational methods ; ( 3 ) economic parameters of irrigation areas ; ( 4 ) establishing northern wo river forecast model with finite element method, areal well - group method and water balance method ; ( 5 ) establishing optimal water resource allocating model for northern jiangtang and new cihuaixin river irrigation area and investigating in the combination of surface water and groundwater, optimal agricultural planting - mode and optimal distribution proportion of various water sources ; ( 6 ) some existing exploitation problems and advices about water resource in the area

    本論文針對淮北地區水資源開發利用現狀及存在問題,以安徽亳州渦河以北地區、阜陽姜堂鄉和重點城市區為研究對象,運用系統工程觀點,採用數學模型方法,對該區水資源問題進行了綜合研究,主要內容為: ( 1 )地下水資源及開發利用現狀; ( 2 )地下水計參數測定和計方法; ( 3 )灌區經濟參數; ( 4 )採用有限單元法、面狀井系法、水均衡法,建立亳州渦河以北地下水位測模型; ( 5 )建立阜陽姜堂及茨淮新河北部的農灌區水資源優化置模型,應用系統析的方法,研究地表水與地下水聯合運用,農業最優種植模式及各種水源的最佳; ( 6 )淮北地區水資源開發利用存在問題及建議。
  4. The second part proposed the dynamic stockholder ' s rights drive model in a brand - new angle. the dynamic stockholder ' s rights drive model is based on the delimiting of the static stockholder ' s rights proportion in advance which each staff enjoys ( initial stockholder ' s rights proportion ), and then it derectly calaculate the new propotion

  5. In the internet, packet - dropping - based buffer mangement algorithm is an important module in a packet - forwarding device. by employing the buffer management algorithms, ( 1 ) tcp flows can be protected, ( 2 ) without per - flow queueing, the bandwidth of unresponsive and responsive flows can be balanced even with fcfs ( first - come - first - served ) scheduler, ( 3 ) based on per - flow queueing, the bandwidth of unresponsive and responsive flows, as well as that of pure responsive flows can be balanced at the same time, and ( 4 ) in a multi - priority network, different bandwidth can be allocated according to a predetermined proportion

    Internet中,基於組丟棄技術的緩存管理演法是組轉發設備的一個重要的功能模塊,利用它, ( 1 )可以保護tcp流, ( 2 )可以在採用fcfs (先到先服務)調度演法時較公平地響應流和非響應流的帶寬, ( 3 )可以在按流排隊的基礎上同時較公平地響應流和非響應流、以及響應流之間的帶寬, ( 4 )還可以在多優先級的網路環境中,根據定的帶寬。