預期電流 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànliú]
預期電流 英文
prospective current
  • : Ⅰ副詞(預先; 事先) in advance; beforehand Ⅱ動詞(參與) take part in
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • 預期 : expect; anticipate
  • 電流 : current; galvanic current; electric current; electricity; current flow電流保護裝置 current protec...
  1. Besides, you will be able to see the upcoming hong kong research & development centre for logistics and supply chain management ( lscm ) enabling technologies ( booth number 1003 ) under the leadship of the hku team and co - hosted by cuhk and hkust. the lscm centre is expected to be formally launched within 2005 and will conduct leading - edge research in rfid technologies, e - logistics and supply chain management systems

  2. From the distribution of rotation period and convection parameter of m type stars, stellar chromospheric activity of m type stars depart from the anticipation of a. dynamo theory obviously

    從m型主序星的自轉周的和恆星內部對區隨色指數的分佈來看, m型主序星的色球活動行為與發機理論的有明顯的差異。
  3. After which, the battery will be charged by large constant current to allow the fast charging. finally, the constant voltage charging is adopted to guarantee the battery was charged to its full capacity. under the condition that the temperature has raised to a certain threshold at the constant current charging stage, the over temperature circuit is performing and it provides a compensation current which switches the system to constant temperature charging mode with the intention of protecting the ic

  4. Taking produce high - quality products and make higher inner management as its guidelines, the company has invested a massive amount of funds in recent years. presently, the project of steckel mill of cold - rolled silicon steel slab is under construction. it is expected to put into production by the end of 2006, through which tianjie group will form a complete set of production line of cold - rolled electrical steel

  5. A cascade asi experimental prototype with instantaneous control strategy is accomplished. all the guide lines attain the expected request in the all - sided tests

  6. The new government news and media information system gnmis, expected to be put into operation in 2004, will enhance the workflow in disseminating press releases with photos and other attachments in multimedia format electronically and automatically, through different distribution channels such as e - mail, fax and sms via mobile phone, as selected by the subscribers

  7. In the simulation work, one 1. 5kw and one 18kw induction motors ? control system were simulated and two simplified control scheme were proposed. when developing the program in tms320f240 dsp, this paper solved two practical problems : the finite - length effect and dc bias effect. finally, sensorless control system based on adaptive filter theory are tested on the platform of 1. 5kw induction motor, the results show that the scheme ? performance is good

    在模擬過程中,針對1 . 5kw和18kw異步機進行了模擬,並在此基礎上提出兩種簡化控制方式;在tms320f240的具體編程過程中,分別對自適應濾波器的有限字長效應、直偏置效應等非理想因素進行了修正和補償;最後,在1 . 5kw微型異步機上進行了轉矩閉環無速度傳感器實驗,實驗結果表明了演算法完全可以達到的目標。
  8. Since high tc superconducting ( hts ) tapes for practical applications became commercially available over the past few years, the development of superconducting power technology has achieved significant progress. it is foreseen that superconducting technology will be the prevailing high technology of the 21st century, and that superconducting power equipment will be commercialized soon, enjoying a large - scale worldwide market before 2010. china ' s economy is expanding fast, and the demand for electricity is increasing quickly. at the same time, higher electricity quality will be required. traditional power technology will no longer be able to satisfy future requirements, so superconducting power technology would be the best solution, leading a revolution in the power industry. the history, present status and prospects of superconducting power technology as well as the economic benefits and basic physics problems involved are reviewed

  9. The trickle charging uses small current at the initial of charging cycle to fix and protect the over - discharged battery ; after which, the battery will be charged by large constant current to allow the fast charging ; finally, the constant voltage charging is adopted to guarantee that the battery is charged to its full capacity

  10. A testbench program is edited to simulate the behavior of the fifo. after the software simulation is accomplished, a real hardware circuit is designed to multiplex two data channels ( 1553b data channel and 1394 data channel ) according to ccsds standard. during the experiment and hardware debugging, the output logic of the fpga is checked up

    設計中,用vhdl語言對高速復接器進行行為級建模,為了驗證這個模型,首先使用軟體進行模擬,通過編寫testbench程序模擬fifo的動作特點,對程序輸入信號進行模擬,在軟體邏輯模擬取得結果后,繼續設計硬體路,設計出的實際路實現了將來自兩個不同速率的信源數據( 1394總線數據和1553b總線數據)復接成一路符合ccsds協議的位業務數據。
  11. It has been widely predicted that mobile devices will soon become the personal computer of choice

  12. On - line monitoring of hvcb is the precondition of predicting maintenance, is the key element of reliable run, and is the important supplement to the traditional off - line preventive maintenance in fact, the faults are made by hvcb, no matter in number or in times, is over 60 % of total faults so it has determinative importance for improving the reliability of power supply and this can greatly decrease the capital waste used by - dating overhaul in this paper, the inspecting way of hvcb mechanism characteristic is discussed the concept of sub - circuit protector is presented, the scheme that we offered has been combined with sub - circuit integrality monitoring theory, to ensure that it has the two functions as a whole according the shut - off times at rated short circuit given by hvcb manufacturer, the electricity longevity loss can be calculated in each operation, and the remained longevity can be forecast too an indirect way for calculating main touch ' s temperature by using breaker shell temperature, air circumference temperature and breaker ' s heat resistance is improved in this paper, and main touch resistance can be calculated if providing the load current msp430, a new single chip microcomputer made by ti company, is engaged to develop the hardware system of the on - line monitoring device, and special problem brought by the lower supply voltage range of this chip is considered fully

    高壓斷路器所造成的事故無論是在次數,還是在事故所造成的停時間上都占據總量60以上。因此,及時了解斷路器的工作狀態對提高供可靠性有決定性意義;並可以大大減少盲目定檢修帶來的資金浪費。本文論述了斷路器機械特性參數監測方法;提出了二次迴路保護器的概念,並將跳、合閘線圈完整性監視和二次迴路保護結合起來,給出具有完整性監視功能的二次迴路保護器實現方案;根據斷路器生產廠家提供的斷路器額定短路分斷次數,計算每次分閘對應的觸頭壽命損耗,測觸頭壽命;提出根據斷路器殼體溫度和斷路器周圍空氣溫度結合斷路器熱阻來計算斷路器主觸頭穩態溫升的方法,並根據此時的負荷間接計算主觸頭迴路的阻;在硬體路設計上,採用美國ti公司最新推出的一種功能強大的單片機msp430 ,並充分考慮該晶元的適用壓范圍給設計帶來的特殊問題;在通信模塊的設計中,解決了不同工作壓晶元之間的介面問題,並給出了直接聯接的接線方案。
  13. ( 2 ) retrofitted the small turbine of tai pin shao hydropower station in this paper. the results indicated that given the unchanged channels of the original runner hl240 - lj - 120 and satisfied cavitation condition and stability requirement, the electricity generated by the turbine generator increased from 3000kw to 3600kw when the design head was 36. 2m, which arrived at the expectant objective

    ( 2 )對太平哨廠的小機進行了改造,在不改變原hl240 - lj - 120道並滿足氣蝕和穩定性要求,在設計水頭為36 . 2米時,水輪機發機出力由原來的3000千瓦增容到3600萬千瓦,達到了目標。
  14. The designed bus controller performs perfectly in the phase of system test. especailly, the communication between bc and psp ( power system processor ) is very successful

  15. To avoid the actuator, a capacitor load being charged up by the drift current of the amplifier, a secondary feedback from the output of the amplifier has been used and expected result has been gotten

  16. According to the specification and the scheme three architectures including a gmc ( transconductor capacitor ) filter, a sc ( switched capacitor ) filter and a si ( switched current ) filter are researched and implemented, simulated in 0. 18m cmos process. the results are as expected

    根據系統要求及設計方案,分別研究並得到了跨導容、開關容和開關三種濾波器結構,採用0 . 18mcmos工藝進行模擬,其結果與的基本符合。
  17. Although dm can also solve the modulation time error, but the output waveforms can ’ t reach the industrial standard ( total harmonic distortion thd ). considering this, a new control strategy called current optimal control ( coc ) is presented in paper. coc is that system samples the output value real time, comparing with expected value, considering all switching actions available then draw a concluding to decide which way would be fastest and best way to render system smooth

  18. The system reached control goal by experimental verification and the experimental results showed the system could produce ac excitation voltage with low harmonic, quick adjusting speed, wide adjusting range and high control precision of frequency

  19. Within ten years e - business is expected to become just normal business

  20. In order to get suitable algorithms which are accuracy, feasible, practical and convenient to be realized by virtual instrument, this paper firstly analyzes measuring algorithms of major power quality parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, flicker, unbalance factor etc. then two algorithms, the one for basic power quality parameters measurement based on spectrum correction and the other one for flicker measurement based on fft, are presented

    基於虛擬儀器技術的能質量測試儀應用靈活,升級方便, 「軟體就是儀器」的特色使測試儀各種通用功能和功能的方便實現成為可能。文章對能質量的一些主要指標:壓、、頻率、諧波、壓波動和閃變、三相壓不平衡度等的測量演算法進行了分析,尋求適合虛擬儀器實現的,切實可行、計算精確、實用性強的計算方法。