特別法人 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [biérén]
特別法人 英文
special juristic person
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : 別動詞[方言] (改變) change (sb. 's opinion)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • 特別 : 1 (與眾不同) special; unusual; particular; out of the ordinary 2 (格外) especially; particula...
  • 法人 : juridical person; legal person; corporation; legalis homo法人代表 legal representative; 法人地位 ...
  1. Be consistent in grammar and punctuation. the rules ofgrammarand punctuation you learned may differ from others, but youhadbetter be consistent in your use of them. be aware of suchthings aswhere you put ending quote marks, whether you placecommas afteryears and states, and similar variationsinstyle

  2. As you lay your head on your pillow tonight, spare a thought for anyone who might share your bed ? particularly if you ' re selfish, intolerant or anarchic

  3. Crime of engaging in self - seeking misconduct is set against judicial personnel, but it is not clear in theory of criminology and practice who would be the right person prosecuted, whether juror could commit said crime, how to set up the standard of complicity. this ambiguous definition of crime subject makes practice confused

  4. This approach has shown particular promise with the cobalt ( iii ) - salen - catalyzed hydrolytic kinetic resolution of chiral epoxides, a highly selective reaction of interest because of the versatility of epoxides as precursors to pharmaceutically important targets

    因為多功能性的環氧化合物在醫藥上是重要目標分子的前體,這個方在高選擇性反應- -鈷( iii ) -沙林試劑催化的手性環氧化合物的水解動力學拆分上注目。
  5. I can give no idea of the peculiar charm and vividness of his talk.

  6. The stability of electric power system has been being focused for a long time toprevent a power system from losing synchronism after sudden fault , researchers have done much work and got many accomplishments this paper applied the direct feedback linearization ( dfl ) technique on the power system , a strong nonlinear system simulation results by matlab proved this method efficiency main works and results are as follows : this paper compared some existing methods in excitation control , fast valve control and coordinated control respectively, analyzed the developments and actuality of nonlinear control research in brief, illustrated why ransient stability could be greatly improved by using the fast valve control in chapter 3 , indicated the importance of coordinated control farther this paper introduced the inverse system theory, based on which , discussed the dfl theory, pointed out which had consistency with the inverse theory, expanded the dfl theory combined the idiographic model equations , made which adapt to the model of a single machine - infinite bus power system this paper referenced abundance articles and educed a set of equations , which could describe the dynamical process of excitation and fast valve control for synchronous generators in the equations , there were several very important parameters of power system - - rotor angle ( ) , rotor speed ( ) , generator q axis voltage ( eq ) , transient voltage ( e ' q ) , active power ( pe ) , mechanical input power ( pm ) , valve opening ( ) , generator terminal voltage ( vt ) , based on the model , nonlinear coordinated controller and terminal voltage optimal controller have been designed by using the expanded dfl theory and lq optimal control theory the simulation results showed that the controller could keep power system transiently stable under the effects of a symmetrical 3 - phase short circuit fault , which achieved better postfault regulation compared with another two routine methods , one is the proportion excitation controller and proportion fast valve controller, the other is the proportion excitation controller and the optimal fast valve controller, which could exert good performance when met 1ittle disturbance either

    在介紹逆系統理論的基礎上,詳細介紹了dfl理論,通過比較闡明了dfl理論其本質是逆系統方的一類,並結合具體課題推導出的模型方程將dfl理論進行了擴展,使之適應于電力系統這個強非線性對象。通過參考大量的書籍文獻推導出一套實用的可將大型汽輪發電機勵磁與汽門綜合起來進行控制的模型方程,此模型方程涵蓋了電力系統中注目的幾個量- -轉子角、轉子轉速、發電機q軸電勢eq 、暫態電勢e ' q 、有功功率pe 、機械功率pm 、汽門開度、機端電壓vt ,在此基礎上建立了實用的電力系統簡化的數學模型,並將擴展的dfl理論應用於此模型系統,結合線性二次型最優控制理論設計出大型汽輪發電機的非線性綜合控制器及機端電壓最優控制器,通過模擬實驗與採用常規的按電壓偏差進行調節的比例式勵磁控制器+汽門比例控制及採用常規的按電壓偏差進行調節的比例式勵磁調節器和基於二次型性能指標設計的最優快控汽門(考慮發電機的飽和因素)進行了對比,證實了採用此種控制器可以有效地提高電力系統的暫態穩定性,並且在電力系統遭受小干擾時同樣具有良好的調節性能。
  7. For starters, the tribunal will likely try fewer than a dozen defendants

  8. A spokesman for the genocide tribunal said nuon chea has been placed in its custody

  9. The tribunal found this was " false ", that the agents were in fact the players ' exclusive representatives, and that no written agreements with the club existed

  10. The article can be divided into following parts : first, introducing the development and existing situation of air - traffic service and aeronautics safety, directing the potential and great insidious danger caused by disco - ordination between air - traffic service and aeronautics safety and aeronautics development, analyzing the causes of accident. second, introducing the related theory of safety and safety systematic engineering and methods of analyzing accident. third, based on the above content, analyzing the factors that affect the safety of air - traffic safety management, especially the human factor

  11. In practice it means the special statutory provisions on the screening for refugee status and related review procedures for vietnamese cease to have effect on new arrivals from that date

  12. Solo battles with monsters aren ‘ t especially exciting either ; they mostly boil down to either setting your character to auto - attack, then sitting back and watching ( while periodically using special abilities ), or to casting as many attack spells from as far away as possible until monsters can catch up with you

    與怪物戰斗並不會興奮;大部分的情況不是叫你的角色自動攻擊,然後坐著等結果(有時周期性的使用一些技能) ,就是在怪物打到你之前,離得越遠越好,然後盡量丟出更多的攻擊魔
  13. Solo battles with monsters aren ‘ t especially exciting either ; they mostly boil down to either setting your character to auto - attack , then sitting back and watching ( while periodically using special abilities ) , or to casting as many attack spells from as far away as possible until monsters can catch up with you

    與怪物戰斗並不會興奮;大部分的情況不是叫你的角色自動攻擊,然後坐著等結果(有時周期性的使用一些技能) ,就是在怪物打到你之前,離得越遠越好,然後盡量丟出更多的攻擊魔
  14. Fascism can be defined at the use of brutal force in enslaving the people at home and the people of foreign countries. fascism is oppression and aggression

  15. Under the u. s. immigration system, employment - based immigration application is divided into five categories, or preferences. among the five preferences, the fourth and fifth preferences are only applicable to a very limited group of people as the fourth preference is for religious workers and the fifth for the investment immigrants. hence, the first three categories are the most commonly applied preferences among the employment - based immigration applications

  16. Taking the key scientific and technological project of henan province “ the development of the binocular vision surveillance system ” and henan innovation project for university prominent research talents “ the distributed image segmentation based on the pgf and fuzzy technology ” as the research background, this thesis devotes main efforts to the research of some problems of the face recognition ( especially the problem of the eyes location ), mainly including : ( 1 ) considering the eyes location in gray image with complex background, an improved method of human eyes location is presented based on the threshold

  17. The purpose of the special tribunal investigating the rwanda genocide is not only to bring the guilty to justice but also to bring reconciliation to a society that was split asunder

  18. This paper studies the quality control system of luneng taishan cable company, analyses the impact on quality from the courses of product designs, supplies purchase, manufacture, examine control, after - sale service etc., especially the factors such as people, machine, material, method and environment, in this paper, all the extant questions in the enterprise and their origins are conscientiously researched

  19. Immediately, and according to custom, the ramparts of fort saint - jean were covered with spectators ; it is always an event at marseilles for a ship to come into port, especially when this ship, like the pharaon, has been built, rigged, and laden at the old phoc

  20. And it firstly analyzes some character recognition algorithms used much at present, such as template matching algorithm, characters features algorithm and artificial neural network algorithm. and then it puts forward thoughtway of combination of character recognition algorithm