獨具特徵 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhǐ]
獨具特徵 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(一個) single; only; sole Ⅱ副詞1 (獨自) alone; by oneself; in solitude 2 (唯獨) only...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : 名詞[音樂] (古代五音之一 相當于簡譜的「5」) a note of the ancient chinese five tone scale corre...
  • 特徵 : characteristic; feature; properties; aspect; trait
  1. Based on the frequent occurrence of international aerial crimes, the rampancy and cruelty of criminals and the reality of brutal consequence, the essay analyses the features of the crime of aircraft hijacking, the crime of imperiling international civil aerial security and the crime of obstructing international aerial navigation with the component terms from three important international conventions on punishing aerial crimes in order to help people to appreciate the appearance and the essence of typical international aerial crimes deeply, to regard the motion of the crimes and to overwhelm the offence forcefully. based on the core of the legislative status of international civil aerial security, the jurisdiction of the aerial crimes, one emphasis of the article is to clarify concrete clauses on jurisdiction in the three conventions and analyses the important principle of " aut reddere, aut punire ". based on the problems on the jurisdiction of crimes in international society, it quests the implementation of t he principles of jurisdiction, pleading and extradition in the three conventions deeply

  2. The process of civil judgment supervision is an almsgiving process which doesn ' t add distinction of judgment except first process of judgment and second process of judgment

  3. Abstract : we make a survey and analysis of the personality factor in 78 outstanding nurses with “ cattell the sixteen personality factor testing ”. it shows that they have the personality factors of being less sensitive, serene, perceptive and resolute as compared with the average nurses. besides they display the personality factors of being more daring, exploratory, independence and self - restraint while less dominant, distrust and shrewd than average women

  4. Phylogenetic analysis based on the amino acids of the ubiquitin / ribosomal fused proteins of different animals well reflected the established phylogeny of the chosen organisms, and amphioxus was branched off from chordates and formed a separate cluster with an intermediate placement between invertebrates and vertebrates in the tree

  5. At first, this research summarizes and analyzes the natural zoology conditions, such as district ’ s boundary, geography position, climate characteristics, geologic and appearance, soil, vegetation and so on, social economy, the whole developing situation of the stockbreeding in the yellow river delta area. the result is : the yellow river delta is the area with a specific zoology system and rich natural resource. the proper geological environment, favorable climate conditions offer the advantaged conditions for the growing of pasture and feedstuff, the big superficial natural and artificial grass land and a large number of cropper straws establish a good material base for the vegetarian especially for sheep

    1 、通過對黃河三角洲地區的區域界定、地理位置、氣候、地質地貌、土壤植被等自然生態條件,以及社會經濟狀況、畜牧業整體發展情況進行分析,結果表明:黃河三角洲是一個生態系統和豐富自然資源的地區,該區有的地質環境、良好的氣候條件為牧草及飼料作物的生長提供了有利條件,大面積的天然草場和人工草場以及大量的農作物秸稈為食草家畜,別是羊的大發展奠定了良好的物質基礎。
  6. This paper is an analysis of the agriculture - dominated yuanmou county characterized by mountainous, tropical and droughty agriculture from the perspective of approaches of developing specialty agriculture in sw china inhabited by minority ethnic groups and against the background of county agriculture development in the rest of yunnan and even the rest of the whole country. in the paper a variety of approaches are employed, such as demonstration, contrast and statistics, no to mention the introduction of reference index system of economic competitive power for the purposes of contract, analysis and assessment

  7. Through studying it is shown that in chagan sag, the geothermal gradients in the center are higher than those around the sag margin and major factors influencing the characteristics of temperature field distribution are the property of geotectogenesis and the differences in tectonic portion, lithology and underground water behaviour ; there are three types of mudstone compaction, i. e. normal compaction, undercompacition and overcomepaction ; there are two pressure systems in sandstone reservoirs, i. e. normal pressure and negative pressure systems and the strata ' s being uplifted and denuded is the key factor leading to the formation of the negative pressure system in reservoir ; and the distinctive temperature - pressure field characteristics in the sag are possessed of important petroleum geological significance in hydrocarbon source maturity, hydrocarbon generation, widening on oil and gas exploration domain and selecting exploration targets, etc

  8. A place of deep cultural significance, lanai boasts many historical sites, old fishing villages, and unique topographical features like the boulder - strewn keahikawelo

  9. The formation of teaching art of modern university teachers, has some essential factors and insurmountable development stages of its own, with the exception of certain mechanism and motivity, these factors include moral cultivation, knowledge structure, personal characteristic ; the process can be divided into mimetism teaching stage, independence teaching stage, creative teaching stage

  10. 2 symbol, partial tone, trope etc are often used in designing pattern. in essence, the pattern can gain a luckiness atmosphere, express peoples " desire to pursuit the happiness and health. the mongolian pattern is unique of the model, composition in drawing, color

  11. The basic concepts in pob include confidence / self - efficacy, hope, optimism, happiness / subjective well - being and emotional intelligence, all of which are characterized as positive, independent, measurable, adaptable to human resource training and helpful to performance improvement

  12. The idea of independence is generally fundamental to the nature of independent director, who in depend dent from major - share holder and the executive directors

  13. Seeondly , on the basie of the stu 勿 of the stratifieation and pattems of income distribution in today ’ 5 china , it 15 found that there were the “ strawhat , , eharaeteristic of the familial income and the “ dumbbell , ’ charaeteristie of the regional ineome difference in the urban china. also were there the “ p ” eharaeteristie of the familial ineome differenee and the “ pyramid , , eharaeteristic of the regional income differenee in the rural china. referred to the soeial seienee , a pattern of the personal ineome distribution eomposed of high , middle and low ineome stratums in china was demonstrated ? an intemational eomparison also was done. then , it was proved by using the method of chaotic eeonomies that the formation of the pattern ofthe personal ineome distribution was due to dlfl 七 renees of income distribution functions

  14. What a person is ( biometrics systems using the different distinct features of the human body, i. e. a fingerprint, the iris etc. ). enforcement of the rules

  15. According to the fact that the basic features of apalmprint, including principal lines, wrinkles and ridges, havedifferent resolutions, in this paper we analyze palmprints using amulti - resolution method and define a novel palmprint feature, whichcalled wavelet energy feature, based on the wavelet transform. wef can reflect the wavelet energy distribution of the principal lines, wrinkles and ridges in different directions at different resolutions scales, thus it can efficiently characterize palmprints. this paperalso analyses the discriminabilities of each level wef and, according to these discriminabilities, chooses a suitable weight for each levelto compute the weighted city block distance for recognition. theexperimental results show that the order of the discriminabilities ofeach level wef, from strong to weak, is the 4th, 3rd, 5th, 2nd and 1stlevel

  16. In theory, distance education takes constructivist theory as its theory basis. to realize the individualization of students, the theory emphasis that the students should be the core in the whole learning activities and put themselves into the learning process positively. therefore, distance education has its own characteristics

  17. To do so, we can not only promote the progress of agriculture but also push the whole economy forward quickly. aiming at the tap interprise and science and technology. and fund and outer invioroment, to grope one practical developing way of agriculture of jinlin. the article is composed of four parts : i. identification and content and function of agricultural industrialization. agricultural industrialization aims at domestic and abroad market, centers on economy efficiency, is based on rural resources so as to combine agriculture and leading agricultural industry with product, to realize " to share with danger and benefit " system to establish producing and marketing system

  18. Principally, i mean the independent development of grass - route society is the important factor for the formation of the party of early - stage in china. first, the evolution of the three groups gave rise the more extensive change to the grass - route society. this provided premise to the formation of the party in early - stage china

  19. The discussion of cultural construction mode in baibuting community is developed as following : the first part presents author ' s motivation in carrying out the research, defining some concepts and introducing a few common modes of cultural construction in urban communities. the second part is a detailed description of fundamental ideas and content, advocating the notion of " human oriented, moral centered, law abiding, trying to creating a modern community with the capacity of sustainable development ", introducing its unique homestead culture. the third part sets forth the innovation of community culture construction modes in baibuting community : in order to create a, human - oriented community culture, establish a peaceful and content environment for the socialism ideology, the baibuting community made innovation on community management system ; by the analysis of the occupational statistics and object groups, the author found out that most of residents come from the middle class ; then, the author gives the definition of middle class and its general features in a sociological perspective ; finally, the thesis analyses the characteristics of the community residents " pursuit of culture and the harmonious development of community culture in aspects like value system, consumption habits, cultural needs

  20. In the dissertation, the author, from the visual of comparative law, showed a comprehensive introduction and inspection on memorandum of association in anglo - american legal system and continental legal system through basic theories as its concept, types, legal features and legal significance, etc. meanwhile, the author made a deep exploration and research on the nature of company memorandum and the relationship between it and law by analysis of cases. at last, the effective ways of perfecting the regulations and rules in corporation law of china are under exploring combined with specific legislation and present situation of company regulations in china