牛頓性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [niúdùnxìng]
牛頓性 英文
  • : 名詞1. (哺乳動物) cattle; ox 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 頓名詞(人名用字) a word used in a person's name
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 牛頓 : [力學] large dyne; newton (n)牛頓環 newton s ring; 牛頓萬有引力定律 newton s law of gravitation...
  1. Are these trends not comparable with newton's law of inertia ?

  2. The numerical simulations demonstrate the convergency within a wide region of this method to out - perform the conventional regularization gauss - newton method

  3. Galileo strongly fought against the traditional ideas of the aristotle ' s theories, and he formed the thought of identity, continuance and dialectical materialism in course of his scientific research. he had written the book dialogue concerning the two chief world systems - ptolemaic and copernican to refute the theory that the earth was static, and push the copernicus " revolution forward by protecting and advocating the cosmic principle of copernicus ; he get many scientific theories by making a thorough study of motion, so provided the materials need of which newton was ; he applied the scientific method firstly in history of science which combined mathematical inference with experience and observation organically, and entrusted modern meaning to some old - time methods, so advanced the development of scientific knowledge greatly and began the history of modern physics

    伽利略強烈反對亞里士多德式的傳統思維觀念,在長期深入的運動研究中發展了同一和連續思想,以及把物質質劃分為兩類的機械唯物主義思想;他著書立說駁斥「地靜說」 ,捍衛和宣揚「地動日心」的宇宙結構,推動了「哥白尼革命」 ;他深入研究運動,獲得大量科學理論,為綜合提供了豐富的材料;他在科學史上首次使用數學演繹與觀察實驗有機結合的科學方法,並賦予一些古老研究方法以現代含義,大大推進了科學認識的發展,開創了現代物理學歷史。
  4. We get the math module according to the second law of newton and the foundation of the dynamics, analysis the force of the cart and pendulum, and adopt the concept of " the equivalent cart ". during writing the equitation of the system, the equitation has been processed by linear

  5. The certainties proclaimed by newton mechanics are illusory.

  6. We start with newton's second law, at first referring our problem to an inertial frame.

  7. Global convergence of non - quasi - newton merhods with a class of inexact line searching

  8. The critical value of these parameters and that of flow pattern criterion reynolds number of newtonian fluid are equally possessed of the character irrelative to fluid rheological property

  9. Fluids whose behavior obeys this law are called newtonian fluids.

  10. In fact, every one of the principles of newtonian mechanics survives as a special case of the more general relativistic formulation.

  11. Abstract : since the multiple failures situation is not uncommon in the clinical medicine, we explore the use of proportional odds model to the multivariate interval - censored data. the approach is based on the conditional logistic regression, which prevents the complications in the existence of nuisance parameters. the estimation of parameters is obtained by the newton - raphson algorithm. the sandwith estimator for the covariance is made according to the situation where there is correlation in the score statistic. simulations are also presented to assess the accuracy of the procedure

  12. Procreant knowledge expression and forward inference engine are adopted in the method of fault diagnosis based on expert system theory. in the fault diagnosis applying neural network theory, six kinds of improved arithmetic of back - propagation arithmetic, including gradient descent with momentum, variable learning rate back - propagation, resilient back - propagation, quasi - newton, levenberg - marquardt and conjugate gradient, are applied to diagnose the faults of electric load manage center and solid state power controller. different diagnostic results gotten by simulation are compared at last

    在基於專家系統的故障診斷方法中,採用了產生式知識表達和正向推理機制;在基於神經網路的故障診斷方法中,則分別採用了bp神經網路的附加動量法、自適應學習速率、彈bp演算法、擬法、共軛梯度法和levenberg - marquardt法對電氣負載管理中心和固態功率控制器的故障進行診斷,並對由模擬得到的不同診斷結果進行比較。
  13. The results showed that the soy protein dough was a typical pseudoplastic fluid in the normal processing ranges, and the apparent viscosity decreased with the increase of shear rate and moisture content, and also decreased with the increase of temperature below 120, and increased with the reduction of temperature above 120

  14. The newton the first laws finger object is had the character keeping original motion state, the inertia theorem is also called : under the circumstances of not accepting an outside force or being accepted an outside force by zero, the object always keeps uniform motion or motionless

  15. The beauty of newton's method is its universality.

  16. In chapter three, a back / forward sweeps based on branch loss for power flow is presents, which is credited with simple program, good numerical value stability, small ems memory and rapid calculation

  17. 4. based on the viscous hydrodynamics, the leakage characteristics of newton liquid that is transmitted by helical gear pump are researched for the aim of the least power loss, and the leakage model is founded, the mathematic models of the radial and the axial leakage are gained. at the same time the optimal radial leakage and axial leakage are got, and the numerical calculation is achieved

  18. The azeotropic distillation of the system acetic acid - water - azeotropic agent ( isopropyl acetate and butyl acetate ) is simulated. due to the non - ideal behavior, nrtl - hoc and uniquac - hoc model is used to depict vapor - liquid phase equilibrium behavior of this system. concerning the liquid in the decanter, the stability is checked by tangent plane stability analysis, and the initialization of phase splitting calculation is produced. a good estimate of the phase fration is gotten by successive substitution with newton ' s method, and every component of two phase is gotten by mass equilibrium equation. finally, the solution of this equation is produced with successive substitution calcultion. the naphtali - sandholm method is used to simulation of azeotropic distillation. by virtue of this combined calculation method, the simulation is begun with operational data as basical data. the results of simulation accord with the operating data, which proved that the combined calculation method is credible

    該體系具有高度非理想,氣液相平衡模型採用nrtl - hoc和uniquac - hoc模型,採用切平面判據法對進入分層器中的液相進行液相穩定測試,提供液液相分離計算的初值,再結合拉夫森迭代法運算求得相分割系數,根據物料衡算求出各相組成,循環迭代可求得分層各組分數據,共沸精餾模擬計算採用那夫塔列-山德荷姆全變量迭代演算法。
  19. The stability behavior of kiewitt ' s suspen - dome was analyzed on the initial state. by the geometrical nonlinear finite element method, the equilibrium path is traced using the cylindrical arc length technology and incremental newton - raphson method. the influence of kinds of parameters is studied

  20. A simple pressure - reduced capillary viscometer was designed. it was used for studying the abnormal rheological properties of surfactant solutions, such as fluid patterns, thixotropy and negative thixotropy