玩具組 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wán]
玩具組 英文
toy group
  • : 動詞1 (玩耍; 游戲) play; have fun; amuse oneself 2 (使用) employ; play; resort to 3 (輕視; ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由不多的人員組成的單位) group 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(組織) organize; form Ⅲ量詞(...
  • 玩具 : toy; plaything
  1. The combined toy as right request 3 stated, whose character is : the electronic components electrically or electromagnetically connected with the iron stick or the magnet stick can be resistor, capacitor, inductor, battery, switch, diode, audion, ic ( integrated circuit ), motor, led ( light - emitting diode ), infrared ray receiver, sound circuit and instrument

  2. The first visited seven local shelters to distribute mosquito incense, mosquito nets, plastic pads, bed sheets, women s sanitary items, undergarments, slippers, infant care supplies, toys, toiletry items, curry powder and other provisions needed by the victims. the second group delivered medical equipment and medicine to the base hospital in the heavily affected area of hambantota and daily necessities to a government agency. some shelters could be reached only after climbing hundreds of steps

  3. Manufacturer of bingo accessories, including dab - o - ink

  4. Meccano, the maker of erector sets, went bankrupt in 2000

  5. Speech recognition is a cross - disciplinary, is gradually becoming it, the key to human interface technology, voice recognition and voice synthesis technologies combining technology integral voice response systems, voice synthetic systems, interactive toys, enable people to voice ordering through operation, the control mode flexibility, a broad market prospect

  6. One group was fed a regular diet and received standard care ; a second group received standard care but was fed an antioxidant fortified diet, consisting of standard dog food supple ? mented with tomatoes, carrot granules, citrus pulp, spinach flakes, the equivalent of 800 ius of vitamin e, 20 milligrams per kilogram of vitamin c ; the third was fed a regular diet, but their environment was enriched ( regular exercise, socialization with other dogs, and access to novel toys ) ; the fourth group received a combination of the antioxidant diet as well as environmental enrichment

    第一飼以一般的狗食、接受標準的照顧;第二接受標準的照顧,但飼以含高抗氧化劑的營養狗食,在標準的狗食中添加了蕃茄、胡蘿卜顆粒、柑橘果肉、菠菜碎片、相當於800國際單位的維他命e 、每公斤20毫克的維他命c ;第三飼以一般狗食,不過給予其富足的生活環境(有規律的運動、與其它犬類的交際活動以及新奇的) ;第四則飼以高抗氧化劑的狗食及與富足的生活環境相結合。
  7. The kid took the toy apart, without knowing how to recompose it

  8. On 23 july 2007, stewards concluded the enquiry, adjourned from macau jockey club racemeeting on saturday night 21 july 2007, race 7, into the reason for toy ' s three ( w l ho ) and invader ( f durso ) having to be checked shortly after the start

  9. This toy passes through the special magnetic circuit design, two major part is composed by the magnetic force stick and the steel ball, under the magnetic force function, the mutual attraction, links wilfully, combines, creates all kinds of strange exquisite shape at will

  10. Seeing an increasing number of little fellows, the initiates from the center s garden group recently have considered building a playground close to the entrance of the center. it will include swings, seesaws, slides and bridges

  11. At the void deck of a block of flats, two chinese and malay children were causing a ruckus, as they fought over a toy and pushed and jostled each other

  12. The plastic slide, orbit train, trampoline, sofe ocean ball, wooden climbing toys, swing combination, feel - unifying toys, montessori toys and intelligent toys all enjoyed unanimously favorable comments and confirmations by comsumers

  13. So they purchased mattresses, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, toys, milk powder, stationery supplies and several other items and delivered them to the facility

  14. We mainly manufacture such products as laser parts, laser markers, line laser modulars, cross laser modulars, dot laser modulars, laser pointers, laser toys, electronic toys, electronic gifts, promotion gifts, business gifts, arts and crafts, etc. among them, laser series of products have been approved by america test and first passed the approvals of tv, emc, ce in the same industry in china, all the products have met the safety standards of grade " i "

    本廠集科研製造和銷售於一體,主要產品有激光器件激光標線器一字線激光模十字線激光模點狀激光模激光指示器激光閃光電子禮品促銷禮品商務禮品激光工藝品等十幾種規格。其中激光類產品已通過美國測試確認,在國內率先取得德國萊因技術有限公司認證證書,並且達到「 」類激光安全標準。
  15. Liberation tigers of tamil eelam rebels were not immediately available for comment on the toy ban, which the official said would be a temporary measure

  16. Toy group forum

  17. Suppose that your manufacturing company is doing so well that you ' ve recruited some friends to help you put together your toy robots

  18. This machine is sultable ofr blankig of the nonmetallic materials such as small - sized knife mould, ticket clip units, handset skeeve, small toys adornments, leather bag fittings etc

  19. The machine is applicable for cutting on wallet assembly, mobile case, small toy assembly, decoration and portfolio accessory etc. nonmetal materials with small die cutter

  20. These panels are provided with different number of trays or bins best for storing toys as well as their parts according to the categories

    儲物架系列備有不同大小的儲物合架(連箱子或盤子) ,適合小朋友分門別類擺放心愛的玩具組件。