獨特特性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xìng]
獨特特性 英文
unique feature
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(一個) single; only; sole Ⅱ副詞1 (獨自) alone; by oneself; in solitude 2 (唯獨) only...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 獨特 : unique; distinctive; special; original
  • 特性 : characteristic(s); character; performance; features; properties; behaviour; response; character...
  1. The laser weapons have many unique characters, such as short response time, high hit target precision etc. and become the ideal weapons to countermine the ir imaging guided weapons

  2. Bilibins conversation was continually sprinkled with original, epigrammatic, polished phrases of general interest. these phrases were fashioned in the inner laboratory of bilibins mind, as though intentionally, of portable form, so that insignificant persons could easily remember them and carry them from drawing - room to drawing - room

  3. Bette davis will imprint her unique personality on any role she plays.

  4. This independence makes strongbox ideal for the secure deployment of embedded systems, computing clusters, enterprise linux deployments, secure web servers, pbx systems, and kiosk systems

    這一使得strongbox成為安全地部署嵌入式系統、計算機集群、企業linux部署、安全的web服務器、 pbx系統以及kiosk系統的理想選擇。
  5. The preparatory university education is an educational level which has its own characteristic in its admission objects, learning age, tuition standard, intruction content and achievements assessment

  6. Based on t he theory of sustainable development, this paper analyses the basic characterist ics of water resources, including the natural, social and economic ones

  7. This can be achieved by creating a campus environment, exploring culture resources, using dexterously all kinds of cultural symbols, improving tlie mental outlook of the staff and students and forming the characteristics and excellent atmosphere of the school, etc

  8. The substance is extremely hydrophobic and therefore exhibits some unique properties in water.

  9. “ jon bon jovi = childhood friend, shrewd businessman, great songwriter. i learned and learn so much from him, both good and bad. the most driven individual i have ever met

  10. Aliphatic alcohol ehter alkyl capping series products have many particular properties, such as, low foam, strong lipophilicity, strong acid - base stability, good emulsification, low pour point, little viscosity change, chlorinated stability, heat resistivity and good property of anti - coking

  11. A brief talk on the reformation of formal logical textbook

  12. This is a wine of considerable richness, displaying aromas of dark berry fruit, white pepper and mocha nicely integrated with subtle oak characters

    色:葡萄品種100 %西拉,口感豐富,充份展示了黑霉果、白胡椒及穆哈咖啡的混合香味,並帶有橡木的,口感長久,優美。
  13. ( contract law of pro ) make up the aforesaid legal vacuum. notwithstanding many provisions provided for by contract law may apply to charter party in the absence of the corresponding provisions in maritime law, the aforesaid provisions are just general provisions. charter party, as an special type of contract, has many particular characters differ from the common business contract and formed many unique usages after hundreds years of practice

  14. For example, many bioassays are based on animal challenge models, 39 immunogenicity assessments, or other immunoassays that have unique features that should be considered when submitting analytical procedure and methods validation information

  15. When compared with kds301 ( lexa + ), xe ( lexa - ) cells showed quite similar levels of survival curve to y - irradiation and mmc, indicating lexa gene had no effect on radiation resistance of deinococcus radiodurans. deinococcus radiodurans " lexa had no revelance with its extremely radioresistance. the recombinant plasmid pza172 was constructed by cloning the lexa gene of deinococcus radiodurans into the vector plasmid puc19 in the downstream of lacz promoter

  16. In fact, higher education research has not only the basic educational properties hut also its distinct properties which is shown in its ultimacy of research target complexity in the research course macroscopy in its level of research subjects, self organization in its research behavior and self - evidence in its ay of result presentation

  17. Abstract : the funciton of intrinsicall conductive polymer and the unique nature of polyaniline are introduced

  18. Owing to the exchange and interaction between electrons of based semiconductor gaas and magnetic impurity mn, this kind of material combines the functionality of semiconductors with that of magnetic compounds, which shows particular structural, electrical and magnetic properties. so this material is promising in the application

  19. Type may seem unusual, but they provide a great deal of power when used properly

  20. As jeff and i further discussed clustering in geronimo, he pointed clearly at the wadi project and identified its unique features, and how he hopes those features will allow geronimo to play in the commercial space