被指定作 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bèizhǐdìngzuò]
被指定作 英文
be named for
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (被子) quilt 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞[書面語]1 (復蓋) cover; spread 2 (遭受) suffe...
  • : 指構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • 指定 : appoint; assign; allocate; appointment; destine; designation; assigning: (通過法律手續) 指定把...
  1. Butterfly bombs are dropped from the air and blanket the selected area. the butterfly bombs are a capable anti - personnel mine

  2. B has taken steps to repudiate or nullify existing contracts or agreements with any united states citizen or any corporation, partnership, or association not less than 50 per centum beneficially owned by united states citizens, or

  3. Purchaser hereby acknowledges that the secretary of the company, or the secretary ' s designee, is so appointed as the escrow holder with the foregoing authorities as a material inducement to make this agreement and that said appointment is coupled with an interest and is accordingly irrevocable

  4. The shadow mask is the critical component of the colour picture tube and the important component for the choice of colour, its function concentrates on the limitation of electronics bound diameter and the screening direction, the electronics bound which is sent by the electronics gun goes scanning, during the scanning process, we should guarantee every bound gathering into the small holes situated on the screen, then these bounds will point to the regularized position through the small holes on the flat mask, and then three basic colours will be produced, at the same time, those useless electronics will be blocked by the mask board

    平板蔭罩是彩色顯像管的關鍵部件之一,是一個重要選色元件,其用是限制電子束直徑和上屏方向,由電子槍發射的電子束在偏轉磁場的用下進行掃描,掃描過程中必須使每個電子束只能射中熒光屏上的為該束的那些小孔上會聚,並通過蔭罩上諸多的小孔分別打到各自對應的熒光質點上,發出三種基色(紅,綠,藍) ,而無用的電子則蔭罩板截獲。
  5. However, the condition action queries are further constrained by the specified database user

  6. In some cases the woman watching was designated the boss ; in other cases she was the underling or a co - worker of the person on the videotape

    有時候,看錄像的女生會為「老闆」 ;有時候女生會派為「下屬」 ,或者她看到的是與她合完成任務的人在錄像上講這個笑話。
  7. If within thirty days of the giving of such notice no successor agent shall have been so appointed and accepted such appointment, the retiring agent may appoint a successor agent, which shall be a bank having a combined capital and surplus of at least use ) 50, 000, 000, or equivalent thereof in another currency, or an affiliate of such a bank

  8. One of the members was assigned to take the minutes

  9. Be named for

  10. The islands are broadly designated for supporting appropriate scale of development, recreation uses and conservation

  11. Ti ? the range of operating temperatures over which the logic element is specified

  12. Tags can be specified to ooc as labels on the prototypes of dynamically linked methods in the class definition file, and as labels on a method header in the imple1 _ _ mentation file ; the latter have precedence

  13. Firstly, by means of analyzing the previous literatures, it is indicated that locked joint failure as a simple and reliable mode is increasingly paid attention to by scholars home and overseas

  14. Copies of the id cards and work cards of the specialized personnel authorized to sign import and export contracts at the designated work unit. ( any change in this aspect shall be promptly declared

    三、單位對外簽署進出口合同的專職人員的身份證、工證的復印件(如發生變更,須及時申報) 。
  15. With the most advanced railway and aviation networks and hotel reservation system, caissa provides comprehensive services in terms of visa application, invitations, planning trips, ticketing, hotel reservations, car rental and organization of commercial activities. in 2000 caissa has been officially appointed as the sales agent of the expo 2000 for china

    早在2000年凱撒就為實力雄厚的企業為德國漢諾維世界博覽會的旅遊代理商, 2004年凱撒為超過28 . 000名中國遊客提供了歐洲旅遊服務。
  16. A job name must be specified

  17. In addition to the canadian partners, a number of chinese locations and institutions have been identified as potential areas of focus for the initial project activities

  18. To improve the transparency of the currency board account, specific exchange fund assets have been set aside to back the monetary base since october 1998

  19. Note : if you set the source port to 0, your operating system will specify the source port

    注意:如果你的埠設置為0 ,你的操系統將為源埠。
  20. With regard to the port of tokyo, using the opportunity of the port s designation as a " super hub port, " initiatives are being taken to bolster regional collaboration with the ports of yokohama and kawasaki, while also working to improve services and reduce costs