排氣孔 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bèikǒng]
排氣孔 英文
air bleeder
  • : 排構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (氣體) gas 2 (空氣) air 3 (氣息) breath 4 (自然界冷熱陰晴等現象) weather 5 (氣味...
  • 氣孔 : [礦物學] blowhole; [植物學] stoma; [動物學] spiracle; pore; stigma; [冶金學] gas hole; gas pocket; [建築] air hole
  1. An upper barrel boss may also be tapped for a second bleeder and / or blow connection

  2. Ventless firebox enclosures for gas - fired unvented decorative room heaters

  3. The large holes on the left and right represent the inlet and exhausting valve ports respectively.

  4. It may be a modified stoma with the guard cells permanently open so that water is lost passively by hydrostatic pressure, as in sea lavenders ( limonium ), or a glandular hair from which water is actively secreted, as in runner bean ( phaseolus )

    這可能是由於的保衛細胞永久張開而使水分在靜水力的作用下被動出,比如海薰衣草(補血草屬) ;也可能是由腺毛主動分泌水分到外部,比如紅花菜豆(菜豆數) 。
  5. He presses the rubber stopper firmly down on the vent.

  6. Tank wagons ; vent holes and drain plugs on tank wagons with indined tanks

  7. Tank wagons ; vent holes and drain plugs on pressurized gas tank wagons with bottom discharge

  8. The research indicated that the airbag volume, vent hole size and gas generate mass flow rate exert dominant influence on the protection effectiveness of the occupants. the paper pointed out that small airbag volume, small vent hole size and low gas generate mass flow will provide the occupants with best protection in the mini - van frontal crash

  9. We find the chimeric protein in leaf epidermal cells, stomatal guard cell and root epidermal cell. actin filaments can be visualized clearly in guard cell, in guard cells of open stomata under light, actin filaments arrange reticulate randomly in cytoplasm. in guard cells of closed stomata under darkness, actin filaments arrange curly along the longitude of guard cell

  10. Based on the reseaching of lycoris leaf micro - morphology characters by sem scanning, light microscope viewing and using paraffin method in the article, we try to provide the proofs of experiment and the efffective characer indexes to discuss the system and evolution of the lycoris. we find these microscope characers through reseach are as follows : the arrangement type, density and the length of stoma ; the shape and length of the epidermal cells ; the ridge of epidermis ; the transverse shape of leaf ; the number of the vascular bundle ; the style of vessel arrangement of vascular bundle in the middle vein ; the layers of palisade tissue ; the ratio of the thicken of palisade tissue to that of spongy tissue ; the angle number of the middle leaf ; the type of ventilating cavity etc. these characters are different from those of species in lycoris, meanwhile these characters are similar to those of some species in lycoris. so these characters can be used as the character indexes for differentiating species and reseaching systematic evolution of lycoris ; we can divide lycoris into two subgenus by these characteristic indexes : the species of one subgenus are l. aurea ( l " her. ) herb, chinensis traub, l. caldweuii traub, l. anhuiensis y. hsu et q. j. fan, l. longituba y. hsu et q. j. fan ; the species of another subgenu s are l. houdyshelii traub, l. albiflora koidz.,

  11. When the button is depressed the vent is closed and the output signal increases.

  12. Standard specification for insect screening and louver cloth woven fromvinyl - coated glass yarns

  13. Used for construction, such as drilling salls, pipe installation, processing hole of air - conditioned and pc hole of stone slab

  14. Notice the dramatic difference in size between the test stand on the left, the old one, and the new one on the right. note the large exhaust vent

  15. An air vent connected to the other side of the pipe is fitted with a puppet so it can be propped inside, looking like just another of baby ' s stuffed toys

  16. The warm air flow produced in this way feeds the nose with fresh air, picks up the sweat and others from the human body and arrives at the top from where it is taken away by the exhaust air outlet

  17. Top of the bucket has overflow vent, which can effectively prevent vapor locking of the steam, and air blocking phenomenon ( non - condensing heat air may also be vented )

    吊桶頂部設有溢出排氣孔,可有效防止蒸汽汽鎖,空堵現象(非凝結性的高溫空也可除) 。
  18. When i finally made up my mind to remove the exhaust pipe for a detailed check, i was shocked ! the pipe was almost completely blocked by carbon deposits that left only a tiny channel for the exhaust to pass through

  19. The jet noise theory is used to analyze noise produced during the opening period of the suction or discharge valves in a similar way, theoretical calculations are made

  20. The results indicate that the flow velocity is lower and the pressure is high in majority of the step cylinder, the distinct variations of the flow field occur in the threshold of the step cylinder at the bottom and the abrupt transition sections, the holes in the inner and outer tubes and the exhaust hole