順流逆流 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shùnliúliú]
順流逆流 英文
downstream amd against stream
  • : Ⅰ介詞1 (向著同一個方向) in the same direction as; with 2 (依著自然情勢; 沿著) along; in the d...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (方向相反) contrary; counter 2 [數學] inverse; converse Ⅱ動詞1 (抵觸; 不順從) go aga...
  • 順流 : 1. fair current; fair tide2. [礦物學] down-flow順流法 forward flow process
  • 逆流 : anarrhea; backset; backwash; contra flow; counter flow; eddy; receding; counter current; reverse ...
  1. In the northern southern hemisphere, the air around an anticyclone moves in a clockwise counterclockwise direction

  2. In the northern ( southern ) hemisphere, the air around an anticyclone moves in a clockwise ( counterclockwise ) direction

  3. While in diastole, there were ( 1 ) antegrade in the transverse aorta, and retrograde in the ascending aorta and descending aorta ( below fda ), and ( 2 ) left - to - right shunt in the fda

  4. There are no meaningful payments surpluses of deficits in the sense of disequilibrium flows of money between this country and the rest of the world.

  5. Summer arrived, and dogs and men, packs on their backs, rafted across blue mountain lakes, and descended or ascended unknown rivers in slender boats whipsawed from the standing forest

  6. There is abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it

  7. What i suddenly realized was that obstacles could actually help you struggle less

  8. Theoretical analysis of temperature changing rule of parallel and counter flow

  9. She has starred in five movies so far, including tsui hark s time and tide

  10. Based on the same number of transfer units, the mass transfer rate in the counter - current flow arrangement is the largest, and the enhancement of mass transfer by means of the ultrafiltration flux in the co - current flow system is the highest

  11. The research results show that the counter - flow condensers have a better performance than that of other arrangements in single - circuit condensers, and that branch flow should be adopted in multi - rows condensers to decrease the pressure drop and increase the heat transfer capacity, and that the influence of gravity force can not be ignored, and that there must be an optimum refrigerant mass flow which can make the condenser perform best when the air velocity is constant while there must be an optimum air flow which can make the condenser perform best when the refrigerant mass flow is constant

  12. Well the surangama sutra reads, " tathagata a buddha travels downward against the stream. bodhisattvas follow the stream upward and when they meet the buddha on the rim of complete

  13. Based on the proposed loss allocation rule, a new complex power flow tracing method is put forward, which can be used for power pool model to determine the contributions of individual loads / generators to branch real and reactive power loss and mva flow and then to allocate transmission cost

  14. Perhaps that s their intention to shoot without a complete script, since they could capture my spontaenous reaction

    另外一出難忘的是徐克的《順流逆流》 。
  15. Nevertheless, she still works part time during her school vacations. she has starred in five movies so far, including tsui hark s

    主演過的電影總共有五部,包括徐克的《順流逆流》 。
  16. There was a scene where i was supposed to show my back in nude. my parents did not approve it for sure. then they wanted to employ a stunt for me, but still, my parents did not agree with it, since some people might not know that s a stunt

  17. Secondly, the temperature distribution in rib - tube heat exchanger in the course of heat transfer is programed and simulated using apdl language of fem software ansys, and the average convection coefficient of both sides is obtained. the rib - tubes with different structure are also simulated and optimized on the base of the calculated results, the relationship between structure and the average convection coefficient of both sides is summrized. the rib - tube structure is optimized using apdl. finally, combines numerical simulation with experimental research, and results of numerical simulation are found to be close to the experimental data

  18. We can produce magnetic dressing machine of different surface magnetic induction such as down - flow process, semi - up - flow process, up - flow process etc. magnetic separator

  19. Because existed power flow tracing method is too complex, a new power flow tracing method is put forward, including downstream tracing and upstream tracing. the method accords to proportional sharing principle, then the line flow " constitution of generator and load can be got, as well as relationship between generator and load

  20. Model calculation and analysis of heat and mass transfer of air and water in a direct contact forward flow