角化指數 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiǎohuàzhǐshǔ]
角化指數 英文
cornification index
  • : 角Ⅰ名詞1 (牛、羊、 鹿等頭上長出的堅硬的東西) horn 2 (古時軍中吹的樂器) bugle; horn 3 (形狀像...
  • : 指構詞成分。
  • : 數副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly
  • 角化 : keratinize; angling; keratinization; cutification; [生理學] cornification角化不良 dyskeratosis; ...
  • 指數 : 1. [經] (比數) index number; index 2. [數學] exponent
  1. For this purpos, from the point of the log geology, aimed at the actuality of the current fractured reservoir log geology interpretation and evaluation, based on synthetical analysis of the current domestic and foreign fruit of fractal dimension investigation of reservoir fracture, using the method and technique of fractal dimension, through the further discussion of the fractal dimension characteristics of m index and n index in the log interpretation archie model in a sample way and through the theoretic reasoning to the fractal dimension dfa and m index of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, according to the geophysical signification of the fractal dimension dfa of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve shape : the more complicated the change of the curve shape is, the larger the its dfa value is, then the more complicated space structure of fracture and pore, then the higher value of m index of space structure of fracture and pore, and so on, the text propounds an improved method, based on box dimension, of covering log curve with scale grid, and by programming computes the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, then further puts this technique into application investigation, and makes analysis of application effects in the reservoirs located in l area of qx oil field from three aspects : 1. the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, which are derived from computing, is used to identify reservoir type by crossplotting m index with the product df _ acrt of fractal dimension of acoustical wave log curve and restivity log curve and by experiential discriminance plate of reservoir type in l area of qx oil field

    因此,對該區裂縫性儲集層的類型識別、孔滲特徵的測井地質解釋以及儲層裂縫的發育和分佈規律進行深入的研究便成為本文研究的出發點。為此,本文從測井地質的度,針對當前裂縫性儲層測井地質解釋與評價的現狀,在綜合分析當前國內外儲層裂縫的分形分維研究成果的基礎上,利用分形分維方法和技術,通過對archie測井解釋模型中的m、 n的分形分維特性的深入淺出的論述以及裂縫性儲層段測井曲線分維d _ ( fa )與m的理論推導,根據裂縫性儲層測井曲線形態分維值的地球物理意義? ?曲線變越復雜,則其分維值d _ ( fa )越大、裂縫孔隙空間結構越復雜、裂縫孔隙空間結構m值越高等特徵,提出了改進的基於盒維的測井曲線網格覆蓋法,編程計算了裂縫性儲層段常規測井曲線(如聲波和電阻率曲線)上分形分維值及其m值,進而從以下三個方面對qx油田l區塊的裂縫油藏進行應用研究,效果十分理想: 1將計算得到的可變的m與聲波和電阻率分維之積df _ acrt進行交繪,採用儲層分維值分類技術統計分析這些參的規律,並結合qx油田l區塊儲層類型經驗判別圖版,從而實現qx油田l區塊下白堊統的裂縫性儲層的類型識別。
  2. We can find a polynomial model of a time series in case its associated matrix is not diagonal and not of full rank by using the transformations of the exponential and the logarithm

  3. The springback angle increases with the increase of the punch round radius and clearances between the punch and the die while decreases with increase of the blank holder force, sheet thickness, friction coefficient and material hardening exponent

  4. In this article, firstly the background of the textile trade conflicts within sino - us or sino - euro are introduced, thus learn that how to discern and dodge the foreign trade risks, how to choose the appropriate investment projects have already become one of the most important questions for exporting companies on foreign trade affairs well - known as high investment and high risk. so the main text makes a risk analysis qualitatively and quantitatively on a textile - exporting trading company from three angles of statistic 、 game theory and portfolio theory, which is the main content that we studied. firstly, the statistic article adopts data of the transaction closing price of the textile clothing index in shenzhen stock exchange at the end of each quarter as well as several other kinds of data reflecting the macro - economic changes, performs an empirical analysis of these data according to the theory of co - integration test 、 granger cause test and impulse response function of time series in economitric, and learn that the impact to ti is more obvious by the economic index reflecting local commodity price level and economic prosperity degree home and abroad, as well as the impact degree and the time lag degree, and knows the macro - economic risks faced by textile business enterprises ; after that by the game theory angle we analyze exactly the managing risks faced by one textile export corporation named beauty. from the game expansion chart the system arrangement between censor ways by exportation goal countries and exporting strategies by the exporting enterprises has been analyzed. involving the benefit assignment between them both the limited rounds and infinite rounds negotiations of cooperation games have been studied, and then country responsibility and the enterprise managing risks on foreign trade affairs and so on have been analyzed exactly ; in order to realize the investment multiplication in the certain degree to disperse the risk, the

    本文首先介紹了中美、中歐紡織品貿易爭端的來龍去脈,由此可知在涉外貿易這種以高投入、高風險著稱的行業里,如何甄別和規避外貿風險、如何選擇合適的投資項目已經成為外貿企業的首要問題。因此,正文分別從統計學、博弈論和投資組合三種度對涉外紡織品貿易公司風險進行了定性和定量的分析,這也是本文的主要研究內容。首先,統計學篇選取了深圳證券交易所行業分類?紡織服裝( ti )每一季度末的交易收盤價和若干種反映宏觀經濟變標,利用計量經濟學中時間序列的協整檢驗、 granger因果檢驗和脈沖反應函等理論做實證分析,從而得知反映國內物價水平和國內外經濟景氣程度的經濟標對紡織板塊上市值的沖擊比較明顯,且可知沖擊程度和時滯度,進而分析出涉外紡織企業所面臨的宏觀經濟風險;接著,從博弈論的度具體分析一家紡織品出口公司( beauty )的外貿活動所面臨的各種經營風險,該篇從博弈擴展圖入手,分析了出口目的國審查方式與本企業出口策略之間的制度安排;並圍繞雙方的利益分配,研究了有限回合和無限回合合作談判博弈,然後具體論述了國家責任和企業涉外經營風險等問題;在一定程度上為了實現投資多元來分散風險的目的,投資組合篇從經典的markowitz模型著手,在一些特定條件的限制下,給出了一個相應的投資組合模型。
  5. According to floquet theorem, the relations between the dyna mical localization and quasi - energy bands are pointed out with both numerical and analytical calculations on quasi - energy bands and their corresponding time evolution

  6. The toxicities of a batch of chlorinated aromatic commpounds to selenastrum ca pricornutum were determined, and relationships between their chemical structure and toxicity data were investigated based on molecular connectivity indices. fur thermore, leave - one - out tests were applied to examine the robustness of the pre diction model

  7. Furthermore, the study indicated that the genetic diversity of the natural population of reawnuria soongorica increased with the decreasing of the content of organic matter, water, total n and total p in soil, which had some relation with more potentiality of the genetic and variation of reawnuria soongorica in its long - term evolution to adapt worse environment

    經分析表明,無葉假木賊種群與果藜種群的shannon多樣性分別為0 . 1403和0 . 1615 ,基因分( g _ ( st ) )為0 . 1469和0 . 1659 ,揭示了兩物種種群遺傳變異多存在於亞種群內,亞種群間的遺傳分則不明顯。
  8. The stability of electric power system has been being focused for a long time toprevent a power system from losing synchronism after sudden fault , researchers have done much work and got many accomplishments this paper applied the direct feedback linearization ( dfl ) technique on the power system , a strong nonlinear system simulation results by matlab proved this method efficiency main works and results are as follows : this paper compared some existing methods in excitation control , fast valve control and coordinated control respectively, analyzed the developments and actuality of nonlinear control research in brief, illustrated why ransient stability could be greatly improved by using the fast valve control in chapter 3 , indicated the importance of coordinated control farther this paper introduced the inverse system theory, based on which , discussed the dfl theory, pointed out which had consistency with the inverse theory, expanded the dfl theory combined the idiographic model equations , made which adapt to the model of a single machine - infinite bus power system this paper referenced abundance articles and educed a set of equations , which could describe the dynamical process of excitation and fast valve control for synchronous generators in the equations , there were several very important parameters of power system - - rotor angle ( ) , rotor speed ( ) , generator q axis voltage ( eq ) , transient voltage ( e ' q ) , active power ( pe ) , mechanical input power ( pm ) , valve opening ( ) , generator terminal voltage ( vt ) , based on the model , nonlinear coordinated controller and terminal voltage optimal controller have been designed by using the expanded dfl theory and lq optimal control theory the simulation results showed that the controller could keep power system transiently stable under the effects of a symmetrical 3 - phase short circuit fault , which achieved better postfault regulation compared with another two routine methods , one is the proportion excitation controller and proportion fast valve controller, the other is the proportion excitation controller and the optimal fast valve controller, which could exert good performance when met 1ittle disturbance either

    在介紹逆系統理論的基礎上,詳細介紹了dfl理論,通過比較闡明了dfl理論其本質是逆系統方法的一類,並結合具體課題推導出的模型方程將dfl理論進行了擴展,使之適應于電力系統這個強非線性對象。通過參考大量的書籍文獻推導出一套實用的可將大型汽輪發電機勵磁與汽門綜合起來進行控制的模型方程,此模型方程涵蓋了電力系統中特別引人注目的幾個量- -轉子、轉子轉速、發電機q軸電勢eq 、暫態電勢e ' q 、有功功率pe 、機械功率pm 、汽門開度、機端電壓vt ,在此基礎上建立了實用的電力系統簡學模型,並將擴展的dfl理論應用於此模型系統,結合線性二次型最優控制理論設計出大型汽輪發電機的非線性綜合控制器及機端電壓最優控制器,通過模擬實驗與採用常規的按電壓偏差進行調節的比例式勵磁控制器+汽門比例控制及採用常規的按電壓偏差進行調節的比例式勵磁調節器和基於二次型性能標設計的最優快控汽門(考慮發電機的飽和因素)進行了對比,證實了採用此種控制器可以有效地提高電力系統的暫態穩定性,並且在電力系統遭受小干擾時同樣具有良好的調節性能。
  9. From the point of view of risk, a index system of risk assessment of winter wheat losses caused by drought was established, including the meanings, token models and estimate methods of risk index of natural water deficiency rate, risk index of yield reduction rate and trending vector coefficient of disaster resistance capability, then on the base of these indices, the comprehensive risk index model of losses caused by drought was established and regionalized. the results indicated : the high risk region included the middle north of shanxi, some of middle of shaanxi and some of hebei in east ; the higher risk region included some of middle of shaanxi, the tangshan region and some of west of hebei ; the moderate risk region included the middle of s

  10. In regard to research method, this paper adopted properties combining the qualitative and quantitative supply chain, and evaluated supply chain informationization. membership function, regular trapezium fuzzy mathematics, integral fuzzy mathematics and triangle fuzzy ahp were used to build up in index system. this paper innovated in the following points

  11. In the method, linguistic assessment information is transformed into the form of triangular fuzzy number and an optimization model is constructed through calculating the distance between every alternative and positive ideal point to determine unknown attribute weights, on the basis of which fuzzy appraisal value of each alternative and possibility about triangular fuzzy numbers are calculated to rank alternatives

  12. 3 the author analyzes the productive and opening potential and forecasts the demands of some kinds landuse and draws some conclusions : ( l ) the main cause for low production and income is the shortness of water and the poor fertility of land ; ( 2 ) constructive land is not suitable for farming and should be used for economy construction, and this is the main path to keep the total number of plantation in balance. 4. according to the land use, the author discover the unsustainable factors and use synthetical index method to evaluate the sustainability of landuse and the results are these : ( l ) synthetical and monomial value increase gradually with the change of time and sustainable degree of landuse rises year by year ; ( 2 ) the artical compartmentalizes the sustainable landuse into four grades : prophase, primary period, basic period and sustainable period according to the synthesical value with 30 %, 60 % and 85 %

    4根據酉陽縣土地資源利用現狀,在評價模型採用綜合法進行評價的基礎上,結合單標多度評價法,找出土地利用過程中存在的不可持續性因素,採用綜合法對酉陽縣土地資源進行可持續利用評價,結果顯示: ( l )綜合評估值隨時間變呈增加的趨勢,而且單項標的評估值也逐漸提高,可持續利用度在逐年上升; ( 2 )根據事物發展階段論,按綜合評估值為30 % 、 60 %及85 %將酉陽縣土地可持續利用劃分為可持續利用的前期階段、初期階段、基礎階段和持續階段等四個等級,從酉陽縣1980年、 1990年以及2000年總的土地可持續利用綜合評估值來看,酉陽縣到2000年土地利用管理仍處在可持續利用管理的初期階段,離土地可持續利用的目標還相差較遠。
  13. One avhrr image of the yangtze delta at 13 : 00 on 15th apr., 2003 is used to retrieve the regional parameter such as surface albedo, ndv1, surface emissivity and surface temperature, which is based on regional trait of the yangtze delta to choose different model. all above will give a methodological support to gain the regional surface parameters, what ' s more, it will afford the parameter support to calculate the regional et too

  14. ( 2 ) starting off with analyzing the forces affected on single dry solid granule on the roller screen, the relative slippage and slipping condition of granule at the tangential direction and axis direction of roller screen are discussed, and the average slipping conveyance velocity from feeding end to discharging end is given. the throwing conveyance of granule is discussed, the throwing coefficient of roller screen and its varying rule, and the concept of average throwing coefficient and its computing method are put forward, the starting condition and terminating condition for throwing motion of granule on the roller screen and the throwing conveyance velocity of granule are researched. the influence on throwing motion of granule by the rotating velocity of roller screen is discussed as well

    ( 2 )從筒式篩網上單顆干固相顆粒的受力分析著手,討論了顆粒在筒式篩網面上的切向相對滑動和軸向相對滑動及滑動條件,並導出了顆粒從進料端向出料端滑動運移平均速度;討論了顆粒的拋擲運移,給出了筒式篩網上的拋擲及其變規律,提出了筒式篩網的平均拋擲的概念及計算方法,研究了筒式篩網上顆粒拋擲運移的產生條件和終止條件,以及顆粒拋擲運移的輸送速度;還討論了筒式篩網的旋轉速度對顆粒拋擲運動產生的影響。
  15. Process capability index ( pci ) is also an important method to measure and improve quality, which has play a key role in assuring quality evidence, lowering cost and raising customer satisfaction indexes ( csi ). this paper studies the applications of pci and control chart from the actual viewpoint, and discusses the applications of the probability a, ( 3 of type i, ii error of the control chart, the detecting power and pci based on x control chart. in addition we explore the relationship between qlf and pci, put forward the concepts of relative loss and loss extent, adopt the linear plan to optimize pci and decide the best loss extent of each process. an example is given

  16. In the second chapter, combined with the two - dimension triangle lattice ising model, we show the procedures of the renormalization group methods and illustrate how to apply these methods to solve critical exponent in detail

  17. Once projected along [ 001 ] p or [ 0 - 11 ] sj, the planes ( 111 ) si and ( 110 ) p have early 4 ? angle as confirmed by hrem. we also show that no planes with low idices between the two lattices are parallel. therefore, epitaxy growth on ( 100 ) sj corresponding to ( 100 ) p ), or ( 111 ) sl ( corresponding to ( 110 ) p ) would be very ifficult under the optimum orientation relationship because of the slight but efinitely present deviation angles

    我們還了解到兩種晶格間不存在完全平行的低晶面,當採用最佳取向外延生長時,無論是選擇( 111 ) s ; (與( 110 )肥配)或( 100 ) s ; (與( 100 ) p相匹配)都很困難,因為1 ) s ;與豆0 )和o0o兒與o )間總是有一定的轉,這就很容易形成界面臺階,惡界面狀況。
  18. Based on the review of the evolutions of stock indices and the innovations of index products, this article discussed the different methods of index replication, and then sum med up those researches on different methods, arithmetic models and their implications, including quadric programming, lineal programming, robust regression, monte carlo simulation and genetic algorithm, etc. aiming to give a technical reference for index derivatives design, index arbitrage, and indexing investment

  19. In this dissertation, based on the maintenance mode of cosco container lines, the author retrospect the development of technical manage, analyzes the management mode, maintenance system and cost control system of coscon by comparing with the latest development in the world, and absorbing its experience. the author argues the following steps to optimize the technical management of coscon fleet : project the management base center ; introduce the index of standard and performance ; detail the cost estimation ; evaluate the performance of major equipment ; adopt the computer system and strategic outlook

    在此基礎上,作者從以下幾個度對中遠集運船舶機務管理模式進行了優: 1 、架構出以岸基為中心的中遠集運船隊機務管理新模型; 2 、創立了設備管理標準和設備工況; 3 、細了設備維護費用的測算方法; 4 、提出了設備維護重要工程的效能評估方案; 5 、提出了船舶維修保養體系改進思路; 6 、強調了船岸通信系統建設和計算機應用; 7 、進行了機務管理問題的戰略思考。
  20. This method can guarantee the solution matrix of sylvester equation to be inverse and the sum of the input gain norm and the observer gain norm is the minimum. for the linear systems with unknown parameters, we identify the parameters using hopfield network, then design the observers using the identified parameters, the exponential convergence of adaptive observer is also proved. for the linear time - varying systems, a new network to solve the time - varying sylvester equation is proposed, we analysis it ' s convergence and robustness, then, deign the linear time - varying observer using this network model, and we discuss the convergence of the observer and ruboustness to unknown match parameters