非法入口 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēikǒu]
非法入口 英文
illegal entry
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錯誤) mistake; wrong; errors 2 (指非洲) short for africa 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (進來或進去) enter 2 (參加) join; be admitted into; become a member of 3 (合乎) conf...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人或動物進飲食的器官; 嘴) mouth 2 (容器通外面的地方) mouth; rim 3 (出入通過的地方) ...
  • 非法 : illegal; unlawful; illicit
  1. Methods 566 cases ( 570 eyes ) accepted small incision non - phacoemulsification ecce and joe implantation

    對5腸例( 570眼)白內障進行小切乳化手白內障摘出聯合人工晶狀體植術。
  2. A guide shows a sculpture made by a burkina faso artist out of a dead tree on saturday at the entrance to a park nestled at the heart of burkina faso ' s capital ouagadougou

  3. To increase testing for illegal tran. of vegetables

  4. In any situation whatsoever and wheresoever occurring and whether existing or anticipated before commencement of or during the voyage, which in the judgment of the carrier or the master is likely to give rise to risk of capture, seizure, detention, damage, delay or disadvantage to or loss of the ship or any part of her cargo, or to make it unsafe, imprudent, or unlawful for any reason to commence or proceed on or continue the voyage or to enter or discharge the goods at the port of discharge, or to give rise to delay or difficulty in arriving, discharging at or leaving the port of discharge or the usual or agreed place of discharge in such port, the carrier may before loading or before the commencement of the voyage, require the shipper or other person entitled thereto to take delivery of the goods at port of shipment and upon failure to do so, may warehouse the goods at the risk and expense of the goods ; or the carrier or the master, whether or not proceeding toward or entering or attempting to enter the port of discharge or reaching or attempting to reach the usual place of discharge therein or attempting to discharge the goods there, may discharge the goods into depot, lazaretto, craft, or other place ; or the ship may proceed or return, directly or indirectly, to or stop at any port or place whatsoever as the master or the carrier may consider safe or advisable under the circumstances, and discharge the goods, or any part thereof, at any such port or place ; or the carrier or the master may retain the cargo on board until the return trip or until such time as the carrier or the master thinks advisable and discharge the goods at any place whatsoever as herein provided ; or the carrier or the master may discharge and forward the goods by any means, rail, water, land, or air at the risk and expense of the goods

  5. Since solid plastic waste ( including waste plastic bottles ) is listed in schedule 6 of the wdo, importing uncontaminated waste plastic bottles for recycling does not require a permit. therefore, there is no illegal import of waste plastic bottles

  6. Police arrested 23 vietnamese illegal immigrants ( vmii ) who landed on the shore of sandy bay, western early this ( may 15 ) morning

  7. By using three different ways to discuss feasibility of two equations of k - s pattern to compute circular cylinder, it hold that two equations of k pattern is unsuitable to compute the unstable problems about circular cylinder. when it was studied under different turbulent intension about circular cylinder, it is found that the obstruction curve change greatly as the altering of the intension. but not so much after the result is averaged

    利用三種不同研究方直接採用雙方程k -模型對圓柱繞流進行計算採用雙方程k -模型對后臺階突擴流動進西安建築科技大學博士學位論文行定常計算構造邊界條件,在無圓柱條件下進行計算,對雙方程k一:模型計算圓柱繞流適定性問題進行討論,認為雙方程k一:模型不適用於計算圓柱繞流定常計算問題。
  8. Investigation by the financial investigation division of organized crime and triad bureau revealed that the five defendants also involved in laundering a total of $ 405 million in proceeds of bookmaking through their bank accounts over a period of three years

  9. Ecc is considered to be an alternative to rsa. this article provides a brief description of rsa public key cryptography and the associated knowledge, in particular introduces non - supersingular elliptic curves e which is established on the finite field fp with p > 3, in - depth studies present existed scalar multiplication, further proposes an improved signed sliding window algorithm on ecc under the mixed coordinates, the improved algorithm compatible the advantage of the naf, has the least number of zero window and avoid a large number of inverse operation, successfully reduce scalar multiplication calculation

    本文闡述了橢圓曲線及其相關知識,特別說明了建立在有限域fp (其中p是大於3的素數)上的奇異橢圓曲線e ,深研究目前已有的各種標量乘,由此提出了橢圓曲線密碼演算在混合坐標下改進的帶符號滑動窗演算,該演算兼容了naf方的優點,擁有最少數目的零窗數,又避免了域元素上的大量求逆運算,較成功地減少了標量乘計算量。
  10. In the past four months, there have been 55 seizures of artificially propagated orchids at control points involving a total of 2, 880 plants, " the spokesman said

  11. In december 2001, an illegal shipment of freshwater turtles imported from singapore was intercepted. under the joint effort with the kadoorie farm and botanic garden, a large - scale rescue operation was launched. in the following months, over 4, 000 turtles were sent to the united states and europe for conservation purpose

    本署於二零零一年十二月成功檢獲一批由新加坡非法入口的淡水龜,並與嘉道理農場暨植物園合作,開展大型拯救行動,在其後數月,將超過4 , 000隻淡水龜送往美國及歐洲,作保育用途。
  12. These fraudulent schemes were perpetrated to mislead customs officers into endorsing the opa export documents, so that the endorsed documents might be used to smuggle into hong kong garments originating in the mainland for eventual transshipment to overseas markets, as if they were products of hong kong origin

  13. Indicates that the attributed method is exposed by an unmanaged dynamic - link library as a static entry point

    指示該屬性化方託管動態鏈接庫( dll )作為靜態點公開。
  14. Another 21 vietnamese men were arrested in various locations near sandy bay

  15. Customs and excise department officers on october 18 discovered 26 illegal immigrants hiding inside a container en route from the mainland via hong kong to the us west coast port of long beach

  16. From april to december 1999, china discovered six cases of such illegal trading, and withheld 1, 160 tons of potassium permanganate from export, during the global drive known as " purple action. " china joined with more than 20 countries, regions and international organizations, during this campaign to thwart illegal trafficking in potassium permanganate

  17. The bearers were the bribe collectors, and were posted at all major control points in macao. making use of their authority, they allegedly collected bribes according to the type an d quantity of cargoes regardless of whether they were legally or illegally imported or exported

  18. Enquiries revealed that the bogus website was set up and those " phishing " e - mails were sent to internet users worldwide. at the same time, accomplices were recruited by the mastermind through icq, e - mail and job seeking websites. they were asked to use their own bank accounts to receive the stolen money from the unauthorised transfers via the e - banking of the victims

    警方調查發現集團主腦首先製作一個假冒的銀行網頁,再冒充銀行發出虛假的電郵,另一方面,集團主腦又透過I C Q 、電郵及招聘網頁招攬同黨,他們會被要求提供銀行戶以存受害人網上銀行戶轉賬的金額。
  19. This paper lucubrates at the problems encountered when deducating the state equation of the system that contain nonlinear and differential causality, and solved the problems sucessfully with symbolic solution of algebraic equations offered by matlab

  20. Based on the in - depth study of technologies of stb serial port updating and defending illegal attack, client software serial port updating and real - time defending solutions are proposed to for satellite stb, according to national standard. it has also referred to the development experience of similar products in the world. besides, both the hardware and software features of satellite stb are considered