電文格式 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànwénshì]
電文格式 英文
format of a message
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (字) character; script; writing 2 (文字) language 3 (文章) literary composition; wri...
  • : 格象聲詞rattle; gurgle
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • 電文 : content of a telegram; message; text (of a telegram)電文交換 message switching
  • 格式 : form; layout; pattern; format; mode; style
  1. The control system included the following units : video decode unit, data format conversion unit, fpga controller, cache unit and d / a monitor. the above self - design control unit plus row and column power supply units make the whole fed driving system, thus drove the 25 inch sample and realized color video display. the 25 inch vga sample thus fabricated could display video images, and obtained its brightness 400cd / m2, contrast ratio 1000 : 1, 256 circuit gray scale

    介紹了fed驅動系統的工作原理,重點論述了基於fpga的vga級彩色fed新型驅動控制系統的研製,這種新型fed驅動控制系統主要包括視頻解碼路、數據轉換路、 fpga控制路、數據緩存路和d / a監控路,配合后級列灰度調制單元和行掃描單元,組成完整的fed驅動系統,可以驅動25英寸vga級fed顯示屏,實現彩色視頻顯示,樣機亮度達400cd / m2 、對比度為1000 : 1 ,灰度等級為256級。
  2. Form vision and feeling psychology is the bridge which connects products designer to consumers. the paper accepts the theory of gestalt psychology and sums up several methods used to design electric products used in house

  3. It s more than printing. . fuji xerox recognizes that effective document production isn t only about putting toner on paper. it s also about automatic document formatting, web access, and electronic presentment

    富士施樂認識到高效地件生產不僅只將墨粉印到紙上,它還包括自動化, web訪問和件發布等附加價值。
  4. Csv comma - separated value files can be created with a standard text editor or saved in csv format from most spreadsheet programs

    Csv comma - separated value件可以用標準的件編輯來建立,或是用大多數子資料表程序來保存成csv件。
  5. Banking. telex formats for inter - bank messages

  6. Advertising running throughout chinese wsj. com ( including text e - mails )

  7. The research object of this thesis is a chip - array that is fixed on one of printed circuit boards ( pcb ), which are located in a forced air field ( forced convection ) in an electronic case ; and from the essential equations of airflow we can deduce the mathematical model of the turbulent flow ; then we can establish the finite element algorithm and apply the fe software to work out the equations of turbulent flow, finally we can use the software to display and analyse the field of flow and temperature

  8. This paper studies the design documents of the avionic system detailedly, including the interface control document and detailed design requirements, and summarizes the data structures and the communication formats of the system, and designs the simulation database. this paper also studies some protocols such as gjb289a, arinc429 and udp etc, and then determines the methods of data processing. according to the theory of the software engneering, this paper completes the requirements analysis, the globle

    根據設備的具體設計要求,完成了模擬設備的硬體設計;詳細研究了航系統的系統設計件? ?介面控制件和詳細設計要求,總結出了航系統的數據結構和消息通訊,並在此基礎上設計了用來表達模擬對象的關系型模擬數據庫;研究了gjb289a 、 arinc429等總線協議以及udp網路協議,明確了各類數據的處理方法;按照軟體工程的開發理論,完成了模擬軟體的需求分析、概要設計和詳細設計,進而通過編程在labwindows / cvi環境下實現了一個界面友好、靈活通用的模擬平臺。
  9. The knowledge source which have relative stable form and glossary is analyzed, and the data mining step for this kind of knowledge is designed, viz. filter by key word - intercept - field specialist confirm. the standard glossary table and the " value " of each words is established, which enhance the expert system ability to knowledge acquisition and light the rough task of knowledge banks maintenance

  10. According to the design structure of circuit cad software, data are putted into the routing program by text file and are stored in data chain

  11. In the beginning, the dissertation gives an overview of digital video system and an introduction of the format of mpeg - 2 transport stream, mpeg - 2 physical interface and frame structure of ds3 stream

    章首先介紹了關于數字視系統的一些基本概念, mpeg - 2傳送流和mpeg - 2的物理介面,以及ds3碼流的幀結構。
  12. In this paper, based on the amplitude transport equation of fast varying field and the low frequency disturbance equation of electr on density, the evolutions of the density distribution of charged particles and the collapse of electric field have been calculated numerically in two dimensions with three field components under the condition of transverse wave

  13. Specification for the structure of electronic official document based on xml - part 2 : document body

  14. Specification for the structure of electronic official document based on xml - part 1 : general principles

  15. The paper focused on how to apply the new technology xml in application and support layer of e - government effectively. we made thoroughly researches on the format of electronic official document based on xml, the method of using xsl to format electronic official document, the definition of e - government business process based on xml and xml web services. we achieved the works following : ( 1 ) electronic official documents in many government web sites are based on html, and created by people

    對基於xml的子公、用xsl子公、使用xml來定義子政務中的業務流程和xmlwebservices技術等新思想、新方法進行了深入地研究,主要完成了下列工作: ( 1 )針對子政務中數據交互的問題設計了一套基於xml的子公和針對該的xsl化樣單,從而可以在程序中實現子公生成、顯示和傳輸的自動化,突破了目前大多數政府網站子公所採用的html靜態、人工生成頁面的方,減少了政府網站建設過程中的重復性工作,減輕了繁重的維護任務。
  16. In this chapter the following issues are observed : the validity of data telegram text and electronic signature, the capacity needed to sign an arbitration agreement on internet, the capacity of electronic agent, electronic mistake, and the validity of arbitration clauses enclosed in electronic form contract

  17. Based on many other circuit formats, a new kind of logic - level circuit representation, called unified middle - level circuit format ( umcf ), is defined in this paper, in which some special operations on circuit related with power estimation and low power design. umcf can not only interchange circuits of different formats, but also convert circuits to hspice acceptable files, which can be used for transistor level power estimation

    結合多種不同的,自主定義了一種邏輯級路的中間表示形(稱為umcf )和一系列極具特色的與低功耗技術相關的操作,它不但可以實現與其他多種之間的相互轉換,還可以將路直接轉換成hspice可以接受的件,進行晶體管級的路功耗估計,這樣可以在公認的高精度的功耗模擬器上,對本的結果進行有效的驗證。
  18. Having analyzed telegram message ( communicated between the client end and the server ) format and studied c / s exchanging the information content that mainly is two big categories : command and command executing result. this article classified the message and designed transmission data packet telegram message protocol

    對客戶端與服務器之間在數據通訊時使用的電文格式進行了分析,研究了c s ( client server )互通信息的內容,主要是兩大類:命令與命令執行的結果;本將之歸類,設計了客戶端與服務器傳輸數據包時使用的協議。
  19. This paper first introduced the electronic war ' s basic concept, development process and its developing trend, and then gives out the theory, key technology, application and developing trend of communication scout, direction - finding communication and communication jam in great detail. after that the cjw - 2000 system was referred to, and its system function and information flowing was analyzed. then the paper analyzed and introduced the theory, function, system structure, technical guide line and working flowing of the electronic jam rivalry scouting and analysis sub - system in detail. at last it gave the analysis of the interface standard of the electronic rivalry scouting, its interface message format and the data - base design of different equipments

    首先簡單介紹了子戰的基本概念、子戰的發展過程及發展趨勢,接著比較詳細地分析了通信偵察、通信測向、通信干擾等的原理、關鍵技術、應用及發展趨勢,然後對cjw - 2000系統進行了簡單介紹,並且對其系統功能及信息流程進行的簡單分析,之後又對cjw - 2000系統中的子對抗偵察與分析分系統的原理、功能、系統結構、技術指標和工作流程等進行了比較詳細的分析與介紹,最後詳細分析了子對抗偵察與分析系統的介面標準,並對子對抗偵察與分析系統內部不同設備之間的介面報以及數據庫的設計進行了詳細的分析。
  20. Through standard message format protocols, several hundred different computers and electronic mail interfaces are able to exchange information with one another