酸性液體 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [suānxìng]
酸性液體 英文
acid containing liquid
  • : 酸構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : 名詞(液體) liquid; fluid; juice
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • 酸性 : [化學] acidity; acidness; acerbic; acidic property酸性材料 acid material; 酸性促進劑 acid acceler...
  • 液體 : liquid; liquor; fluid
  1. Catalytic oxidation of cyclohexene to adipic acid in acidic ionic liquid

  2. The mineralization temperature is in a range of 90 ~ 300, and the mineralization fluid is a combination of slightly acidic - slightly alkalic precipitations, seawater and magmatic water

    其成礦溫度在90 ~ 300之間,成礦流為低鹽度的弱弱堿大氣降水、海水和巖漿水的混合溶
  3. The electrochemical behaviours of paeonol on different solid electrodes were studied by cyclic voltammetry in alkaline phosphat buffer solution

  4. By infrared spectrum study, the limonite ( feooh nh2o ) can be considered the main colorating mineral in the yellow and red jadeite, and the hematite is another colorating mineral in the red jadeite. the difference of color tone is due to the n value in the molecular formula feooh nh2o and the content of crystal water and adsorbent water. the iron ion came from the effloresced and eroded rocks, and formed fe ( oh ) 3 colloid reacted with the surface water

    周圍礦床的風化蝕變為表生水提供了鐵質,形成弱的含fe ( oh ) _ 3膠的水溶,表生水流經翡翠礦石時, fe ( oh ) _ 3膠附著在巖石的表面,經過脫水結晶和吸附,形成褐鐵礦膠,褐鐵礦膠沿裂隙或鬆散的礦物顆粒進入翡翠巖石中,逐漸累積沉澱,形成次生色層。
  5. The shellac erythrophyll is from the parasitism the resinous substance shellac which in places the such as india, thailand, burma, china leguminosae, on the mulberry branch plant s lac insect secretes with the thin sodium carbonate watery solution extract fine but, assumes the reddish purple color either the bright red powder or the liquid, by shellac acid a and shellac acid b, c, e and so on is composed, serves as the edible erythrophyll, when the acidity assumes the orange, is extremely stable

    紫膠紅紫膠紅色素是從寄生於印度、泰國、緬甸、中國等地的豆科、桑科植物上的紫膠蟲所分泌的樹脂狀物質紫膠用稀碳鈉水溶萃取精緻而得,呈紅紫色或鮮紅色粉末或,由紫膠a和紫膠b 、 c 、 e等組成,用作食用紅色素,時呈橙色,非常穩定。
  6. The methods - three dimension fabric - enforced laminates, and sparse fabric - enforced laminates, layer - enforced laminates ? to enhance the interlaminar toughness of fabric - reinforced laminates were discussed in this paper. the stitching method to enhance interlaminar toughness of stitched - laminates was mainly discussed in this paper based on our research and experiment. the middle - alkali glass fabric used as enforced - material with thickness of 0. 2mm, 3 section 600 deniner kevlar yarn is used as stitching thread in this research, which improved lock stitching way and different kinds of stitching mode were adopted

    以提高層合板復合材料的層間斷裂韌(能量釋放率)為目標,採用中堿玻璃布為增強材料,對疊層后的玻璃布,採用凱芙拉縫合線、改進的鎖型縫合方法、不同的縫合工藝進行了縫合;基採用的是不飽和樹脂,固化劑為過氧化甲乙酮,促進劑為環烷;在室溫下採用真空輔助rtm ( resigntransfermolding )成型固化方法,製作了不同縫合工藝的玻璃布增強復合材料層合板。
  7. Acidic gas or water can also ruin the monolith

  8. The main results of this work are summarized as follows : 1. for the first time, biomimetic bulk acoustic wave ( baw ) sensors based on the molecularly imprinted polymers ( mips ) were fabricated and applied to the determination of phenobarbital and pyrimethamine in organic and aqueous solution, respectively

  9. Liquid fuels. qualitative investigation of sulphur in light hydrocarbons. plumbite method doctor test

  10. Based on the extensive studies of subtilisin - like protease ( prl ) of metarhizium anisopliae, extracellullar serine protease is suggested to be a key enzyme involved in the fimgal penetration to invertebrates. the investigation of serine protease in the nematode infected by owvtl may help to understand the mechanism of nematophagous fimgi as biological control agents. a 3l kda serine protease was isolated and purified from the liquid culture of h rhossiliensis owvtl challenged with nematode panagrellus redivivus

    本研究利用線蟲誘導下owvt - 1菌株發酵,通過粗分級分離、離子交換層析和凝膠過濾層析分離提純了一個分子量為31kda的絲氨蛋白酶,生物學測定表明其對大豆胞囊線蟲二齡幼蟲具有致死作用,同時測定了該酶理化特,酶活力在75附近酶活力最高,隨著ph的增加酶的穩定升高,與膽堿酯酶具有相似的ph曲線,對特異底物aape ( suc - ala - ala - pro - glu - pna )具有作用, ssi和ci - 2抑制該酶的活
  11. 417 the transfer medium in this pipeline is liquid ammonia ( process air, soft water, alkali liquor, acidic gas )

    這條管線的輸送介質為氨(工藝空氣、軟水、堿) 。
  12. Thermometric titrimetry has had a long association with the production of alumina from bauxite ; where it has traditionally been applied to the determination of the caustic and aluminate contents of recirculating “ bayer process ” liquors

  13. Now we have 11 production lines, 2115 sets of equipments in various kinds, over 50 varieties of products in 8 categories and an annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons. our main products are as follows, detergent powder series including " qiqiang ", " zhonghua ", " shandandan " and " jinmao " brand laundry powder ; soaps series including " qiqiang " and " zhonghua " brand transparent soap, whitening soap, soap grain and so on ; liquid detergent series including " qiqiang " and " angel " brand detergent, " vo ", " yiyelan " brand bath products, " yiyelan " toilet cleanser, " qiqiang " and " angel " brand disinfectant, etc. ; surfactant and chemical series including " an " brand aes, aesa, aos, sulphoacid, k - 12, k12a, industial glycerin and sodium silicate, etc

    主要產品有洗衣粉系列「奇強」 「中華」 「山丹丹」 「金貓」等品牌洗衣粉皂類系列「奇強」 「中華」等品牌洗衣皂透明皂增白皂皂粒等洗滌劑系列「奇強」 「天使」牌洗潔精, 「維傲」 「一葉蘭」牌洗沐產品, 「一葉蘭」牌潔廁靈, 「奇強」 「天使」牌消毒等表面活劑及化工系列「安」字牌aes aesa aos磺k - 12 k12a工業甘油泡花堿等。
  14. The product is widely used for acid alkali oil deli. beverage drink organic impregnant etc. liquid, especially used to transport strong corrosive liquid have granule. the temperature in point : - 2095

  15. Petroleum and related products - determination of the hydrolytic stability of fire - resistant phosphate ester fluids

  16. Water tank made of acid proof steel. incolloy heating elemtents corrosion resistant

  17. Water tank is made of acid proof steel. incolloy heating elements corrosion resistant

  18. All tank parts are made of acid proof steel. replaceable the thermofuse - equipped heating elements made of incaloy 825

  19. The chip, about two square centimeters, or a little bigger than a dime, tests for electrical impulses that signal acidic or nonacidic liquids moving through the esophagus

  20. The common method of removing acid gases are application of caustic soda solution or caustic pellets