重團聚 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhòngtuán]
重團聚 英文
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (團子) dumpling 2 (成球形的東西) sth shaped like a ball 3 (工作或活動的集體) group; ...
  • : 動詞(聚集; 聚積) assemble; gather; get together
  1. They are jinfo mountain in nanchuan county ( natural protection section ), wuling mountain in qianjiang county ( national emphases forest demonstration county which forest cover rate is beyond 50 % ) and zhongliang mountain in beibei county ( artificial destruction is very grave ). some main land use patterns i. e. woodland, garden, infield, abandon infield, shrub and grassplot are selected in those three sample sites. four aspects on soil fertility index of karst environment under different land use patterns in these three sample sites, are revealed in this paper, by using the field test, indoor measure and analysis, outdoor experiment and field investigation, and the knowledge and technique of soil, ecology, physics and chemistry etc. they are physical characteristic ( effective soil thickness, organic layer thickness, soil texture, water - stable aggregate and soil water etc. ), chemical fertility ( organism, omni - n, omni - p, omni - k, alkali - nitrogen, available p, available k and rapid available k etc. ), soil animalcule ( bacteria, fungi, actinomyces and their grosses ) and soil - seed - pool ( plant community diversity index ) in karst ecosystem

    本研究以慶市的南川金佛山(自然保護區) 、黔江武陵山(國家點退耕還林示範縣,森林覆蓋率50以上)和北碚中梁山(遭人為破壞嚴)典型巖溶區為對象,選擇了幾種要的利用方式,包括林地、果園、耕地、棄耕地和灌草坡,採用野外巖溶生態調查和室內試驗測量分析相結合的方法,以不同土地利用方式巖溶土壤肥力為點,對不同土地利用方式土壤肥力特徵進行量化分析,找出巖溶土壤肥力差異的主要方面及其根本原因,論文主要從土壤剖面物理退化指標(有效土層厚度、有機質層厚度、質地、體、水分含量等) ,化學肥力退化指標(有機質、全n 、全p 、全k 、堿解n 、速效p和速效k等) ,樣地土壤微生物指標(細菌、真菌、放線菌數量及總量)以及樣地土壤種子庫植物群落多樣性等4個方面對慶典型巖溶區的土壤肥力特徵進行了較為詳細的分析研究,為巖溶地區士壤資源的合理利用及結構的調控管理提供依據。
  2. The results are summarized below : 1 ) study on soil science indicates that soil granular structure is the focus adjuster for soil fertility and it affects the space, water - grasp, aeration and anti - erosion of soil. and the percentage of aggregate is one of the key index that decides the speed and extent of soil erosion, hardening and degeneration because the soil degeneration will first lead to the disappearance of crumb - structure. so it is very important that the physical course and character of soil in different land use pattern are realized

    現將主要結果摘要如下: l 、士壤學研究表明,粒結構是土壤肥力的中心調節器,影響著土壤的空隙性、持水性、通透性和抗蝕性;任何土壤的退化首先將表現出粒結構的消失;體百分比是決定土壤侵蝕、板結等物理過程速度和幅度的關鍵指標之一,了解不同土地利用和土壤管理方式的物理過程和性質相當要。
  3. 2. the structure of purple soil is meliorated by sabaigrass. when contrast to bare land treatment and natural wild grassland treatment we knew that sabaigrass treatment and grass tree solid plating treatment reduced soil bulk density, enhanced soil capillary porosity, non - capillary porosity and porosity ratio, decreased soil sand grain content, enhanced soil clay grain and silt grain content so as to reduced the dispersal degree of soil, improved the aggregate capacity of soil, increased the amount of soil aggregate structure, meliorated the water permeability of soil, accelerated the form of good soil structure

  4. Mr bush left the hapsburg capital a bit like a ridiculed rich uncle at a family reunion, welcomed insincerely to his face and belittled behind his back

  5. But she ' s now agreed to reprise rachel " bringing them back is a dream come true

    他們能在電視上就是一個夢想變成了現實。 」
  6. This method ' s installations are simple, operation is easily control, repeatability is powerful. moreover resolve the difficult of filtration and scrubbing of titanous hydroxide and control effectively growing up and reunion

    該法設備簡單,操作易控制,可復性強,並解決了ti ( oh ) _ 4過濾、洗滌困難,有效控制粒子的長大和
  7. These two dispersants can ameliorate dispersing state of cu - zn powders and solve the problem of agglomeration reasonably in the process of preparation. this provides with foundation for application of cu - zn ultrafine powders and study on dispersant for ultrafine powders

  8. In allusion to agglomerates of cu - zn ultrafine powders in liquid media, dispersing effects of the powders under the action of different dispersants are studied by the methods of sedimentation and spectrophotometery

  9. This idiom is used to refer to the reunion of a couple after they lose touch or break up

  10. It concluded 56 that ferrisols aggregate breakdown was caused by the pressure produced by the entrapped air in the soil porosity when fast wetting, which indicated that ferrisols erosion was most severe in the sudden heavy rain in the nature

  11. Five major chinese festivals offer occasions for family union and feasting. foremost is the lunar new year, celebrated in the first few days of the first moon

  12. From the aspect of soil characters, aggregate distribution and stability as well as aggregate stability mechanism of ferrisols were studied in this paper, which would have great importance in reducing water erosion danger, stabilizing and improving agricultural production, preserving soil resources and balancing soil ecological system

  13. The study of nt began in the 1950s in our country for high yield. the experiment indicated that long - term of nt could improve the soil ' s physical structure and the soil ' s sluice capacity, and could aggregate the accumulation of various nutrients in soil and increase plant yield

  14. However, the si3n4 is non - crystalline when power is 100w or 150w. the agglomeration and the distribution were important parameter of nanopowder, which were analyzed by the laser light scattering particle - size test instrument. but the result appeared great error because of this instrument itself and high requirement to sample

  15. They play important roles in the circulation of soil materials, development of soil, formation of soil micro - structure, improvement of soil physical and chemical properties, and the maintenance of soil living community

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  17. Focus on time. schedule your time to include what ' s important to you, like reading time, or exercise time, or family time, or learning time

  18. Due to preparing high grade rutile nanometer titanium dioxide in the same method have more disadvantages such as tall calcining heat, easy agglomerate, reunite gravely and difficult to attain the nanometer grade

    由於用與之相同的方法制備金紅石型納米tio _ 2粉體存在焙燒溫度高、易燒結、現象嚴等缺點,難以達到納米級。
  19. When deposit temperature is raised from 450 to 500, the size of nano - crystals is increased from l ~ 4nm to 5nm. a few 8162 nano - crystals are also found, which are derived from the amorphous oxide in the matrix. simultaneity, some special patterns appear while nano - crystals move and rearrange

    薄膜中的結晶程度隨沉積溫度的升高而提高,納米硅晶粒的尺寸由450時的1 4nm增大到5nm以上,氧化程度也隨之加深,非晶介質中的氧化物逐漸向氧化硅的晶態轉變,同時納米顆粒在晶粒遷移和排過程中局部形成特殊形貌的物。
  20. One cannot be strong without love. for love is not an irrelevant emotion, it is the blood of life, the power of reunion of the separated