金元寶 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīnyuánbǎo]
金元寶 英文
gold ingot
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (珍貴物) treasure; treasured object 2 (一種賭具) gambling device 3 (銀錢貨幣) curren...
  1. The first runner - up was a team of five part - time postgraduate students studying in cuhks mba programme in finance at tsinghua university in shenzhen. christabel zheng xiaoying, tenny lau, joseph lung, colin zou and johnson chang zheng won hk 3, 000 and the chance to represent cuhk to compete with other leading universities in asia at the asia moot corp competition to be held in bangkok from march 20th to 22nd

    亞軍隊伍由五名中大與清華合作培育的融財務mba學生包括鄭肖、劉毅德、展煒、鄒新及常崢組成,他們獲得現獎三千,並將代表中大前往泰國曼谷的thammasat大學參與在三月舉行的亞洲moot corp創業計劃比賽,與來自亞洲多國的頂尖大學的學生一較高下。
  2. Jackie chan swarms the streets of japan with stray bullets and flyig fists in this action packed thriller of cops and robbers

  3. Dongzigou ag deposit and jianbaoshan au deposit are hosted in the sandstone of middle - proterozoic suberathem, which are developed from the proterozoic sediment metal source - rocks formed during the meso - proterozoic volcanism and reworked by the mesozoic tectono - magmatism during the formation of the metamorphic core complexes in eastern hebei. the dongzigou ag deposit has the characteristics of reformed strata - bound origin, the jianbaoshan au deposit, located in the detachment fault, is the alterated rock type. both deposits have the similar wall - rock alteration, and show the same trace element behavior, and ree patterns. they are the results of the multi - stage tectono - magmatism in the environment of continental extension in eastern hebei region. their mineralization depended on their wall rocks and relative location in metamorphic core complexs

  4. A confiscation order in the amount of $ 1. 69 million of drug proceeds was issued against him in december 2001 by which a quantity of valuable watches, jewellery, cash and some financial documents were seized at the residence of his wife

  5. Packages containing jewelry ( not including costume jewelry ) having a value of more than usd 500 ( or the local currency equivalent ) are not accepted for transportation

    (不包括人造珠)每個包裹的最大價值限定為500美(或者等值的當地貨幣) ,超過該額不提供運送服務。
  6. No service shall be rendered in the transportation of any packages or articles with a value in excess of usd 50, 000 ( or the local currency equivalent ). packages containing jewelry ( not including costume jewelry ) having a value of more than usd 500 ( or the local currency equivalent ) are not accepted for transportation

    每個運送包裹或物件的價值最大額應在50 , 000美(或相等價值的當地貨幣)以內;而運送珠(人造珠除外)的價值如超過500美(或相等價值的當地貨幣) ,將不接受運送。
  7. The god of wealth was present at the ceremony and distributed gold " yuen bao " chocolates to the public

  8. As a memento of the occasion, mr. chiang presented to mr. ip and mr. bon kwan, designer of these stamp products, framed stamps and first day covers. a performance of " mask - changing " was conducted at the ceremony by a young artist dressed in monkey costume. there was also a demonstration of calligraphy at the venue

  9. Gold ingot tongtong is the thousand days with red flowers for the red movements, like jasmine on both sides of the two lovely lucky boy and girl get - togethers and a big gold ingot, vivid lifelike images, 惹人 favorite

  10. Jin tai taoist temple locates at northern of baoji city, shannxi province, built between yuan and ming dynasty. from then on, and each dynasty all have to set up or repair the buildings of jin tai taoist temple, now, there are 9 buildings with brick and wood, the construction two stores, add up to24 caves

  11. Manufactures and markets canola oil, margarine, and spray cooking oil under the brand name canola harvest

  12. Contributions to the annual programs fund totaling $ 7, 000 will entitle the donor to receive, upon request, a paul harris fellow pin with one ruby

    捐獻年度計劃基達7 , 000美之捐獻者,若提出要求,將可獲得鑲有紅石1顆之保羅?哈理斯之友領章1枚。
  13. Survey on the botanical resources in sichuan province has been conducted. it is concluded that 22 species in 5 sections of hypericum are for medicinal use

    對川產4組7種1變種絲桃屬藥用植物貫葉連翹hypericumperforatumlinn 、草h
  14. In order to understand the mind of the deviant, jackie musters up a group of hong kong felons to help him capture a criminal mastermind

  15. The faculty s research in infectious diseases received international recognition. in particular, the bristol - myers squibb unrestricted biomedical research grant of us $ 500, 000 was awarded to the faculty member investigating hepatitis b for the years 2001 - 2005, for distinguished work in infectious diseases

    醫學院在傳染病方面的研究享譽國際,以乙型肝炎的研究為例,醫學院於2001年獲總值五十萬美的百時美施貴無限制性生物醫學研究補助( bristol - myerssquibbunrestrictedbiomedicalresearchgrant ) ,以支持本院成員于其後5年進行有關的研究。
  16. In this study of the author, a cross of magnolia liliflora and magnolia " hongyuanbao " with michelia foveolata and michelia yunnanensis produced a high fruit rate of about 81 - 100 percent. these hybrids were highly vigourous

    玉蘭亞屬的紫玉蘭和紅二喬玉蘭與含笑屬的葉含笑、雲南含笑的雜交結實率高達81一100 % ,且雜交後代具有較高的活力。
  17. The god of wealth was present at the ceremony and distributed gold " yuen bao " to the public. there was also a demonstration of calligraphy at the venue and free spring couplet were also distributed

  18. With import and export rights, the international exhibition, investment and financing, and other qualifications, mainly in the following areas : petroleum, chemical engineering ; paints, rubber and plastics. surface treatment ; energy, metallurgy, iron and steel ; wood ; medical, maintenance, pharmaceutical, medical ; textile and leather ; electronic components instrumentation ; communications, radio and television equipment, media programs ; hvac refrigeration, building materials, engineering and construction ; security, protection, fire ; hardware, tools ; iec electrical, lighting ; lamps and accessories, supplies and maintenance ; environmental protection, water treatment ; machinery and equipment industry ; paper, printing and packaging ; logistics ; secondary transfers ; gifts, toys, jewelry ; food, beverage, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries ; household goods, hotels, beauty care ; it equipment, digital products, software ; office of books, educational equipment ; sports, leisure, sports goods ; wearing apparel, shoes, and hats, bags ; household appliances, audio - visual equipment, professional lighting ; international exhibitions ; transnational agent ; business services, advertising and other areas of international trade, international investment and financing

    具有進出口權、國際會展權、投融資等資質,目前主要從事的領域有:石油、化工;塗料、橡塑、表面處理;能源、冶、鋼鐵;木材;醫藥、保養、制藥、醫療;紡織、皮革;電子器件儀器儀表;通信、廣電設備、傳媒節目;暖通製冷、建材、工程建築;安防、防護、消防;五、工具;電工電氣、照明;汽摩及配件、用品、維修;環保、水處理;機械及行業設備;紙業、印刷、包裝;物流;二手轉讓;禮品、玩具、珠首飾;食品、飲料、農林牧副漁;家居用品、酒店、美容護理; it設備、數碼產品、軟體;辦公圖書、教育裝備;運動、休閑、體育用品;服裝服飾、鞋帽箱包;家電、影音設備、專業燈光;國際性展覽會;跨國代理;商務服務、廣告等領域的國際貿易、國際投融資。
  19. The god of wealth was present at the ceremony and distributed gold " yuen bao " to the public. there was also a demonstration of calligraphy at the venue and free spring couplets were also distributed

  20. San francisco, dec. 18 - at the dubai international film festival last week, morgan freeman, the oscar - winning actor and star of last year ' s " million dollar baby, " took on his most challenging role yet : movie entrepreneur