萊伍德 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lāi]
萊伍德 英文
  • : Ⅰ名1 [書面語] [植物學] (藜) pigweed; goosefoot2 (荒地) fields overgrown with grass; wasteland...
  • : Ⅰ數詞(五的大寫) five (used for the numeral 五 on cheques banknotes etc to avoid mistakes or al...
  • : 名詞1 (道德; 品行; 政治品質) virtue; morals; moral character 2 (心意) heart; mind 3 (恩惠)k...
  1. But i am descended from sir john blackwood who voted for the union

  2. Mr henry blackwood price. courteous offer a fair trial, dictates of common sense

  3. It is cured. my cousin, blackwood price, writes to me it is regularly treated and cured in austria by cattledoctors there

  4. Wright and flint, vincent and gillett to rotha marion daughter of rosa and the late george alfred gillett, 179 clapham road, stockwell, playwood and ridsdale at saint jude s kensington by the very reverend dr forrest, dean of worcester, eh ? deaths. bristow, at whitehall lane, london : carr, stoke newington, of gastritis and heart disease : cockburn, at the moat house, chepstow

  5. New rochelle, n. y. - - june 23, 2006 - - cars - collecting - adv25 - 2 - - a 1957 cadillac fleetwood owned by nick pagani at the ace repair shop in new rochelle, n. y., in june 2006

  6. The board members presently also include the following well - respected and prestigious directors : steven spielberg, clint eastwood, woody allen, francis ford coppola, stanley kubrick, george lucas, robert redford, and sydney pollack. over 150 hollywood stars, including past oscar winners and nominees, attended to pay tribute to all those who had received awards and were honored at the academy awards ceremony and support the film foundation. those given the celebrity red carpet treatment included : renowned hollywood actor and oscar nominee gary busey point break, under siege, singer michael bolton go the distance, when a man loves a woman, popular television actor scott baio happy days, charles in charge, well - known actress, jane seymour dr. quinn, medicine woman, james bond : live and let die, legendary actor, oscar winner and multi - nominee martin landau ed wood, cleopatra, the x - files - fight the future, actress and wife of radio personality casey kasem, jean kasem, acclaimed actor, oscar winner and multi - nominee maximillian schell deep impact, the chosen, model and actress anna nicole smith and many more

  7. Mr. chairman and members of the committee, i am pleased to appear here today. in just a few weeks the federal reserve board will submit its semiannual report on monetary policy to the congress. that report and my accompanying testimony will cover in detail our assessment of the outlook for the u. s. economy and the challenges facing monetary policy

    (下列有關美國國際開發總署長布恩亞特的專訪,出自美國新聞總署一九九六年八月出版的經濟前景電子雜志,第一卷第十一期,由美國新聞總署經濟作家華納羅思采訪) 。
  8. Rafael benitez believes gabriel paletta is making a good impression on everyone at melwood and feels the argentinian ace could become a real fans favourite

  9. A member of the task group and chief executive of the uk timber frame association, bryan woodley, said : " the united approach from three important government departments in welcoming the code gives a positive and proactive foundation to allow industry to deliver communities and buildings fit for this and future generations.

    特別工作組成員、英國木構架協會最高行政長官布恩.雷說: 「三個重要政府部門在制定法規上的聯合方法,在使工業配合現在和將來幾代人需要的社區和建築上,起到了積極主動的作用。 」
  10. The effort is being led by thomas stallkamp, a ripplewood partner who formerly was president of chrysler corp

  11. Research published a few years ago by donald redelmeier and sheldon singh, of sunnybrook and women ' s hospital in toronto, showed that oscar - winning actors and actresses live 3. 6 years longer than those who are nominated, but do not win

    多倫多珊尼布魯克與門醫院的唐納?梅爾和謝爾登?星在幾年前發表的研究報告中指出,奧斯卡獎獲獎演員的壽命平均要比那些獲得提名但是最終沒有得到該獎項的演員長3 . 6年。
  12. Clint eastwood, a hollywood actor and director, has provided a powerful reminder of this by making two films of the same battle

  13. Following hot on the heels of a 2 - 0 win at ewood park last saturday, arsenal beat bolton 2 - 1 in a tense tussle at highbury

    緊接著上周在埃公園擊敗布克本的比賽,阿森納在一場艱苦的比賽中2 : 1戰勝了博爾頓。
  14. Hauge ' s quotes are unlikely to sit too well at ewood park, with manager mark hughes stating earlier this summer that he had no intention of letting pedersen leave

  15. The daily post says blackburn rovers remain keen in signing the 21 - year - old on another loan deal after he impressed during his spell at ewood park during the second half of last season

  16. England ' s head coach, steve mcclaren, already has a huge central - defensive headache with ledley king and jonathan woodgate out of action and jamie carragher considering international retirement after being played out of position by mcclaren

    英格蘭主教練,麥克拉倫已經很多中衛遇到了麻煩? ?舍利金和蓋特缺席比賽,卡拉格在失去主力位置后考慮了從國家隊退休。
  17. As we welcome edward and the fietcher - wootens into our family

  18. Beyond their top three, i see derek fisher filling sort of a bill cartwright on the original bulls championship teams sage veteran role

  19. When you see frodo and gandalf sitting on a cart at the beginning, forced perspective means that elijah wood is 3 feet behind ian mckellen

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