部分荷載 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēnzǎi]
部分荷載 英文
fcactional load
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region 2 (部門; 機關或組織單位的名稱) unit; mini...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : 荷名詞(蓮) lotus
  • : 載Ⅰ名詞(年) year : 一年半載 six to twelve months; six months to a year; 三年五載 three to five ...
  • 部分 : (整體中的局部或個體) part; section; portion
  1. In view of bearing capacity of the elastoplastic theory analysis, the author made a comparison between the achieved bearing capacity limit load pi / 4 of round base ( space problem ) and the limit load pi / 4 of bar groundwork foundation design ( plane problem ) from soil mechanics at home and abroad as well as foundation criterion, and explained why the value of formula in present design criterion from soil mechanics is inclined to be conservative. in the light of the author ' s many years experience of vibration test on the spot and the research work of relevant projects, the author worked over the dynamic pile testing of the bearing capacity of foundation and batholith, and gathered the parameter of dynamic analysis and testing. the author also talked over the difficult point of pile foundation design criteria in present batholith engineering world, i. e. the confirmation of batholith bearing capacity of pile end, from the following aspects : a ) confirmation of single axis counter - pressure strength of rock in house ; b ) f. e. m calculation of elastoplastic model ; c ) calculation of soil mechanics ; d ) deep well load test

    然後,對巖土工程領域至今尚未解決,甚至不為人注意的考慮地基變形的地基承力問題進行了實用化的探討,提出了考慮地基變形的地基承力上程計算方法;對基於彈塑性理論析的地基承力國內尚未見報道的空間問題得到了圓形基礎(空間問題)的承力界限p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,並與國內外土力學專著及地基基礎設計規范中的條形基礎(平面問題)的界限p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,進行了對比,從而定量上解釋了目前設計規范引用土力學承力公式值偏於保守的這一情況;根據本文作者多年從事現場地基工程振動試驗及相關課題的研究工作,本文以截頭錐模型模擬地基,對地基(巖基)承力的動測法進行了研究,為各類地基(包括巖基) ,匯總了動力析和檢測川的參數:針對日前巖土工程界應用樁基設計規范中的難點? ?樁端巖基承力的確定問題,從巖石室內單軸抗壓強度確定、基於彈塑性模型的有限單元法計算、土力學計算及深斤試驗四方面進行了深入討論;本文作者根據多年現場試驗的工程實踐,對深井試驗裝置的核心? ?反力裝置,設計了側壁支撐反力加系統,該加系統具有實用、簡便、穩定及安個等優點。
  2. Engine load simulated control system was consisted of two unattached parts of work resistance simulated control subsystem and electric bow wave dynamometer control subsystem. with the mathematic models of engine load simulation controller, which transferred the work resistance ' s change to engine load change immediately, the system can met the need of the simulation control system

  3. The main components of the latter are multi - rib sandwich panels, including floor slabs and wall slabs. reinforced concrete conformation columns are set where the longitudinal walls and latitudinal walls intersect and copulative beams are set where floor slabs and wall slabs intersect. they play a role of linking and transferring loads, bearing a small part of loads at the same time

    無骨架體系的主要承重構件是密肋夾芯板(包括樓板和墻板) ,縱、橫墻相交處設鋼筋混凝土構造(連接)柱,墻板和樓板相交處設連系(圈)梁,連系梁和柱主要起連接和傳遞作用,也承擔少部分荷載
  4. On the basis of investigation on the related researching achievements home and abroad, this thesis puts emphasis on studying the counterforce on the pile head and the sedimentation characteristics of the piled raft foundation under the vertical loads, considering the superstructure ’ s effect. and then, this thesis probes into the principles, methods and processes of balance design method for variable - rigidity

  5. It provides strong basement for the research of design. the method of structure analysis commended by this paper is based on nonlinear finite - element, diathermanous and elasticity mechanics. it found the model of a steel beam pressed by gravity and temperature in the condition of indoor fire

  6. When reinforced concrete upper structure - piled raft - subsoil system is studied, every part of this system is looked upon homogeneous discrete space. accofding to static equivalent principle, equivalent node loads are calculated, and load embattle is integrated with element equivalent node force and directly bearing load

  7. 3 flexible liposome constituted with pc + dona were exhibited under transmission electron microscopy. 4 pfg - nmr analysis indicated that the use of 25 : 1 of tween - 20 : ( - ) c, most of it ( > 90 % ) has been incorporated in the tween - 20 micelle structures

    4 、以pnnmr析了膠束體帥)結構對卜幾類物質的量,發現當t een一20使用量為兒茶素卜)的50倍時,絕大卜) c ( 90以上)己嵌禾在tween 20形成的膠束體( 。
  8. The live loads were applied by a standard system of ring dynamometers with attachment points distributed uniformly on the upper surface of the decking.

  9. The solicitation, development and rupture of craze in exiguous hierarchy play a connective work in the course of polymer ' s damage and rupture. it is a bridge in distortion mechanism of macroscopical and microcosmic

  10. The regularities of pile - top reaction distribution, the carrying load ratio between pile and raft, the settlement and the imparity settlement of foundation in the frame - tube structure and the single wall are influenced by some factors such as the stiffness of the superstructure, the intensity of the soil under the piles, the length and radius of the piles, the distance between the piles, the thickness and the suspended width of the raft

  11. Lintels - method for assessment of load

  12. Methods of tests for ancillary components for masonry - part 5 : determination of tensile and compressive load capacity and load displacement characteristics of wall ties couplet test ; german version en 846 - 5 : 2000

  13. Methods of tests for ancillary components for masonry - part 6 : determination of tensile and compressive load capacity and load displacement characteristics of wall ties single end test ; german version en 846 - 6 : 2000

  14. In this test, a special bolt - jack is used to exent of prestressing force to brace angles as the whole structure is under dead - load. in this state brace angles withstand partly load before twice - load and the stress and strain of concrete are decreased. in this way the aim of removal of load and strengthening can be reached

  15. Temporary works equipment - part 3 : load testing

  16. Actions on structures - part 5 : snowloads and ice loads

  17. Methods of test for dense shaped refractory products - determination of refractoriness - under - load

  18. It is a question of secondary loading because of unloading part of loads before adhering cfrp. in this paper, simulated it successfully in element birth and death

  19. Machine tool ball screws - methods of calculating dynamic and static load and life ratings

  20. Testing earth - moving machinery - measurement of tool forces and tipping loads of loaders