電了密度 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diàn]
電了密度 英文
electron density
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 了助詞1. (用在動詞或形容詞后, 表示動作或變化已經完成) 2. (用在句子的末尾或句中停頓處, 表示變化, 表示出現新的情況, 表示催促或勸止)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (秘密) secret 2 [紡織] (密度) density 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞1 (距離近; 空隙小)...
  • : 度動詞[書面語] (推測; 估計) surmise; estimate
  1. Abstract : the paper interprets alternant polarization phenomen on of even alternant hydrocarbons by discussing charge density on every position of even alternate when it is polarized using perturbational molecular orbitals ( pmo )

    文摘:本文用微擾分子軌道法( pmo )討論偶交替烴被極化時各位置上的,解釋偶交替烴荷的交替極化現象。
  2. The effects of different current density on the alloying element content were discussed. based on the results, the optimal process condition was confirmed : pb ~ ( 2 + ) 80 - 90 g / l sn ~ ( 2 + ) 7 - 15 g / l ch _ 4so _ 3 ( dissociative ) 130 - 150 g / l composite additive 12 ml / l current density 2 - 6 a / dm ~ 2

    採用hull槽實驗方法確定甲磺酸體系沉積pb - sn合金鍍層的范圍,並探討不同沉積下pb 、 sn合金含量的變化規律。
  3. With the use of finite method we have developed computer simulation software for vacuum microtriodes with wedge - shaped and cone - shaped cathode on the basis of stduying deeply the field emission theory of vacuum microelectronics. the software included field section, grid point numbering, and the calculation of electric currents, transconductance and cathode capacitance, moreover, it can simulate the properties of vacuum microeletronic with variant structures and sizes. the relationship was studied and simulated among electic properties and device structures, sizes and cathode materials etc. the optimized design of vacuum microtiode was proposed

  4. Abstract : the effect of correction of self - consistent potential on electronic structure in simple cubic nanocrystal particles is calculated by means of the green ' s function method in the tight - binding approximation, taking only the nearest neighbor matrix elements into account. the numerical results show that the electronic energy spectrum is shifted, the chemical potential is not equal to the atomic energy level, the electronic density at each lattice point is changed, and the variation of electronic density at surface lattice point is the largest

  5. The high - power semiconductor quantum well ( qw ) laser is a kind of luminescence device with superior performance, it has longe - lived, low threshold current density, high efficiency, high luminosity and excellent monochromatic, coherence, directionality, etc. the high - power semiconductor laser is widely applied to the fields, such as military, industrial machining, communication, information processing, medical treatment, etc. the material ' s epitaxy is the foundation of the whole laser ' s fabricating, and it has important influence on the optics and electricity performance about the laser

  6. This paper researches on the practical current and potential distributions on the positive and negative plates of automotive batteries in the course of their formation processes by the means of an in situ electrochemical scan, and then studies the influences of the formation and also the additives on the performance of the automotive plates

  7. In this paper, we focus on the following three topics : ( i ) density distribution of dusty plasma in the low - pressure collisionless positive column the radial density distributions of electron, ion and dust particle in the low - pressure collisionless positive column are investigated with a fluid theory and a self - consistent dust - charging model

    本文著重以下三個方面的研究: ( )低氣壓無碰撞輝光放正柱區塵埃等離子體徑向分佈本文採用流體模型和自洽的塵埃充模型,研究低氣壓無碰撞輝光放正柱區的、離子和塵埃粒子的徑向分佈。
  8. Then, an implicit expression for electron density and a closed form of threshold voltage are presented fully comprising quantum mechanical ( qm ) effects

  9. The numerical computing methods of the equations involving the static electric - magnetic field, electronic motion in the static electric - magnetic field, and so on are detailed. the methods of the boundary disposal are introduced. the phenomenon of secondary electron emission has also been studied

  10. Finite element method ( fem ) is used to quantificationally simulate the current density distribution of the whole cfrc sample, and to explain the mechanism and reason for precipitations " depositing in the crack tip

  11. The electrical simulation compared the temperature and the current density distribution in copper lines with different width and barrier materials, the result indicating that the maximum temperature locates in the middle of the line and the 20 - degree obliquity is the most optimum one in the pore structure

  12. By comparing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of voltage reference circuits, type of current density ratio compensation 、 weak inversion type and type of poly gate work function, a cascode structure of type of current density ratio compensation is chosen to form the core of voltage reference circuit designed in this paper. applying the negative feedback technology, an output buffer and multiply by - 2 - circuits are designed, which improve the current driving capability

  13. Oxygen diffusion transport and electrochemical reaction in the oxygen cathode of direct methanol fuel cell ( dmfc ) have been expressed with the tffa model. model calculation has been carried out to investigate the effects of structural parameters of the dmfc cathode on the electrode performance, which is respectively represented by the curve of cathode overpotential versus current density. much attention has been paid to parameters including the porosity of the reaction layer, the thickness of the thin - film on the flooded - agglomerate, the radius of the flooded - agglomerate, the volume fraction of the flooded - agglomerates in the reaction layer

    本文首先運用tffa模型描述直接甲醇燃料池( dmfc )陰極氧氣的傳遞和化學反應過程,研究位-曲線受陰極結構參數變化的影響程,其中著重考慮以下幾個參數:催化層的孔隙率,浸漬聚集體薄膜的厚,浸漬聚集體的半徑,浸漬聚集體在催化層中的體積分數。
  14. In this paper, based on the amplitude transport equation of fast varying field and the low frequency disturbance equation of electr on density, the evolutions of the density distribution of charged particles and the collapse of electric field have been calculated numerically in two dimensions with three field components under the condition of transverse wave

  15. The electric current density vector field also satisfies superposition principle, some applications thereof are introduced

  16. To analysis the principle of degradation and destruction, a reasonable relationship between the electrostatic potential and 1 - v characteristic parameters is raised ; a computation model for electron trap effect is originally proposed, which leads to a conception of critical trap electron density

  17. The flow characteristics, distributions of current density and chemical components, and the performance of these two different designs are calculated and compared. the flow and mass transport characteristics are analyzed in detail, which indicate that strong forced convection is produced in the interdigitated flow field, which consist of dead - end gas channel that force the gases through the porous electrodes. results of comparison show that forced convection induced by the interdigitated flow field in the diffusion layer effectively enhances mass transport of reactants and products, thus leading to a higher cell performance and the limiting current density

  18. Compared to other commonly referenced high - k materials, hfo2 is known for its stability on silicon and process compatibility. the fabrication and electrical properties of hfo2 and hfoxny gate are carefully studied. with the study on hfo2. we can receive a few significative conclusion : 1

    結果表明,與傳統的hf清洗的si表面相比, nh _ 4f清洗的si表面與hfo _ 2具有更好的熱力學穩定性,因而可獲得更低的eot和柵泄漏; 3 )研究濺射氣氛和退火工藝對hfo _ 2柵介質薄膜性質的影響。
  19. The results show that high inlet velocity and porosity is favorable for fuel cell performance. based on above - mentioned 3 - d mathematical model, a comparison study of pemfc with conventional and interdigitated flow fields has been conducted at last

  20. In the third chapter, the influence of current density, solution concentration, erosion time and aging in ambient air on the pl spectra of ps suggests that peak would blue shift with current density increasing, and with erosion time and aging time prolonging ; with the increasing of solution concentration, peaks would red shift when solution concentration less than 1 : 1 but blue shift when solution concentration greater than 1 : 1. above phenomena can be explained by quantum confinement and light center model, but do not deny the action of si - h bonding and defect on the surface in the process of photoluminescence. at present, radiation mechanism is still one of the primary problems in the study of ps

    在第z三章中;通過對比,分析、陽極化時間、溶液濃以及自i然氧化時間對多孔硅光致發光光譜的影響,認為在一定的范圍內,多i孔硅的發光峰位會隨的增大而藍移,要獲得較強的發光,需z要選擇合適的;隨著腐蝕時間的延長,多孔硅的發光峰位會i發生藍移;當f酸的濃較小q : 1 )時,峰位隨濃的增大表現為向i低能移動;而當f酸的濃較大河山時,峰位隨濃的增大則表現z為移向高能;多孔硅在空氣中自然氧化;其發光峰位發生藍移,而強i隨放置時間的延長而降低。