村務公開 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [cūngōngkāi]
村務公開 英文
make village affairs more transparent
  • : Ⅰ名詞(村莊) village; hamlet Ⅱ形容詞(粗俗) rustic; boorish
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (屬于國家或集體的) state owned; collective; public 2 (共同的;大家承認的) common; gen...
  1. By the ways of setting up community reception day, developing and training a lot of social volunteers keen in public welfare into liaisons for complaints and reports and conciliators for consumption disputes, the points of consumer complaints advocate green consumption raise the sense of self - protection of the consumers ' of all walks, carry out grassroot law popularization and legal promotion, introduce famous and top quality commodities, support the development of the enterprises in communities, make it aims to raise the people ' s sense of protecting consumers ' rights legally and to purify market environment in the communities, serve the civilized construction of communities in the city and economic construction in the communities, to reflect the nature of the people and broadness to the utmost, to focus on settlement of the people ' s actual problems, face the people and bring benefits to them, meet their need for raise living and spiritual quality, endeavor to create new situation for economic and civilization in the communities and villages and towns

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  3. The crown dragon network science and technology limited company has a high quality the technical team, condensed the member which as soon as the endorsing industry kind young, has the vigor, they have the outstanding performance in respective position as well as the rich actual combat experience, has the charm is their creativity and the offer spirit. " with the perfect technical service, satisfies the customer to request " is our management idea ; the company by the unremitting endeavor, a higher goal requests throughout oneself, while consummates own management pattern unceasingly and sharpens the technical research and development ability, promotes the chinese internet enterprise development. the company hosts hit the hypothesized main engine, the system development, the main engine are entrusted with entire, machine rent, the domain name registration, the homepage manufacture, the enterprise post office, the website application, the promotion and so on the basic network service, for individual, the enterprise and so on each kind of organization provides the consummation the service

  4. There are some direct reasons explaining the origins of village debts. village enterprises are set up blindness, without any justifications, so most of them do not get benefits and are even bankrupt. village organizations borrow money for submission fanners " tax and expenses that could not be afford by the farmers

  5. Their functions include looking into public affairs and welfare in rural villages, mediating disputes among local residents, helping maintain public order, supporting and organizing villagers in improving production, providing service and coordination for production, managing land and other properties collectively owned by villagers in accordance with law, protecting the legal property rights and other rights and interests of collective economic organizations, villagers, contractors and associates, organizing various activities to promote socialist cultural and ethical progress, assisting town ( township ) people ' s governments in their work, and voicing opinions and demands on behalf of the villagers and putting forward proposals

  6. Under the pressure of serious liability, many grass - roots political power began to decrease the supply of rural public products and increase imposition of taxes on peasant

  7. On the publicity of township government work in china

  8. Detached rural affairs and the diversion of the rural politic power center

  9. Village wu coordinates an orgnaization publicly to want to master working trends in time, strengthen communication chime to move

  10. The village committee is responsible for the open administration of village affairs, including openness in management, in financial affairs, in labor matters, in the use of land for housing and family planning

  11. Still, the villagers " self - government in henan province engendered its unique systematic creation in the establishment of polling booth, the construction of villagers " soviet system, the formulation of the villagers " self - government constitution and the openness of village affairs

  12. It includes the investment by the real estate development companies, commercial buildings construction companies and other real estate development units of ownership in the construction of house buildings, such as residential buildings, factory buildings, warehouses, hotels, guesthouses, holiday villages, office buildings, and the complementary service facilities and land development projects, such as roads, water supply, water drainage, power supply, heating, telecommunications, land leveling and other projects of infrastructure

  13. The district is one of the districts in baoding city, which is located in the north - east of the city and near the state road 107, the looping road east circling road north circling road pass through the district, so the traffic is convinent. because the urban area of the city is enlarged, the urban village is formed, the infrustructure for life around the urban village is perfect, but the village itself is poor to live, so the land is not used effectivly, the transformation of the urban village is necessary

  14. In order to resolve these problems, we have made thorough studies about the research achievements on the teacher employment at home and abroad ; about the successful experiences of the developed western countries such as the united states of america and the great britain as well as about the successful practices carried out by the schools in the developed cities in china. based on the thorough studies, we have put forward our conceptions about the further reform of the teacher employment system carried out in the primary and middle schools in the rural regions. that is, the conception about the aims for the reform ; the conception about the contents for the reform and the conception about the model - the dynamic full contract employment system

    針對目前農中小學教師聘任制改革過程中存在的問題,通過研究國內外教育家有關中小學教師聘任制方面的研究成果,西方美英等發達國家中小學實施教師聘任制的成功經驗以及中國發達地區中小學實施教師聘任制的改革實踐,本文提出了農中小學深化教師聘任制改革的階段性目標、深化改革的內容、教師聘任制的模式? ?動態全員合同聘任制,以及推行教師聘任制的配套改革:全面實施教師資格證書制度是推行動態全員合同聘任制的條件;實施教師人事代理制是推行動態全員合同聘任制的難點;教師職評聘分是推行動態全員合同聘任制的重要環節;式撥款、工資總包干是推行動態全員合同聘任制的關鍵;完善社會保障體系是推行動態全員合同聘任制的重要保障;分析了深化改革過程中骨幹教師流失的原因並提出了解決這些問題的對策。
  15. However, with the proceeding of several reforms, our government is facing many urgent demands of expenditure, such as the construction of social security system, the matched money for the reform of tax and fee in countryside, compulsory education expenditure, necessary money supported by government in the development of west region and so on. in the situation that the fiscal income is in shortage, the government can not finance public universities as before, and higher education is listed behind the order of government expenditure

  16. Residential bus routes are the routes which are applied by the resident community. at past, the route numbers are in suffix r

  17. Located in the scientific garden of zhongguancun, beijing cousint petro - tech services limited is a high - tech corporation engaged in international oil and gas exploration consultancy and technology & business export and import

  18. Pwsc endorsed a commitment to upgrade 376ro to category a at an estimated cost of 81. 3 million in mod prices for improvement works at the lei yue mun park and holiday village in compliance with the hotel and guesthouse accommodation ordinance

    小組委員會通過立承擔額,把376ro號工程計劃提升為甲級工程,按付款當日價格計算,估計費用為8 , 130萬元,用以在鯉魚門園及度假進行改善工程,以符合旅館業條例的規定。
  19. Pwsc endorsed a commitment to upgrade 376ro to category a at an estimated cost of $ 81. 3 million in mod prices for improvement works at the lei yue mun park and holiday village in compliance with the hotel and guesthouse accommodation ordinance

    小組委員會通過立承擔額,把376ro號工程計劃提升為甲級工程,按付款當日價格計算,估計費用為8 , 130萬元,用以在鯉魚門園及度假進行改善工程,以符合《旅館業條例》的規定。
  20. In october 1920, the government reconstructed the private water supply system at the fanling royal hong kong golf club into a public water supply system, to satisfy demand. in 1922, it began providing water to tai po market and the kam shan area. by 1923, water supplies had been extended to kam chien village in sheung shui, and the adjacent areas near castle peak road