顧問資格的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wènde]
顧問資格的 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (轉過頭來看; 看) turn round and look at; look back; look at 2 (注意; 照管) take into a...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (請人解答) ask; inquire 2 (詢問; 慰問) question; ask about [after]; inquire about [aft...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : 格象聲詞rattle; gurgle
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 顧問 : adviser; consultant
  • 資格 : 1 (從事某種活動所必備的條件) qualification 2 (從事某種活動所形成的身份) seniority:擺老資格 fl...
  1. Have project of project of a batch of deep know well to manage theory and practice experience the tall intelligence of code of hep policy is compound model talent ; register cost division, build engineer of manage of division, inspect, investment to seek advice from the of all kinds major such as division of rate of engineer, estate hold 80 % what job seniority personnel occupies faculty, among them 6 people provide advanced title ; at the same time the company still retained personnel of senior and a batch of famous experts, professor, advanced professional technology, lawyer, and the elite of familiar international convention, perfectness foreign language and it, the advisory expert warehouse that makes system of company much territory, much discipline, much class, network, become " your kind effort " internally the development, brain trust that serves external

    擁有一批深諳工程項目管理理論與實踐經驗並熟知政策法規高智能復合型人材;注冊造價師、建造師、監理工程師、投咨詢工程師、房地產估價師等各類專業執業人員佔全體員工80 % ,其中6人具高級職稱;同時公司還聘請了一批知名專家、教授、深高級專業技術人員、律師,以及熟悉國際慣例、精通外語和信息技術精英,構成公司多領域、多學科、多門類、網路體系專家庫,成為「鼎力」對內發展、對外服務智囊團。
  2. The first, review gu qiaoying ' s growing up process from four aspects which are the accumulation of knowledge and the rudiment of speciality sense, the exploration of the idea " teaching and learning vividly " and the forming of teaching style, the maturing of educational ideas and the sublimation of speciality charm. the second, on the base of striving to comprehend gu qiaoying ' s educational ideas connotation, make a theoretical carding and interpretation on her " teaching and learning vividly " idea from three aspects which are the " dead " teaching material taught by " living " person, teaching vividly in order to learn vividly and teaching " biology " as " biology ". the third, make a systematic induction and summary on gu qiaoying ' s biology teaching reform and practice on her lesson preparation, conception teaching, experiment teaching, extracurricular scientific and technological activities teaching, elicitation method of teaching, object teaching, fostering students " learning interest and the capacity of problem solving

    第一部分,對巧英專業成長過程,從知能積累與專業意識萌芽、生物學教學適應與職業意識確立、 「教活學活」探索與教學風形成、教育思想成熟與專業魅力升華四個方面進行了評介;第二部分,在力求體悟巧英教育思想內涵基礎上,從「死」教材「活」人教、教「活」是為了學「活」 、把「生物學」教成「生物學」三方面對其「教活學活」思想進行了理論梳理和闡釋;第三部分,對巧英備課、概念教學、實驗教學、課外科技活動教學、啟發式教學、直觀教學、對學生學習興趣與題解決能力培養等生物學教學改革與實踐進行了較系統地歸納與總結;第四部分,對影響巧英專業發展主要因素,從其人力量、專業知能基礎、專業發展社會環境等方面對進行了理論分析;第五部分,在以上研究基礎上,進一步指出了巧英教育思想對我國生物學教學論課程建設及其專業發展與教學經驗對我國中學生物學師培養理論和實踐意義。
  3. The designees of certified financial adviser international ( cfai ) and member of the chartered agency managers association international ( mcama ) will be eligible to enjoy an exemption of four modules out of twelve from the above mba program

    國際認證財務( cfai )和國際特許營銷經理協會會員( mcama )會員可以享有從以上mba課程12個學科中豁免4個學科
  4. This paper makes a comprehensive study of the characteristics of real estate development and issues concerning architectural scheme, by using the knowledge of conformity architecture, real estate studies, statistics, social psychology and media studies. by giving a scientific analysis of information and making a summary of practical experience, and taking into accounts of economic, technologic and market factors, it studies simple and convenient means of application to proceed to the scientific and systematic front - end scheme conducted in stages on economical index, style, functional accessories and features of the dwelling size of residential quarters. and the design program is laid down to provide a scientific basis for the next architectural design and high - quality dwelling make to order for the customers

  5. Only contractors meeting the required technical and financial standards are eligible to tender for public works contracts. we only engage good contractors and consultants who are able to perform satisfactorily and who are in support of ethical business practices and good staff conduct

  6. This summary report describes how the planning department, with the help of the consultant, star vision ltd., has capitalized on the recent advancements in computer technologies ( including aerial photography, digital mapping, raster data modelling, three - dimensional data modelling and flythrough animation ) to deliver a 3d digital model of hk, which enables the management of planning data and assessment of visual impacts in a more effective manner

    規劃署在星眺有限公司協助下,運用空中攝影、數碼測圖( digitalmapping ) 、柵數據模型( rasterdatamodeling ) 、三維數據模型、模擬飛行( flythroughanimation )等先進電腦科技來開發一套香港立體模型電腦系統,令處理規劃料和評估景觀影響工作達到更高質素。本摘要簡介製作這個系統過程。
  7. While the part - time translator can also ensure the specialty of translated versions, meanwhile, we invited several senior professional translation consultants to be in charge of consultation for correction. translation supervisors will do their jobs in exactitude in order to ensure the high performance and the correctness of final versions

  8. Examples include deleting information from web sites, stacking advisory committees with candidates with uncertain qualifications and questionable industry ties, and suppressing information and projects inconvenient to white house policy goals, such as those having to do with global warming

  9. Meanwhile, we believe that a system mechanism should be set up to assess the professional standards of environmental consultants and only competent and qualified consultants would be eligible to conduct environmental impact assessment

  10. The writer, an american financial consultant named douglas gillespie, went on : “ i remind readers that the stock market crash in october 1987 began months earlier as a dollar problem, that then became an interest - rate problem, that then became a stock market problem ? a very, very big stock market problem

    作者美國投拉斯.吉爾斯帕寫到: 「我要提醒讀者是,一場類似於1987年10月股市崩潰已經從幾個月前美元危機開始了,並變成利率題,最後變成一場股市危機一場非常非常大股市危機。 」
  11. And goals of the united nations by serving as technical experts, advisers and consultants to governments and secretariat. sometimes, as advocacy groups, they espouse un themes, implementing plans of action,

  12. We owm profound technolongical experts and professiongal advicer and sales stam, we also offer the foremost service by our conception ” customer first and benerit multi - side

  13. A senior architect and a project director of an architectural consultant firm appointed by the architectural services department were sentenced to 100 hours and 81 hours of community service respectively for conspiracy to defraud asd by submitting false manpower records and wage claims in relation to a school improvement programme

  14. Constable macfadden was heartily congratulated by all the f. o. t. e. i., several of whom were bleeding profusely. commendatore beninobenone having been extricated from underneath the presidential armchair, it was explained by his legal adviser avvocato pagamimi that the various articles secreted in his thirtytwo pockets had been abstracted by him during the affray from the pockets of his junior colleagues in the hope of bringing them to their senses

  15. Ing financial expert advised that we should regularly review our financial plan and seek advice from financial consultant to see if we need to adjust our investment plan due to fluctuation of stock market in order to avoid making loss

  16. A consultant of dhl - sinotrans ltd. in the united states once said that the company was eager to start the business of express delivery in china, mainly because it wanted to be the first of such companies ; it was ready to lose money on the venture for first three to four years, but it expected to make big money later

  17. B 15 years relevant post - qualification experience in the engineering field including research in signal processing and communications, design of electronic circuits and systems, at least 5 years of which should be in a management or consultancy role

  18. The asbestos demolition works should be handled epd registered professionals. the asbestos waste generated should be properly disposed and the relevant records should be maintained to demonstrate compliance

  19. The basic plot of the rosiglitazone story quickly became obvious to the advisory committee : a new " wonder drug, " approved prematurely and for the wrong reasons by a weakened and underfunded government agency subjected to pressure from industry, had caused undue harm to patients

  20. Sunday, june 6, 2004 eligible people are invited to apply for scholarships and grants under the agricultural products scholarship fund and marine fish scholarship fund administered by the two scholarship fund advisory committees