高原區域 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāoyuán]
高原區域 英文
plateau region
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (最初的; 原來的) primary; original; former 2 (沒有加工的) unprocessed; raw Ⅱ動詞(原...
  • : 區名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞(在一定疆界內的地方; 疆域) land within certain boundaries; territory; region
  • 高原 : [地理學] continental plateau; plateau; highland; tableland
  1. Ii ) energies of the sputtered atoms vary mainly from several to several teens ev, with few atoms " energy relatively high ; the emitting positions of the sputtered atoms are close to the corresponding incident ions ( in the order of angstrom ) ; the sputtered atoms are emitted mainly normally, and few are slantways ; energy and angular distributions of sputtered atoms are influenced by the energies and incident directions of incident ions, but the angular distributions are not influenced by the incident energy very greatly

    Ii )濺射子的能量一般集中在幾個到十幾個電子伏特的范圍內,在能量也有所分佈,但數量很少;濺射子的出射位置就在離子入射位置的附近(埃數量級) ;濺射子的角度在垂直方向和斜射方向都有所分佈,但以垂直出射為主;濺射子的能量、角度分佈受到了入射離子能量、角度的影響,但入射離子能量對濺射子的出射角影響不大。
  2. The annihilation of the octahedron voids at the tips of fpds was divided two processes : ( 1 ) the oxide on the void was removed by the out - diffusion of oi in the shallow region, especially the oi aroud the void and by the entry of the interstitial si atomics. ( 2 ) the void without oxide shrinked by emitting vacances and the migration of silicon atoms from edge to the bottom of void

    Fpds端部八面體空洞的消失分為兩個階段: (一)覆蓋在空洞各個內壁上的氧化膜由於溫下矽片表面的間隙氧子,尤其是空洞型缺陷周圍的間隙氧子的外擴散及自間隙硅子的進入,而逐漸變薄直至最終消失。 (二)無氧化膜的空洞,在溫下發出一個個空位,同時八面體空洞周圍的自間隙硅子不斷的從空洞的邊緣遷移至空洞的底部,使空洞逐漸變淺直至最後消失。
  3. As the world economy goes to reginonalization, collectivization, the district economy is be coming more and more important in the world economy. the members of all the district economy organization make the inner - reginal trade, the movement of elements, the speed of economy increasing constantly because of the advantages of arens, resources and mutual supplements of economy structures, meantime, the members, who is not in the exclusivism andtrade protectionism, so china must make strong economic relationship between the countries ane areas nearby in order to develop the economy stably and taking eonomic cooperation and join the system of inter - reginal economy cooperation

  4. Distribution zone of diploid individual are the most extensive in china, while no tetraploid plant is found north of 40 degree north latitude, and hexaploid populations distribute mainly along the changj iang river, is found only in three populations in the yunnan - guzhou plateau. the hexaploid cytotype of var

    4細胞地理學研究表明,二倍體占據我國最廣大,而四倍體分佈的北界則向南遷至40 n ,六倍體主要分佈於25 n - 33 n的狹長地帶,八倍體則在雲貴中部及東部邊緣零星分佈。
  5. As the valley was situated in a high area, the water supply scheme utilised gravity flow. however, the reservoir had a small capacity of just 27 million gallons, only 38 % the size of its pokfulam counterpart

  6. With the uplift of qinghai - xizang plateau and the to - and - fro of the quarternary glaciation and interglaciation, the muscid fauna was distinctly diversified in habitat and vertical zone

  7. As a result, vulnerable ecological environment is showed with the ecological bearing capacity in middle reaches of hetian river. in the view of the features of landscape pattern in the middle reaches of hetian river, the landscape protection principles of development, harmonization and reality and ecological landscape construction principle including adapting nature, mutualism, adjusting ecosystem and meliorating function, local regulation and whole " harmonization are put forward

    A ,指出內生態環境質量在提,但依舊無法脫離荒漠生態體系,是一種極其脆弱的生態環境。針對和田河中游地景觀生態的具體特點,提出了發展、協調、現實的景觀保護則以及適應自然、共生互利、調整結構,改善功能、局部控制與整體協調的景觀生態建設則,相應地制定出河流廊道建設、綠色植被建設以及綠洲建設的景觀生態建設途徑
  8. Through the analyses of characteristics of gully thalweg and soil erosion in upland and gully land, sediment sources in small watershed, sediment yield relationship between upland and gully and ecological functions of vegetation corridor, it is considered that vegetation corridor combined with land preparation measures may block runoff and sediment from upland and reduce the amount of soil erosion in a watershed by 54. 5 % ~ 77. 0 %

    摘要在分析黃土的溝沿線、溝沿線上下溝間地和溝谷地土壤侵蝕特徵、小流泥沙來源、坡溝侵蝕產沙關系的基礎上,結合廊道的生態功能和以往的研究結果,認為在溝沿線的上部建立草灌與整地工程措施相結合的植物廊道,來攔蓄阻截溝間地的來水來沙,可使流的土壤侵蝕量減少54 . 5 % ~ 77 . 0 % 。
  9. Its principle is : a laminated structure ( beam or plate ) with delamination consists of undelaminated region and delaminted region which can be divided to upper and lower parts. when a low - amplitude and high - frequency excitation has the frequency close to some part ' s natural frequency, this part will resonate and certain amount of mechanical energy will convert to heat so that the delaminated region ' s temperature exceeds greatly that of the undelaminated region. therefore the delamination can be located by means of infrared thermograph

  10. The diagnostic analysis for the sandstorm process on the base of height, temperature, pressure and wind etc output from the model shows that the upper cold trough, low - level wind shear, surface cold anticyclonic ridge, mesoscale cyclone and cold front are the main synoptic systems, surface cold anticyclonic ridge and cold front provide condition of wind force to occurrence of the sandstorm weather, the strong mesoscale cyclone before front makes pressure gradient before and after cold front obviously strengthen, moreover, and it increases obviously the temperature of the controlled area, as a result, the updraft movement caused by convergence before front strengthens

    500hpa強鋒、 700hpa切變和鋒前中尺度系統的強弱及位置變化是沙塵暴天氣發生發展到減弱的直接因。地面冷壓、地面氣旋及冷鋒是造成本次沙塵暴天氣的主要地面天氣系統。地面冷壓及冷鋒為沙塵暴天氣的發生提供了風力條件,而中尺度氣旋使冷鋒前後氣壓梯度明顯增強外,又使所控制的增溫明顯,使鋒前輻合上升運動加強,為沙塵暴天氣的發生提供了熱、動力條件。
  11. The reason to cause this phenomenon is due to the change of electric field in the blue oled to induce the probality of the carrier shifted and the hole - electron recombination zone changed, which was a possible alternative to achieve color display. 3 ) device with the structure of ito / npb / adn : balq3 / alq3 / mg : ag was fabricated. when the balq3 dopant concentration was about 25 mol %, a high performance devcie with luminous efficiency of 1. 0 lm / w, the peak of emission spectrum at 440 nm, the cie coordinate at ( 0. 18, 0. 15 ), and half lifetime of unencapsulated device about 950 hrs was achieved

    導致本現象的因是由於各有機層電場強度的變化影響了空穴和電子的隧穿幾率,從而導致載流子的復合發生改變而發出不同顏色的光; 3 )制備了結構為ito / npb / adn : balq3 / alq3 / mg : ag的藍光oled ,空穴阻擋材料balq3的摻入顯著影響了oled的光電性能,當balq3的摻雜濃度為25mol %時, oled的發光效率為1 . 0lm / w ,發光光譜的峰值為440nm ,色純度為( 0 . 18 , 0 . 15 ) ,未封裝器件的半衰期達到了950小時; 4 )在藍光材料adn中摻雜npb 、 balq3和tbp三種材料時,不僅改善了器件的發光亮度和色純度,而且提了器件的發光效率和壽命。
  12. Sichuan lands in the west of our country, pass through for the west of our country, expressway general development is stated, reach the west china traffic major problem of building existence : traffic facility amount serious is below, density passes low, traffic demand product is exceptional ; traffic facility overall quality is low ; technical standard is not high ; traffic facility disease is serious ; it is weak to fight calamity ability ; traffic structuralness contradictory very outstanding, big medium or small proportion structure is not reasonable ; traffic technical structure is not enough perfected ; traffic regional structure do not let reasonable etc.

  13. This thesis brings forward that it is necessary to develop image - building by planning and design of small towns mainly for tourism from the height of region aiming at some phenomena of desultorily constructions, monotone and simple view, buildings with no design and culture happened and happening in some of this type of towns. the author analyses the system, structure, elements of these small towns through the theory of city identity system and " the image of city " with five elements. on the basis of it, the author studies the structure of sights and the embodiment of characteristic sights and advances the emphases of image - building by planning and design at three different aspects : the region or aero as a whole, the town as a whole and the part of the town

    論文針對當前重慶市許多旅遊型小城鎮形象建設雜亂無章,城鎮建設面貌單調乏味,建築缺乏設計和文化內涵,城鎮旅遊接待環境條件差,提出有必要站在度,對這類小城鎮進行形象規劃和設計,運用城市識別系統cis ( cityidentitysystem )和「城市意象」五要素的理來分析小城鎮系統結構和要素,以便能夠清楚地認識研究對象,在此基礎上分析旅遊型小城鎮的景觀構成及特色體現,提出了旅遊型小城鎮形象在宏觀、中觀和微觀三個層次上規劃設計的重點,並從理論上分析從實踐中總結出旅遊型小城鎮形象規劃設計的一般則、方法表達方式及手段等,最後本文運用前面的理論和方法分析了重慶市的兩個典型的旅遊型小城鎮,並進一步得出結論,即旅遊型小城鎮形象建設是一個系統工程,要從規劃和設計兩個角度,結合旅遊的優勢,結合地方,結合自然,既有整體又有重點地對旅遊型小城鎮形象進行塑造,使得旅遊與小城鎮的建設和發展互相融合,協調發展,相得益彰。
  14. It is difficult to recognize the character directly in original image because the original image has big dimensions, which need big memory, and at the same time, there are many disturbed areas in the image. however, if we can locate license plate and segment character precisely, thus the capacity of storage can be reduced and the disturbance can also be avoided, and so the character will be recognized accurately, which can ultimately improve the efficiency and precision of the recognition system

  15. The courts of justice in hong kong comprise the court of final appeal, the high court ( which includes the court of appeal and the court of first instance ), the district court ( which includes the family court ), the lands tribunal, the magistrates courts ( which include the juvenile court ), the coroner s court, the labour tribunal, the small claims tribunal and the obscene articles tribunal

    :香港的法院是由終審法院、等法院(分為上訴法庭及訟法庭) 、法院(包括家事法庭) 、土地審裁處、裁判法院(包括少年法庭) 、死因裁判法庭、勞資審裁處、小額錢債審裁處及淫褻物品審裁處組成。
  16. The courts of justice in hong kong comprise the court of final appeal, the high court which includes the court of appeal and the court of first instance, the district court which includes the family court, the lands tribunal, the magistrates courts which include the juvenile court, the coroner s court, the labour tribunal, the small claims tribunal and the obscene articles tribunal

    香港的法院是由終審法院、等法院(分為上訴法庭及訟法庭) 、法院(包括家事法庭) 、土地審裁處、裁判法院(包括少年法庭) 、死因裁判法庭、勞資審裁處、小額錢債審裁處和淫褻物品審裁處組成。
  17. The who classification states that acute lymphocytic leukemia ( all ) should be classified by the pattern of reactivity of cell to a panel of lineage - associated antibodies and, where possible, genetic abnormalities. the expression of cd antigens on leukocytes is currently determined by flow cytimertry, which is expensive and labor - intensive, requiring 5 - 20ul quantities of fluores - cently labeled antibodies and allowing concurrent analysis for a limited number of cd antigens, usually three to four. from clinical point of view, an efficient method is required for analysis of a large number of samples in a single experiment

  18. Finally, we probe into the problem existing in the research direction

  19. In this paper, the authors probe into the characteristics of regional gravity field, residual gravity field, structure of the earth ' s crust and regional tectonics on the basis of the bouguer anomaly map in combination with other geological and geophysical data

  20. And the results of these two methods really show difference. we analyze the condition for the condensation using the concept of entropy and reach the conclusion that there will be no bec in the low dimension system. we get the relation between the critical temperature and the given number of the particles in a three - dimension infinite trap system directly, together with the tendency shown at a low temperature of the critical temperature " changing to the particle number