angular deformation 中文意思是什麼

angular deformation 解釋
  • angular : adj. 1. 有角的,角形的;尖銳的。2. 用角度量的;角的。3. 瘦骨嶙峋的。4. 不靈活的,生硬的。adv. -ly
  • deformation : 變形,走樣
  1. Find the angular deformation sustained with such loading.

  2. Severe plastic deformation ( spd ) processing, especially equal - channel angular processing ( ecap ) of steel and other iron - based alloys, has achieved increasing interest recently because of the potential for obtaining ultrafine grains and improving the properties

  3. Kongxi buried hill shows following features in the seismic profiles : the structures are asymmetric. there is flexural syncline on the east side and a monocline on the west side. asymmetric repetition of stratigraphic units is present in the drill wells and the dips of beds and faults are gentle. the permo - carboniferous system of both sides almost lie in the same slope and the events of cambrian or upper proterozoic are continuous from east to west. the phenomenas suggest that kongxi buried hill could be a thrust belt been traced which consists of reverse faults. the imbricate faults mainly effect pre - jurassic strata. there are obvious angular unconformity between jurassic - cretaceous system and paleozoic involved deformation of thrust. the thrust front in some place has cut off the beds of jurassic - cretaceous system. the structural style of the thrust structure changes along the strike of the kongxi buried hill