become cloudy 中文意思是什麼

become cloudy 解釋
變灰. 3
  • become : vi (became; become)1 變成,成為,轉為,變得〈後接名詞、形容詞和分詞等述語〉。 He has become a s...
  • cloudy : adj. 1. 陰天的,陰雲密布的。2. 雲(狀)的。3. 朦朧的。4. 愁容滿面的。5. 受人懷疑[蔑視]的。6. (水晶等)帶雲霧紋的;(酒等)混濁的。n. 多雲天。
  1. The day had now become cloudy, lowery, and it looked as if there might be snow.

  2. Inadequate water intake will make the urine cloudy, which is hard on the urinary system. water has the ability to dilute the toxins in the body that are to be excreted and is also helpful in digestion. as a result, the three ways of toxin excretion, bowel movements, urine and sweat, become smoother, and consequently, the health of the elderly person will improve

  3. At first i did not know to what room he had borne me ; all was cloudy to my glazed sight : presently i felt the reviving warmth of a fire ; for, summer as it was, i had become icy cold in my chamber