block glue 中文意思是什麼

block glue 解釋
  • block : n 1 片,塊,大塊;粗料,毛料;木料;石料;金屬塊;【建築】塊料,砌塊;【地質學;地理學】地塊。2 ...
  • glue : n. 1. 膠,膠水。2. 各種膠粘物。vt. 1. 粘上;使粘牢。2. 在…上塗膠水。
  1. Glue jointer machine : italy " orma " glue jointer machine, to produce high strength, surperior coreboard, it ' s a solid foundation for produle the highgrade and widely used block board

    拼板機:義大利進「 orma 「拼板機,用於製作細木板內層芯板,制出的芯板膠和強度高,拼縫小,是製造質量上乘、用途廣泛的細木工板的堅實保證。
  2. This company long - term massively supplies each kind of specificationthe center spatial seal block glue with to mount the glass to use theblock glue, the specification variety to be complete, also may actaccording to the customer request custom make, the welcome personsfrom all walks of life comes the electricity discussion

  3. Safe " ouslan " film series of products is composed of multilayer safe grass - roots unit structure, own the high strength shock resistance, collide with a force and excellent playing rises tension, block of wood yi breaking to pieces, may have an effect to guard against eye bear ill will to strike the bits of broken glass window robbing property of an article, the meeting holds the glass fragment even if broken firmly glue effective guarantee on safe film, person property safety

  4. Then after you put in the tail block, you glue the top and the back [ slaps hands together ]

    之後你放上末端尾塊補強兩側板的接合,最後黏上面板和背板[拍手] 。