brokerage fee 中文意思是什麼

brokerage fee 解釋
  • brokerage : n. 1. 經紀業,掮客業。2. 傭金,回扣,經手費(= brokage).
  • fee : n 1 報酬;薪水;公費;手續費;稅;會費,學費,報名費,入場費。2 賞金,小賬。3 【歷史】(封建時代...
  1. A fee charged by a broker for executing a transaction. also referred to as brokerage fee

  2. For the international transportation of small packages via " ups express plus ", " ups express " and " ups expedited ", ups will include the prior notice service in the fee for fda clearance. this $ 20 brokerage fee for fda filing could be a new fee for certain food shipments that prior to this regulation did not require an fda filing

    "的小型包裹國際運輸, ups將會在fda清關費中包括預先通知服務費。用於向fda提交文件的這20美元報關費可能是某些食品貨件的新增費用,在該法規之前,這些食品貨件不需要向fda提交文件。
  3. The tax is administered by the transport department on the basis of the published retail price. for vehicles without a published retail price, the tax will be assessed on the purchase price plus insurance and freight fees and any brokerage or agency fee related to the purchase and importation of the parts of the motor vehicle as declared by the importer with reference to the market value of the motor vehicle concerned