buckle strap 中文意思是什麼

buckle strap 解釋
  • buckle : n 扣子,帶扣;(衣,鞋等的)扣形裝飾品。 hold [bring] buckle and thong together =〈美國〉make bu...
  • strap : n 1 帶,皮[布、鐵]帶,鐵皮條,(電車等的)拉手呆帶。2 磨刀皮帶。3 (表示軍階等的)肩章。4 搭扣鞋...
  1. Crocodile leather strap with buckle in platinum,

  2. The diagonal strap should lie mid - way across your shoulder, staying in contact with your chest up to about your collar bone. see that the buckle is well down to your side and not lying on your body. you may have to change the length of the straps

  3. Comfortable and easy to use, the strap has a handle with an adjustable buckle at each end. machine washable