cabinda 中文意思是什麼

cabinda 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 喀丙達(卡賓達)〈非洲〉。
2. 喀丙達(卡賓達)〈喀丙達(卡賓達)首府〉。

  1. The program includes replacing the signaling system in the provinces of cabinda, kwanza - sul, luanda, namibe, benguela and zaire

  2. Benguela belize - lobito tomboco bblt project situated 60 miles off the coast of the northern enclave of cabinda in the northwest of bloc 14 is one of the principal assets of the san ramon california based company and is expected to begin production 2006

    項目位於卡賓達北部海岸60英里安哥拉第14區塊的西北角。 bblt項目是加利福尼亞聖拉蒙公司的主要資產。 2006年開始生產石油。