calumniator 中文意思是什麼

calumniator 解釋
n. 名詞 誹謗者,誣蔑者;誣告者。

  1. Tower is measured by their shadow, and great men by their calumniator

  2. The calumniator is not yet punished, and he may hope that he will not be ; but, on my honor, it he thinks so, he deceives himself.

    那個誹謗者到現在還沒有受到任何懲罰,他或許希望他可以不受懲罰。但是,以我的名譽提保,假如他那樣想的話,他就在欺騙他自己了。 」
  3. You do not know that every day of those fourteen years i renewed the vow of vengeance which i had made the first day ; and yet i was not aware that you had married fernand, my calumniator, and that my father had died of hunger !

    您不知道,這十四年中,我每天都要重述一遍我的誓言,我要復仇,可是我不知您已經嫁給了了誣告我的弗爾南多,也不知道我的父親已經餓死了! 」