centesimal 中文意思是什麼

centesimal 解釋
adj. 形容詞 百分之一的;【數學】百分的,百進位的。

  1. Any machine can t leave lubricant, as if human needs drinking water. fixed time and quantity automatically lubricant equipment controlled by plc program gives all parts of machine to provide necessary " nutrition " and at the same time, it is very bright and has trouble only centesimal point and when it can t drink water, it can give an alarm

    任何機械都離不開潤滑,這就如同人類必須要喝水一樣,由plc程序控制的定時、定量自動潤滑裝置給機器的所有部位都供給必須的「營養」 ,同時還有:它特別聰明,百分之一「點」出故障,喝不到「水」 ,也會報警。
  2. ( 2 ) computing the weights of the indexes : in this part, the writer combines the delphi method with the ahp ( analytic hierarchy process ) method to work out the weight of each index. then the writer transforms the weights into centesimal weight scores and gives the scoring standard