conditional variant 中文意思是什麼

conditional variant 解釋
  • conditional : adj 1 帶有條件的,有限制的;視…而定的。2 【語法】條件的,假設的。3 引起條件反射的。n 【語法】條件...
  • variant : adj. 1. 相異的,不同的,不一致的。2. 各種各樣的。3. 易變的,不定的。n. 1. 變體,變形;變量。2. (字音的)轉訛;(字的)異體。3. 【統計學】變式;【生物學】變種,變異體。
  1. This paper includes the architecture diagram and important flowcharts of the system, discus ses in depth the generation and utilization of conditional rules, and presents the design of important modules which perform the packet - sniffing, muti - variant statistics and association detecting. some key data structures are listed, with description of important functions in the implementation

  2. Fractional correlation ( fc ) is the general notion of conditional correlation, because it is based on fractional fourier transform ( frt ). fc can be used in shift - variant object recognition because it is a shift - variant operation