draining stage 中文意思是什麼

draining stage 解釋
  • draining : 滴干
  • stage : n 1 講臺;舞臺;戲院,劇場;〈the stage〉戲劇,戲劇藝術;戲劇文學;〈the stage〉戲劇業;劇壇。2 ...
  1. The scheme of natural draining and pre - compression with stacking load has not only treated the dredging region, but also prepared a great deal of rocks for the second - stage construction of dayaowan and saved time for backfill work. and it will be possible that the berth 11 # of the second - stage construction is put into production as soon as possible. the scheme simplifies the unnecessary process of foundation treatment and its direct economic benefit and the social benefit are very remarkable

  2. Strategies for draining pit water during construction of the second - stage cofferdam of the three gorges project