facer 中文意思是什麼

facer 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 化妝師,美容師;對物品表面進行加工的人,用來覆蓋或加工物品表面的材料。
2. 〈口語〉(拳擊的)面部打擊。
3. 〈英口〉意外事故;意外障礙,大打擊。
4. 【機械工程】銑刀盤;平面銑刀。

  1. Linda is such a facer, no matter whom she talks with, she is able to interest them and gain a positive reaction

  2. Our country ca n ' t produce but import it. the task of this thesis is to design our own homemade facer machine. at the same time all the components and parts in the system accord with national criterion so as to depress the cost

  3. Fast facer machine is designed to dispose the letters that puting at will to be orderly lesser pile with a certain benchmark or regular letters current in order to offer a unhindered condition for letter sorting machine. now, there are only a few developed countries that can produce this system in the world