functional shift 中文意思是什麼

functional shift 解釋

  • functional : adj 1 官能的,機能的。2 在起作用的;職務上的。3 【數學】函數的。4 【建築】從使用的觀點設計[構成]...
  • shift : vt 1 變動;改變;搬移;移動;轉移;變換;替換;更換。2 推卸;轉嫁。3 消除;撤除。4 【語言學】變換...
  1. An analytical mosfet threshold voltage shift model due to radiation in the low - dose range has been developed for circuit simulations. experimental data in the literature shows that the model predictions are in good agreement. it is simple in functional form and hence computationally efficient. it can be used as a basic circuit simulation tool for analysing mosfet exposed to a nuclear environment up to about 1mrad. in accordance with common believe, radiation induced absolute change of threshold voltage was found to be larger in irradiated pmos devices. however, if the radiation sensitivity is defined in the way we did it, the results indicated nmos rather than pmos devices are more sensitive, especially at low doses. this is important from the standpoint of their possible application in dosimetry

  2. First, after the overall structure of the differential balance mechanism is determined considering the given requirement, the concrete structure of the mechanism is designed with the reference of the design method of the differential which is widely used in autos. the differential gearing system is optimized and more appropriate parameters are got with which the functional requirements can be satisfied and the weight of the mechanism can also be reduced. the surface type structure is adopted on the rocker shift, so the mechanical performance of the differential gearing system and the rocker shifts may be improved

  3. The global rebalancing framework views currency realignments as the functional equivalent of a shift in the world s relative price structure

  4. As for the existence of substance, the supporters of existential value debate with the supporters of personal value on two questions - - " what knowledge is of most worth " and " how to organize the knowledge ", which leads to the shift of concentration from substantial value to the functional value and the generation of new study field, including integrated curriculum, hidden curriculum and so on

    在課程本體存在的歷史中,存在性與個人性圍繞著「什麼知識最有價值」 、 「怎樣對課程進行邏輯的組織」的問題展開爭論,促使人們從知識自為價值走向知識功能價值反思。這些問題的爭論產生了課程研究的新范疇,如整合課程、能力目標、隱蔽課程等。