grave challenge 中文意思是什麼

grave challenge 解釋
  • grave : n 1 墳墓;墓穴;墓碑;墓石。2 死;墓地;埋葬…的地方。3 〈英方〉菜窖。adj 1 重大的,重要的;嚴重的...
  • challenge : n 1 挑戰,挑戰書,決斗書;(比賽等的)提議。2 要求,需求,鞭策。3 (哨兵對行人的)盤問,(對飛機...
  1. This is a wartime national security strategy required by the grave challenge we face - the rise of terrorism fueled by an aggressive ideology of hatred and murder, fully revealed to the american people on september 11, 2001

    這是戰時的國家安全戰略,是為了應對我們所面臨的嚴刻的挑戰? ?極端的憎恨與謀殺意識形態使得恐怖主義滋長,並於2001年9月11日充分展現在美國人民面前。
  2. This great ideal was developed creatively by the people of zhou, who, after successfully overthrowing the shang dynasty, had to face grave challenge to the monarchy, to make every attempt to cope with challenges, to deal with both history and reality, to cope with those conquered tribes of different families and to stand the contest of " ruling the nation "

  3. Knowledge - base economy times arrival, has brought forward grave challenge to the accountant, has been with incongruous inclination of knowledge - base economy from each aspect such as accounting information, ccounting objective, accountant concept, management through accounting, ; make development of accountant be innovative having owned the space being more vast at the same time with assets range widening of capital, a series of problem such as affirming that, measuring fitting in with each other such as ccounting objective, accountant concept