hamburger kunsthalle 中文意思是什麼

hamburger kunsthalle 解釋
  • hamburger : n. 1. = Hamburg steak. 2. 被打得遍體鱗傷的拳擊手。
  1. In addition to the famous hamburg state opera, the city has two state theatres and 36 privately run theatres as well as 47 public and private museums, including the renowned hamburger kunsthalle. there are also exotic museums such as the erotic art museum in st. pauli and numerous cinemas

    除了著名的漢堡國家劇院,這個城市還有兩個市立劇院和36個私立劇院, 47家公共和私立博物館,其中包括著名的漢堡藝術館以及設于聖保利、富有異國特色的異國藝術博物館和數量眾多的電影院。