highly acidic 中文意思是什麼

highly acidic 解釋
  • highly : adv. 1. 高,高度地。2. 很,非常。3. 稱贊地。4. 高貴地。5. 按高額。highly-strung adj. = high-strung.
  • acidic : adj. 1. 【化學】酸性的。2. 【礦物】硅石多的。
  1. The species was discovered in the highly acidic peat swamps of the indonesian island of sumatra by a team led by ralf britz, a zoologist at the natural history museum in london

  2. Mightysil gp is a versatile, highly reliable hplc column designed for use with a variety of samples having a wide ph range from acidic to basic

    Mightysil gp為一用途廣泛,且具高信賴度之管柱,可用於分析多種具備廣泛酸鹼值之樣品。
  3. One theory is that martian water is highly acidic, which could lower its freezing point to a temperature below those found on the red planet