hydraulic architecture 中文意思是什麼

hydraulic architecture 解釋
  • hydraulic : adj. 1. 水力的,液力的;用水發動的。2. 液壓的,水壓的。3. 水力學的。4. 【建築】水硬的。adv. -lically
  • architecture : n. 1. 建築學。2. 建築(樣式、風格);建築物。3. 構造,結構;【自動化】(電子計算機的)架構,體系結構。
  1. The institute is one of the first approved units to practise totalquality control ( tqc ) in the investigation and design circles of water resources and hydropower in china. with the advanced technique and equipment we are capable of conducting surveying and measurement in large and medium sized hydraulic and hydropower projects using such methods as leveling, topography and photograph mapping, deforming measurement of hydraulic structures and the measurement of architecture and highway

  2. Effect of drought stress on hydraulic architecture characteristics of pinus tabulaeformis and platycladus orientalis seedlings