initial thrust 中文意思是什麼

initial thrust 解釋
  • initial : adj 最初的,開始的;原始的;初期的,初發的。 the initial boiling point 【化學】初餾點〈第一滴餾物...
  • thrust : vt (thrust)1 猛推,沖;猛撳,沖入,插入,推入(出),突出,伸出,塞,刺,戳,戳穿。2 逼迫,把[...
  1. The initial thrust must come in the region of a capacious harbor.

  2. Quantum mechanics, which evolved in the early nineteen-twenties, had its initial thrust in the area of atomic physics.

  3. In the analysis of the elastic local buckling strength of the plates in stiffened plates, an analytical expression is derived for calculating the local strength of a stiffened plate subjected to biaxial thrust considering plate / stiffener interaction and welding residual stresses and initial deflection

  4. Using the optimal control theory an optimal control law of agile turn is proposed enabling to eliminate velocity component in vertical director of initial sight under thrust vector control