inner beach 中文意思是什麼

inner beach 解釋
  • inner : adj (superl innermost inmost)1 內部的 (opp outer)。2 思想的,精神的;內心的,秘密的。n 1 內部...
  • beach : n 1 (湖、河、海的)濱,海濱。2 海灘,沙灘。3 (水濱的)卵石,細礫。vt 使(船)沖上沙灘,使(船)...
  1. According to the analysis of the beach distribution, landforms and structure of flood land, hydrologic geology and bad geological phenomena in the middle - lower reaches of yangtze river, this paper comprehensively studies the environmental geological conditions for harbour construction in the banks of yangtze river. discussed are the relation between inner material component and rock system beheath in the beach. presented are beachs structure and the category and the behaviour of groundwater, and offers a scientifis basis for harbor construction

  2. Hebei has unique superiority to develop the sports tourism : the regional superiority : ringing bohai sea from the outer, surrounding bejing and tianjin in the inner ; the traffic superiority : the suitable three - dimensional traffic network ( 3 ) the resources superiority : has many sports tourist resources including the mountain and forest and grass, the ice and snow, seashore and sand beach, the gym leisure area spent the holiday, the gym training bases, the create wall and the traditional gym item of the long history, etc. now, the time is no long from hebei developes the sports tourist resources

  3. The results show that the maximum likelihood classification based on variogram texture and spectral bands can perfectly define the grades of beach sandy land and inner desertification, and the maximal classification precision comes up to 92. 4 %, which proves that geostatistical texture is effective in the application of desertification monitoring

    結果表明,運用變異函數紋理結合光譜波段的最大似然分類方法能夠很好地界定海灘沙地和內陸荒漠地的等級,最高分類精度達到92 . 4 % ,證明了基於地質統計學的影像紋理在實現該地區遙感荒漠化監測方面的有效性。