intersecting member 中文意思是什麼

intersecting member 解釋
  • intersecting : 交叉的
  • member : n 1 (團體的)一分子,成員;會員;社員;議員;委員。2 政黨支部。3 手足,肢體;身體各部,(人及動...
  1. A geometric transversal is defined to be an affine subspace ( such as a point, a line, a plane, or a hyperplane ) intersecting every member of a given family. in part i we discuss three kinds of such problems. in chapter 2 we discuss point transversal to a family of translates of a convex sets in the plane, where we prove a famous conjecture of griinbaum ' s by a concrete and straightforward method for some special cases

    如果一仿射子空間(如一個點,一條直線,一個平面,或一個超平面)與一給定集族的每一個元都相交,則我們稱該仿射子空間為該給定集族的一個幾何橫截(點橫截,直線橫截,平面橫截等) ,也稱該仿射子空間橫截該給定集族。