interval graph 中文意思是什麼

interval graph 解釋
  • interval : n 1 (空間方面的)間隔;空隙。2 (時間方面的)間隔,間歇;工間休息,幕間休息。3 【軍事】(各小隊...
  • graph : n. 1. 【數學】曲線圖;坐標圖,圖表。2. 統計曲線。vt. 用圖表表示,把…繪入圖表。n. 膠版。vt. 用膠版印刷。n. 【語言學】1. 詞的拼法。2. 表示音素的最小字母單位。
  1. Using the logarithm graph, multi - varieties production batch problem is resolved. the production scheduling is realized with heuristic traverse algorithm. at last, the strategies, which include disassembling task, shorting interval of the working procedure, overlapping working procedure, deferring the back working procedure etc., are brought forward to deal with the order ' s inserting, postponement, freezing and doing again on carrying out the production plan

    3 )分析了企業職能信息系統的集成性和各部門間的協調性,研究車間生產計劃的制訂過程,以模糊多屬性折衷式模型實現了工藝路線的決策,採用對數坐標圖表法,解決了多品種生產批量問題,用基於啟發式的遍歷演算法實現了生產工單的排產,最後提出了任務分解、縮短工序間隔,相鄰工序時間疊加,延遲后續工序等控制策略處理計劃執行過程中工單的插單、延期、掛停與返工等特殊問題。
  2. The refresh interval is how often the graph scrolls and shows a new bar

  3. Let be continuous and nonnegative on the closed interval. then the region bounded by the graph of, the - axis, the vertical lines, and is called the trapezoid with curved edge

    設在區間上非負、連續,由, ,以及曲線所圍成的圖形稱為曲邊梯形,其中曲線弧稱為曲邊。
  4. Supersonic and enchanted the complication that the graph still can discover to cardiac muscle straightens dead, if be good at all alone ruptures, the room interval perforation, thrombus that add a wall and room wall tumour

  5. Finally, this paper studies the problem of the selection of overtaking station and the proportion of train interval by computor simulation of train graph making on shanghai urban rail transit line

  6. Each bar on the graph represents a value for one refresh interval, which can be anywhere from one second to many hours

  7. Since the graph cannot show information unless it has been written to the monitor tables, the refresh interval is governed by how often qapply or qcapture are writing monitor information